Alliance: Heroes of the Spire Tips, Hints and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Alliance Heroes of the Spire
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire is an action role-playing game from Rumble Entertainment, creators of the hit Facebook RPG Kingsroad. The game lets you collect heroes, recruit the best heroes to your 4-party team and fight menacing enemies in turn-based tactical battles. As you keep progressing through different chapters, you will unlock better heroes, play against human opponents in PvP battles, explore islands for gold and rare items, develop the best strategies and make use of hero abilities to defeat deadly bosses.

The game’s turn-based battles encourage developing your own squad tactics to defeat enemies by taking less damage. These beginner-level tips, hints and strategies will help you build a better team, know how to get heroes for free and the advantage and disadvantages of auto-play:

1. How to Build a Strong Team before Battle

Before recruiting heroes, take a look at the enemy list in the “VS” screen. Noticed the colored circle at the upper left corner of each enemy icon? Well those colors represent the element they belong to. You will have to build a team of four heroes whose elements are stronger than enemy’s elements and you can do this right in the Vs screen. Example: If there are more green enemies (enemy icons that have green background and green circles), then make sure you have more red heroes because Red (Fire) is strong against Green (Nature). Although damage dealt by a stronger character can reduce more HP, other factors such as enemy abilities and levels also need to be taken into account before recruiting heroes.

There are five different elements: Fire (Red), Nature (Green), Water (Blue), Order (Yellow) and Chaos (Purple). Fire is strong against Nature. Nature is strong against Water. Water is Strong against Fire. Chaos and Order and strong against each other.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to have an elemental advantage over your enemies in battle:

Tap a stage and then tap the “Battle” button. In the screenshot below, you will see enemy icons beside each level. In chapter 6, you will notice all three enemies belonging to three different elements (Check the background color of each enemy icon or the color of the tiny circle at the upper left corner of each icon) – Water, Fire and Earth. Tap the battle button.

Alliance Heroes of the Spire

You can recruit 4 heroes from the list of available heroes. You can choose higher-level heroes or 2/3/4 star heroes. In the above screenshot I have selected two Fire heroes and two Nature heroes against the Water enemy because he is stronger than the other two enemies. This way, you can build a powerful team that can easily take down enemies without taking major damage from enemies.

2. What Are Those Arrows above Each Enemy

Arrows suggest whether your chosen hero is strong / weak against an enemy. A red arrow above an enemy suggests that your hero is weak against him and so he will deal less damage to an enemy. A green arrow suggests your hero is strong against an enemy and hence can inflict extra damage to him.

Battle Screen

A yellow arrow suggests both hero and the enemy belong to the same element and hence the effect will be neutral. Manually battling enemies would be a better option than auto-play because you can attack an enemy of your choice and can use special abilities at the right time.

3. Should You Press the Auto-Play Button?

You can press the auto-play button if you bring strong heroes to battle, but do remember that with auto-play on, you won’t have any control on your heroes. This means you can’t use a hero’s special abilities at crucial moments. The AI uses a hero’s special abilities randomly. Also, sometimes it will attack an enemy who has an elemental advantage over your hero instead of the weaker one. Without auto-play you will have complete control over your heroes, know which enemy to attack and use special abilities decisively.

4. How to Get Heroes

Grab all rewards from the “Special Welcome Gifts” section by logging in daily. It’s a one-time offer and is offered to players who have just downloaded the game. It offers unique gifts, including hero cores. Tap the yellow gift box to see what the “Special Welcome Gifts” screen has to offer. You will get plenty of common hero cores, which can let you summon 1-3 star heroes. On day 3, I will receive an Epic hero core that will let me summon guaranteed 3-star hero. The seventh day reward will be a legendary hero core.

Check Daily login rewards to get rewards such as gold, wisps, gems (can be used to buy hero cores), and common hero cores. The Daily Login rewards calendar resets every 26 days, so check back every month to know what’s new, and don’t forget to play the game every day.

You can also get heroes from quests. The gems you receive from completing quests can be used to buy hero cores at the “Summoning Portal”. You can get a guaranteed 3 star hero with the “Gem Summon”. Tap the hero icons on the left side of your map screen to know your quests. Save gems which you have earned from quests and daily login rewards for gem summons. You will need 75 gems for summoning a hero. Don’t use gems to revive your heroes when they die fighting in a Hero event.

Complete tasks under “Quests”. Tap the scroll icon at the bottom of the screen to check tasks under “Daily” and “Achievements” and complete them to get hero cores, gems and other rewards. The Quests screen also has tasks for Hero Events that lets you earn riftstones. You can use riftstones to play hero event.

Complete stages of a Hero event to collect shards. Once you get the required number of shards, you can summon a hero. For example in Icewall Keep, play the “Shield of Honor” stage in various difficulty levels and collect 100 shards to summon Shieldmaiden. Recruit Shieldmaiden to complete the Tower of Mage stage and collect shards to unlock Battlemage and finally recruit both heroes to complete the final stage to the get the five elemental dragons.

Note: Tap “Inbox” to claim starter packs, daily rewards and special welcome gifts before they expire.

5. Here’s How You Can Make the Most of One-Star Heroes

Don’t ignore one-star characters in Alliance: Heroes of the Spire. They can be very useful. You can fuse one-star heroes with your key heroes to level them up faster. Tap Base > Hero Fusion. Select a hero that you want to level up. Next, select up to 6 one-star heroes to combine them with your character. You can also use “wisps” to level up your character faster.

You can also send one-star heroes to explore islands. I send up to four one-star heroes to explore the “Erupting Volcano” island. Look for limited-time islands that offer plenty of rewards once exploration is complete. Send heroes to explore such islands within the time specified above them. Split all one-star heroes into two teams, send one team to explore normal islands and the other team to explore limited-time islands.

6. How to Find Items

Simply tap the “Item Drops” button on the upper-left corner of the Vs screen to know what items you might get after completing the chapter. For example: In chapter 7 of Aetheria Ruins, you might get some of these items:

Aetheria Ruins Item Drops

The higher the difficulty level, the better the chances of receiving rare items. You begin playing all chapters on “Standard” difficulty. You can unlock Hard mode after completing all chapters. Playing chapters in hard difficulty level will let you earn better rewards.

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