8 Post-Apocalyptic Android Games Like Fallout Shelter

Anurag Ghosh

In some ways, Fallout Shelter was kind of prophetic of a grim situation the world would be in because of a life-threatening calamity. And while things still aren’t as bleak as shown in this game, the sight of seeing survivors holed up inside tiny rooms in a large underground basement will surely give you a panic attack, especially when you can’t move out of your house.  

Developed by Bethesda, Fallout Shelter lets you oversee an underground shelter, where survivors seek asylum; manage limited resources and fend off intruders to make sure everybody’s safe inside a bomb-proof bunker. You will be building rooms, producing resources, assigning tasks to survivors and ensure they are happy and content in their rooms. As each in-game day ends, you will get a report card or a “tracker” that shows how well you did to make survivors happy. 

The concept is so unique that players fell in love with the game mechanics. Such is the popularity of this game that it is now a genre by itself and people are searching for games like Fallout Shelter on their PCs and smartphones. 

Best games like Fallout Shelter
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