5 Angry Birds Dream Blast Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Angry Birds Dream Blast

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a match-2 puzzle game that lets you tap two or more bubbles of the same color to clear obstacles and complete certain objectives. The game boasts dreamy visuals and lots of fun levels. You will be addicted to it once you begin playing, thanks to its awesome graphics, simple gameplay and challenging levels. 

The game offers rewards to its players in a different manner. You will have to complete levels to earn XP. Once the XP bar fills up, you will get a gift box that contains gold and special boosters. You can also get a special reward once you complete a set of levels.   

Angry Birds Dream Blast’s objectives are varied and often challenging. At first, it will be easy to complete them, but as you progress through levels, completing a single objective will be tougher. You must make proper use of power-ups to complete them. With the help of these tips and tricks, you will know how to get rid of obstacles and make best use of birds:

1. How to Make the Most of Birds

Tapping 4 or more bubbles of the same color combines all of them and creates a bird power-up.  

As of writing this guide, there are three types of birds:  

Red Bird: Can be created when you match 4 or more bubbles of the same color. When tapped, the red bird power-up clears an entire row. The arrows on the left and right side of the bubble indicate that a row will be cleared.  

Tip: You will create a smaller power-up if you match only 4 bubbles. If you want to clear more rows at a time, tap a greater number of bubbles connected to each other to create a bigger red bird.  

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Chuck’s Power-Up: Two red birds placed next to each other will be automatically combined to create Chuck. Tap Chuck to activate a cross-shaped blast that clears a row and column at the same time. You will be able to clear a greater number of bubbles in one move if you create a bigger Chuck. To do this, you will first need to create two bigger Red Birds and have them placed next to each other.  

Bomb’s Power-Up: The most devastating power-up of all three! Bomb clears all bubbles on the screen and can destroy any obstacle. You will need this power-up in later levels. Combine two Chucks to create a Bomb. Both Chucks should be placed next to each other. However, you cannot combine two bombs and I presume it’s the last power-up. It has more effect than any other power-ups in Angry Birds Dream Blast.  

2. Use Chuck’s Power to Break Through Obstacles

In certain stages, you will be asked to get one or more than one egg to the bottom of the board. This might seem easy at first, but many such stages will comprise of multiple levels. You will have to make the eggs fall from the top to the bottom-most part of a stage and in-between you will face several obstacles like locks, cliffs, stone blocks, ice blocks etc.  Break obstacles to reach the bottom as fast as possible.  

You should first make the eggs fall from one level to the other in very few moves. In egg levels, Chuck’s power-up can be of immense help as it can break obstacles. Thanks to his cross-shaped blast, Chuck can destroy obstacles that are lined up horizontally on a level. The Red bird can’t do this and so Chuck is the best option to break through ice cube and stone blocks to make way for eggs, so that they can reach the bottom of the board faster.  

3. Clearing a Certain Number of Bubbles: Use Power-Ups

You will have to remove a certain number of colored bubbles from the board to finish a level. The best way to clear them is to create several power-ups and then tap them to clear as many bubbles as you can in a single move. Since bubbles are placed randomly, it would be difficult to find and clear all of them. This is when power-ups come to play. You create the red bird power-up when you tap 4 or more same-colored bubbles placed next to each other. Tap it and it will clear bubbles in a row.  

4. Know a Bubble’s Position Before Creating Power-Ups

Angry Birds Dream Blast has a unique match-3 concept. You will have to tap on a bubble linked to one or more bubbles of the same color to match them. When making a match, pay attention to the bubble you tap. Any power-up you intend to create will appear on the bubble you have tapped. For example: If you want to create the red bird power-up, you will need at least 4 bubbles of the same color placed next to each other. If you tap the middle bubble, then all four bubbles will combine and the red bird powerup will replace the middle bubble. If you tap the last bubble of the 4, Red will replace the last bubble you tapped.  

Knowing a bubble’s position is crucial if you want to place two red bird power-ups next to each other so that they can be combined into chuck’s power-up. You should also give importance to a bubble’s position if you want to break obstacles.  

5. Obstacles and How to Deal with Them

There are various types of obstacles in this game. They can make things really difficult if you don’t know how to break them.  

1. Ice Blocks: They are found in most levels. They act as barriers and you will have to break them to reach the end of a game board. While any set of same-colored bubble placed next to an ice block or a power-up can destroy them, using Chuck’s power-up can easily break through a bridge of ice blocks.  

2. Stone Blocks: Can be destroyed using Red, Chuck and Bomb power-ups. You will find them acting as big obstacles. Only power-ups can break them.  

3. Pig Locks: In some levels, you will have to open pig locks to break the chain so that you can reach the end of a level. The locks come in different colors and you will have to link bubbles with matching colors to open them. If a lock’s color is purple, then you will have to match purple bubbles placed next to each other to reduce the number. The lock will open when the number reduces to 0.  

4. Pig Balloons: Pig balloons can only be popped using bird power-ups. Just make sure they are aligned with the birds.  

5. Nightmare Cloud: This obstacle is part of an objective and you will have to remove a certain number of nightmare clouds to complete a level. You can easily remove them by tapping bubbles around them. But if you want to get rid of the nightmare cloud faster, use birds.  

    1. Unfortunately, there isn’t any. But make sure to clear bubbles on the bottom so that new bubbles appear on the top.

  1. I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and still don’t know what XP stands for. Is there a strategy to earn them faster to progress through the levels quicker?

    1. XP stands for eXperience Points. In Angry Birds Blast, you will gain those tiny blue XP bubbles when you complete a level. You will notice they fly and fill the XP gauge on the home screen. Fill the blue XP gauge to obtain rewards. You will start earning XP faster once half of the empty gauge fills up.

  2. How can I get stone blocks to drop quicker or in greater numbers. I have a certain number to get. I have yet to see enough drop down before I am out of moves.

        1. The only possible way to bring down those locked white stone blocks is to pop bubbles to open those three padlocks (green lock, orange lock, blue lock). Pay attention to the color of the bubbles and make sure to pop them in large numbers. So if you want to reduce the number on the green padlock considerably, you will have to pop more than 5 green bubbles placed next to each other. Here, power-ups come real handy and without them it’s very difficult to open padlocks. The red bird power-up can clear a lot of bubbles at once, thereby helping you reduce those numbers on those three locks pretty quickly. Don’t forget to combine red birds to create a more powerful “Chuck” power-up.

          1. Yes I am doing that but not enough of time grey stone blocks drop quickly enough for me to get the number I need with the turns I have. I have managed the ice blocks before but the stone blocks no.

  3. How do you break a chain (not a chain of bubbles; I mean an actual chain that’s holding the bubbles when I want them to drop through)?

    1. There’s a padlock attached to a chain. Open the padlock to break the chain. Check the color of the padlock and match only those bubbles whose colors are same as the padlock’s color. The number of the padlock should be reduced to “0” to open it.

  4. Wow! Your explanation TOTALLY CHANGED MY GAME PLAY in less than 3 minutes! Just Wow! Thank you!

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