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10 Best Tactical and Strategy RPGs on Android

Best Tactical and Strategy RPGs on Android

Gamers have their own combat choices when it comes to choosing a role-playing game. Some prefer fast-paced hack and slay battles whereas others love tactical battles.

Turn-based tactical rpgs allow gamers to think and chalk out a proper plan before leaping into enemy territory. Weapons, armor and magical items along with character upgrades play an important role in battle, but it’s proper tactics and squad management that decides who will emerge victorious on the battlefield.

Must-Play Tactical and Strategy Role-Playing Games on Android

For Android, there are quite a few great strategy and tactical role-playing games that let you build a team, equip your heroes with special items, choose a line of action for each character and decide what the best squad is before battling opponents. Here’s a rundown of some of the best RPGs that allows players to use their brains to defeat enemies.