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Welcome to the Sea of Conquest, where you are the only one responsible for every little detail on your ship.

Do you dream of discovering forgotten riches and becoming a pirate legend in the sea of conquest? As we will go through all the treasure clues the game has to offer.

Treasures are your way to find valuable loot and gold; although it’s not the only way, it’s one of the best ways to find rare items.

This will be your trusty map to hidden wealth, updated daily for new treasure clues until we find each and every treasure in the Sea of Conquest.

How to Earn Money in the Sea of Conquest


Main Plot

main plot
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In Sea of Conquest, gold is a great way to upgrade your ship; without gold, you won’t be able to progress in the game.

The first and most obvious way to earn gold is through tasks, which are divided into many sections, starting with the main plot, which is the main quest of the game.

The main plot is divided into chapters; the higher you go, the more gold you get, along with many other resources you will gain, such as wood, iron, and advanced experience.


season quests
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The second category of tasks are the season missions, which are more like the main plot, but with every season there are new missions.

Most of the quests are about entering different ports, so try to complete them to earn a lot of loot.

Side Quests

side quests
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Moving to the 3rd task category, which is the side quests, you don’t have to finish them all to progress through the game, but finishing them would earn you great loot, especially the speedups, which would help you speed up your construction.


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A great way to earn gold is through commissions, where you complete a trade for another pirate, and you get a commission for every trade you complete.

And for the last task, there are the treasure clues, which we will go into in detail.

Treasure Clues

treasure clues tab
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Treasure clues are a great way to earn huge amounts of gold in Sea of Conquest, where you find hidden treasures that have sunk into the deep sea.

Treasure clues can be found by discovering new places on the map and completing different quests.

But in order to find different treasure clues, you will need to activate the golden compass, which will be your only way to find the treasures.

Golden Compass

Golden Compass
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The Golden Compass is one of the artifacts that will help you find every treasure hidden in the sea.

In order to obtain the golden compass, you need to first upgrade your flagship to level 2, which is your main ship’s level.

Second, you need to build an Oarsman Quarters, 2 storages, and 1 gun bay by going to the ship tab and construction tab.

After completing all the requirements, you will get the golden compass and start your journey to find the treasures.

Treasure clues have different rarities. The higher the rarity, the better the loot that can obtain more gold.

Treasure Clues – Uncommon

Crystal Treasure Map

crystal treasure map
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The first treasure clue you will find is the crystal treasure map, which is an uncommon treasure map and one of its kind, as most of the clues you will find later on will be rare, epic, or legendary.

Once you head to the task manager and select treasure clues, you will find them. Click on them, and it will show you a mini-map to locate the treasure.

Try to get as close as possible to the location shown on the map so you don’t waste a lot of golden compasses.

Rewards for the Crystal Treasure Map:

  • X1 Oat – Rare (lll)
  • X1 Red Beans – Uncommon (lll)
  • X1 Silk Cocoon – Uncommon (lll)
  • X1 Tiger Skin – Uncommon (lll)
  • X1 Echo Conch

Treasure Clues – Rare

Map From a Cunning Merchant

map from a cunning merchant
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Moving to the Map from a Cunning Merchant, which is a rare treasure clue found in Lost Sanctuary, where you can find it using the golden pass in the port.

Unlike the uncommon, this one would give you more rewards, including emeralds.

In this one, you will need to set sail real close to the wall in order to find it using the golden compass. Once you feel confident enough that you are close to the X mark, activate the golden compass so you can use only 1 to find the treasure.

Rewards of Map from a Cunning Merchant:

  • X200 Adventure Experience
  • X10 Emeralds
  • X3 Saber
  • X3 Tobacco
  • X100 Storm Power
  • X3 Silk – Rare (lll)
  • X1 Silk – Rare (ll)

Map From an Enchanting Siren

map from an enchanting siren
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The second treasure clue you will find is the map from an enchanting siren, which you will find near the Smoke Islands.

If you went to the port that is related to it and activated the golden compass, then you will need to discover the map in order to find the place.

The place is exactly below the “D” in “Islands.” Once you are in the middle of the sea, start using the golden compass.

Rewards of the Map from an Enchanting Siren:

  • X3 Artillery
  • X3 Tobacco
  • X200 Adventure Experience
  • X2 Antlers – Rare
  • X100 Storm Power
  • X1 Antlers – Rare (lll)
  • X4 Antlers – Rare (ll)
  • X4 Silk Cocoon – Uncommon (lll)
  • X3 Silk Cocoon – Uncommon (ll)

Pirate’s Handbook

Pirate's Handbook
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Moving to the Pirate’s Handbook, knowing that not all clues have a map, some of them, like the Pirate’s Handbook, have only text telling you where you should exactly head.

To find this treasure, you should head to the northwest of Port St. John, which will be near the port you already found the clue at.

Once you are close enough to the location, the golden pass icon will appear on the right bottom of the screen, and then it will indicate the exact spot.

Rewards from the Pirate’s Handbook:

  • X3 Ivory
  • X3 Alluvial Gold
  • X3 Sulfur – Rare (lll)
  • X3 Sulfur – Rare (ll)
  • X100 Storm Power
  • X5 Wheat – Uncommon (ll)
  • X2 Wheat – Uncommon (lll)

Miser’s Treasure Map

Miser's treasure map
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Miser’s Treasure Map is another rare clue at the Gunwhale Gulf, right above the City of Abundance. You will find it right next to a Sentry Tower.

Rewards of Miser’s Treasure clue:

  • 10X Emeralds
  • 3X Commodity – Bow
  • 200X Adventure Experience
  • 3X Short Arm

Shipwreck Treasure Map

shipwreck treasure map
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Shipwreck Treasure Map is another clue that can be activated from the Norden Bay port using a golden compass.

You will find the treasure at Aurora Strait above the right island.

Rewards from the Shipwreck Treasure Map:

  • 100X Storm Power
  • 4X Sandalwood – Rare (ll)
  • 3X Sandalwood – Rare (lll)
  • 3X Lead Ore – Uncommon (ll)
  • 4X Lead Ore – Uncommon (lll)

Sleeping Lady at the Bottom of the Ocean

sleeping lady at the bottom of the ocean
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Another clue to the Lazaret Isles is the Sleeping Lady at the Bottom of the Ocean, which is a rare treasure.

You will find it in the middle of the water after activating it from the Cocoa Sea, right next to a sea serpent.

Rewards of Sleeping Lady at the Bottom of the Ocean:

  • 3X Ivory
  • 4X Limestone – Rare (ll)
  • 3X Limestone – Rare (lll)
  • 100X Storm Power
  • 4X Cocoa – Uncommon (ll)
  • 3X Cocoa – Uncommon (lll)

Treasure Map of a Lone Island

treasure map of a lone island
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Another treasure clue is the treasure map of a lone, and this treasure is really close to the shore between the two islands.

This clue is also at the Smoke Islands, so if you have this clue and the one above activated, you can find both of them in a row.

Rewards from Treasure Map of a Lone:

  • X10 Emeralds
  • X200 Adventure Experience
  • X3 Alluvial Gold (ll)
  • X3 Uzi Steel (ll)
  • X3 Amber – Rare (ll)
  • X4 Amber – Rare (lll)
  • X2 Nitrate – Rare (ll)
  • X3 Nitrate – Rare (lll)

Illustration of Exotic Epic l

illustration of exotic epic l
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This is another rare treasure clue that will be found below the Crystal Treasure Map that we mentioned earlier.

You can do both together, as they are so close to each other.

Rewards from Illustration of Exotic Epic:

  • 1 Artillery
  • 5X Cloth – Rare (lll)

Illustration of Exotic Epic lll

Illustration of exotic epic lll
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The 3rd part of the illustration of the exotic epic is below the Aurora Strait on the left, almost on the end left of the map.

There are 3 treasures under the same name, one of which is Illustration of Exotic Epic, which you will be able to activate from different ports.

Rewards from Illustration of Exotic Epic:

  • 4X Coffee Beans – Rare (ll)
  • 3X Coffee Beans – Rare (lll)
  • 3X Silver Ore – Rare (ll)
  • 4X Silver Ore – Rare (lll)
  • 100X Storm Power

Treasure Clues – Epic

Entrance to Duke Abagon’s Tomb

Entrance to Duke Abagon’s Tomb
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Moving to the epic treasure clues, where they give much more valuable loot that can be either sold at the market in any port or items that you can use, on top of that, you will receive a lot of emerald by finding epic treasures.

The first one is the entrance to Duke Abagon’s tomb, which you won’t need to find a clue for; you will receive it as a gift.

Entrance to Duke Abagon’s Tomb:

  • 1 Storm Horn
  • 1 Painting Tools
  • 50 Emerald
  • 20K Wood
  • 10K Iron

Map of a Forgotten Sea

Map of a forgotten sea
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The next epic treasure clue is the map of a forgotten sea that is located in the Smoke Islands, as well as one of the rare ones.

You will find the treasure right between the two islands, and once you are almost there, the golden compass will appear.

Rewards of the Map of a Forgotten Sea:

  • 10X Tobacco
  • 10X Artillery
  • X10 Tea – Rare (lll)
  • 7X Tiger Skin – Uncommon (lll)
  • X30 emeralds
  • X400 Adventure Experience

Treasure in the Desert’s Eye

Treasure in the Desert's Eye
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Treasure in the Desert’s Eye is another epic treasure clue where you can find it at the Misted Isles, this is the second and last epic clue for this port.

Rewards from Desert’s Eye clue:

  • 10X Tobacco
  • 30X Emeralds
  • 400X Adventure Experience
  • 10X Ginseng
  • 10X Wool – Uncommon (lll)

The Autobiography of Simon

The Autobiography of Simon
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This is another epic treasure clue that doesn’t have a map but some text that you need to read and find its place by yourself.

The Autobiography of Simon Treasure is located in the southeast of Pitaya Island, and once you set sail there, you will be able to discover the whole area using one golden compass.

Rewards of the Autobiography of Simon:

  • 400X Adventure Experience
  • 10X Artillery
  • 10X Flannel – Rare
  • 100X Storm Power
  • 10X Sausage – Uncommon (lll)

Map of Mutilated Lyre

Map of the Mutilated Lyre
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The Map of Mutilated Lyre is another clue at the Gunwhale, which is near the Miser’s Treasure Map, so you can also finish them both together.

You will need to either explore the mist by yourself until you find the place of the treasure, or you can set sail at the nearest port to reveal the whole area.

Rewards from the Map of the Mutilated Lyre:

  • 10X Uzi Steel
  • 400X Adventure Experience
  • 100X Storm Power
  • 10X Benzoin – Rare
  • 10X Tin Ore – Uncommon (lll)

Treasure Clues – Legendary

Amber Hall’s Treasure Map

Amber Hall's Treasure Map
Photo: FunPlus International AG

Moving to the legendary treasure clues, which are the highest rarity of clues, the treasure provides huge amounts of loot that can be sold for a lot of gold at the market.

Legendary clues may be hard to find and hard to reach, but they are worth it.

Amber Hall’s Treasure Map can be found at Merry Waters; in our case, it was right next to a water monster, which will make it even harder to loot.

Rewards for Amber Hall’s Treasure Map:

  • 60X Emeralds
  • 40X Artillery
  • 40X Tobacco
  • X600 Adventure Experience


Treasure Clues tab
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With this guide as your map, you can now unlock all the hidden treasures that are scattered across the sea in Sea of Conquest.

Utilize the golden compass and follow the clues that lead you to diverse locations, not only to gain huge amounts of gold but also to discover the world of conquest, from Lost Sanctuary to the Misted Isles.

Set sail, adventurer, and claim your place in Sea of Conquest’s history by finding all the abandoned treasures by other pirates.

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