Angry Birds Stella Pop: 5 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Angry Birds Stella Pop: 5 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Angry Birds Stella Pop! is an addicting bubble-popper featuring Stella and her buddies. In this game, the slingshot turns into a shooter and pigs are high up, surrounded by colorful bubbles that can immediately spell doom for them if a same-colored bubble hits those bubbles.The game objectives are very similar to Bubble Witch Saga. But with those cutesy birds around, and a unique booster system, playing Stella Pop is a great way to kill time.

Beginning from level 15, Angry Birds Stella Pop becomes quite difficult to play. These basic tips and tricks will assist you in completing those levels with fewer tries:

1. Aim for Higher Bubbles:

Take out bubbles at the top to make bubbles below them drop on the floor. Use the walls to get to the higher bubbles, but make sure you get the aim right. Keep an eye on such a set-up and aim high even if there are few same-colored bubbles. If your shooter bubble hits them, you may get a massive drop.

2. Tips to Use Special Bubbles:

Like other bubble matching games, this game also has a few special bubbles that appear soon after the pop meter fills up. 6 successful bubble matches in a row will fill-up the Pop meter and a special bubble will magically appear on the slingshot. Each bird has a unique special bubble. Here’s how to make the most of them:

Angry Birds Stella
A. Stella’s Power Pop:

In Stella levels, you will get this special bubble after filling up the pop meter. It pops a group of bubbles, irrespective of their color. Use it on large clusters of bubbles that contain very few same-colored bubbles.

B. Willows Splash Pop:

In Willow levels, you will get the special Splash Pop bubble after filling-up the pop meter. The Splash Pop changes any bubble in an area to a single color. This special bubble can be very useful in those areas that don’t have same-colored bubbles.

C. Poppy’s Line Pop:

This special bubble can be found in Poppy levels. Use them to pop an entire row of bubbles. They can be extremely useful to take out a big group of bubbles. You must bank shots off the wall to reach higher bubbles so that you can take out all bubbles in the front row.

4. Dahlia’s Color Pop:

Color Pop gets rid of bubbles that match the color of the bubble it hits. For example, if the Color Pop special bubble hits a blue bubble, then all blue bubbles nearby will be removed from the game board.

3. Try to Match Bubbles in Every Shot to Fill-up the Pop Meter:

You need successful bubble matches in a row to trigger a streak fill. Once the pop meter fills up, you receive a booster, i.e. a special bubble. So make sure you go for every match, even if there are two bubbles on the front row. Every match adds to the pop meter, but make sure that all matches are in a row. Reach accessible areas to quickly achieve 6 matches in a row.

4. Save Resources, Such as Free Gold and Special Bubbles for Harder Levels:

Not all levels are hard, but the ones that are tough need more than a few tries to finish. At the start of play, you will get 50 gold.

Also, you will unlock special bubbles like rainbow bubbles throughout the levels. Use these free resources carefully. Save gold and special bubbles for levels that can’t be solved after trying multiple times. Use then only when you are sure you cannot solve them without assistance.

5. Swap Bubble Tactics:

Like other bubble matching games, Angry Birds Stella Pop lets you swap between two different bubbles. Switch to another bubble if you spot more bubbles of the same color on the game board. This tactic lets you save a bubble for future use. Here is one scenario you may encounter:

Scenario 1:

You have two groups of similar-colored bubbles, say blue and red. The red group has fewer bubbles and the blue group has more bubbles but is just above the first group. If you have the blue bubble mounted on the slingshot and a red bubble, then switch to the red one to clear the way for the next hit.

Scenario 2:

If you have more bubbles, say orange bubbles in the first row and have two different bubbles, green mounted on the slingshot and orange, then switch to the orange bubble to take them out. If you can’t find any matches with the current bubble mounted on the slingshot and if you find a few bubbles that match the spare bubble, the switch over to that bubble and remove them.

Extra Tips:

Many levels will have objects like glass and wood that will make it difficult for you to reach certain areas. Glass is fragile and can be removed with one single shot, but breaking wood blocks will require more than two or three shots. Aim bubbles at wood blocks to smash them only when you can’t find any matches. Better to use them for something more productive than waste them.

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