Alien Invasion: RPG Idle Space: The Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)

In the thrilling game “Alien Invasion,” players assume the role of an extraterrestrial being with unique abilities and a slimy twist. Imagine this: you embody a fascinating creature, resembling an arthropod, slowly approaching unsuspecting humans with a mesmerizing tentacle that drains the very life force of your human targets, transforming them into your delectable meal.

It’s an unconventional, yet captivating gameplay experience that combines the best of two iconic villains: “Venom” from Spiderman and “Cell” from Dragon Ball. With the sticky chaos of “Venom” and the awe-inspiring powers of “Cell”.

Core Gameplay
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Embracing the Role: Unleashing the Powers and Perks of Playing a Villain

It may seem surprising, but even villains have their own needs. In this case, our little alien protagonist has a life mission: to stay well-fed in order to grow and achieve its monstrous, final form. The movement mechanics in the game are straightforward, as players will utilize the “Tap, hold, and swipe while holding” concept to control their alien’s speed.

This unique approach adds a touch of simplicity and excitement to the gameplay, allowing players to navigate the alien’s world with ease. With an insatiable appetite and a quirky method of movement, players will embark on a thrilling adventure, guiding their alien through various challenges and obstacles. Get ready to fuel the alien’s hunger, master its movement, and witness its transformation into an unstoppable force.

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Full Cargo

The alien has a stomach that fills up as it feeds, and a mothership where it can comfortably digest. Extracted nutrients fuel its growth and improve its stats. This mechanic adds depth and strategy, as players must balance feeding and digestion to enhance the alien’s evolution. Feed, nurture, and witness its formidable transformation!

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The game features three main currencies: Meat, Eggs, and DNA. All of them serve the sole purpose of growing our alien and turning it into the mightiest monster in town.

Additionally, being a Free-to-Play game, Alien Invasion includes the well-known Gems, internally referred to as “Hard Currency.” These Gems act as a facilitator for other resources and can accelerate the in-game experience.


On the main screen of the game, players will notice a prominent button adorned with a menacing, spiky tentacle. This button serves as the gateway to the game’s most crucial upgrades, encapsulating the essence of progress and power. Within this intriguing menu, players can delve into a world of limitless potential, enhancing and fine-tuning every essential statistic of their alien character.

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As players embark on their upgrade journey, they will find that the primary resource driving these enhancements is none other than MEAT, a delectable currency symbolizing the very sustenance that fuels the alien’s growth. However, be prepared for an engaging twist. Advancing to the next level of a particular upgrade often requires a combination of MEAT and other valuable resources. This clever design element ensures that players must strategize and manage their resources effectively, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement as they work towards unlocking each new level of improvement.

Which is the main stat?

All of them are important. The only statistic that can be overlooked during the early levels is the health stat, as there won’t be any units attacking you at the beginning. However, after reaching level 4, offensive units will appear that pose a threat to our alien.

Black Martek

When reaching level 3, the Black Market is unlocked, offering a place where the alien can, on one hand, enhance the power of its statistics (similarly to the Upgrade section), add new features to its attributes, or even undergo evolution. The primary currency within the Black Market is cells, occasionally supplemented by the need for MEAT and DNA to achieve further improvements.

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Evolution in the Black Market is the action that comes closest to fulfilling the game’s ultimate objective. Not only does it provide significant statistical improvements to the alien, but it also introduces a visually substantial transformation. Evolution serves as a milestone within the game, and each time the alien achieves it, it signifies another step closer to its ultimate form.

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In the marketplace, we can primarily make the most of Gems. There are two main uses for them: resource exchange (Meat, Eggs, or DNA, depending on the user’s level) and permanent upgrades to certain user statistics. Gems serve as a versatile currency that allows players to not only trade resources but also enhance their overall stats for long-term progress.

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Free Gems

The game developers are keen on encouraging players to return regularly and understand that Gems are the most coveted accelerator within the game. That’s why, upon reaching level 2, special humans will be unlocked, granting 5 Gems each, and the game will visually indicate that the next set of these humans will appear in approximately 3 hours. In other words, every time you come back to the game, it becomes imperative to “collect” these Gems from the special humans. If you play multiple times a day consistently, you can aspire to make a free upgrade at least once every week. This creates a sense of anticipation and reward, incentivizing players to engage with the game frequently and reap the benefits of their dedication.

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Tricks and Tips


Starting from level 2, the alien will periodically come across farms. These farms serve as locations where resources (MEAT, EGGS, DNA) accumulate over time, allowing the alien to collect them after a certain period. Farms have two main statistics: resource generation over time and maximum capacity. 

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Tip: My advice regarding farms is to maximize their storage capacity and only improve production speed to the minimum necessary to start generating resources. Why? Because this game feature is designed for players to utilize when starting a new session: you log in, pass by the farms, and collect the accumulated resources up to that point. Increasing the production speed doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t offer any advantage while actively playing the game. Focus on maximizing storage capacity for optimal resource accumulation during each session.

Bots Shop

When a player understands the ultimate goal of the game, they begin to analyze the most optimal path to achieve it. This gives rise to the concept of META (most effective tactics available), and when applied to Alien Invasion, the player must discover the fastest resource generation over time.

The Bots Shop is undeniably a feature aimed at optimizing the meta, enabling users to create small minions that automatically collect resources without the need for player intervention. The better these minions are, the more resources can be generated while actively playing the game. This strategic utilization of the Bots Shop aligns with the player’s goal of maximizing resource accumulation, ensuring steady progress towards their desired outcome.

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Hostile units

Starting from level 4, hostile units begin to appear and attack the alien, causing damage. If the alien’s health reaches 0, it will lose all the resources stored in its stomach that haven’t been digested in the mothership. However, the alien will respawn at the starting point with full health. It’s crucial for players to protect their alien from these threats, as losing resources can set back their progress. Stay vigilant and ensure the alien’s survival to preserve valuable resources and continue the journey towards domination.

Mastering the Dance of Kiting: Conquer Offensive Foes Without Breaking a Sweat

“Kiting” in video games refers to a technique where a player maintains distance from an enemy while attacking it. By exploiting the enemy’s slower movement speed, the player can continuously damage the enemy while staying out of harm’s way. Mastering kiting allows players to safely and efficiently confront stronger foes. However, it’s worth noting that the effectiveness of kiting may vary depending on the game and its specific mechanics. Adaptation and appropriate tactics are essential for success.

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The effective way to perform kiting is by escaping from offensive targets at a speed fast enough to keep them at a distance, yet close enough to remain within our attack range. My advice is to try executing kiting in circular motions, which allows draining the life of multiple enemies simultaneously, minimizing the chances of getting injured. This technique requires some practice, but once mastered, it will be a valuable skill forever. Embrace the art of kiting, hone your abilities, and dominate the battlefield with finesse.


Another characteristic of Free-to-Play games is offering benefits in exchange for watching advertisements. It’s important to consider that watching ads generates real money for game developers, so they will always aim to maximize ad views while minimizing any annoyance for players.

To achieve these objectives, the game avoids abusive tactics like interstitials (videos shown without user consent and without rewards) and prioritizes what are known as “rewarded ads”: videos that do require user consent and offer a reward in return for watching them.

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The game’s strategy in this aspect to tempt players to watch ads is based on two simple approaches: saving time and the cognitive trigger of a fleeting offer.

Saving time: The offers provided as gifts are dynamic and always represent rewards equivalent to approximately 5 to 10 minutes of current gameplay time, based on the user’s progress, in exchange for the 30 to 60 seconds that an advertisement may last. This 5-to-1 exchange internally makes us value the time advantage offered by the gift positively.

Fleeting offers: In marketing, a fleeting offer refers to promotions, discounts, or products that are available for a limited time. These offers often create a sense of scarcity and urgency in consumers, which can have cognitive effects on their behavior and decision-making. As the gift offers in the game last for only 10 seconds, the player must quickly decide whether they want to watch an advertisement at that moment or not.


Quests serve as a narrative thread and guiding light for progression within the game. They provide users with a clear short and medium-term purpose, allowing them to immerse themselves in the context and follow the game’s guidelines within a moderately structured plan.

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By incorporating quests, the game offers players a sense of direction and purpose, ensuring they have engaging objectives to pursue. These quests serve as milestones, presenting challenges and tasks that drive the player’s progression while keeping them engaged and motivate


The Exchange is a shortcut that allows currency conversion. As in life, such obvious shortcuts always come with a cost. Numerically speaking, utilizing the Exchange will never be advantageous. However, what makes this feature intriguing is the user’s temporal valuation. In other words, if you’re in a hurry and don’t mind making a less favorable deal at the moment, consider the Exchange as a way to expedite things.

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Final Words

The game provides a highly satisfying experience when playing. It is designed to allow players to relax and gradually optimize their strategy, exploring different ways to increase their statistics and acquire resources over time.

I must highlight how seamlessly the animations and sound effects flow, creating an immensely satisfying experience for the player. Additionally, the music is a small masterpiece in the form of an infinite loop. It reminds me, to some extent, of the main theme of Neo Cortex, the villain from Crash Bandicoot (while acknowledging the differences).

I wholeheartedly recommend this game, as those who play it will undoubtedly have a fantastic time.

  1. i have a question concerning the 250 pink DNA door: can you Open it only once throughout the entire Game or can you Open it again and again and again whenever you pay 250 pink DNA?

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