Alchemy Stars celebrates the summer season and 10 million global registrations with special in-game event

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

As a big “thank you” to Alchemy Stars fans, Tencent and Tourdog Studio are holding a special sizzling summer event titled Ocean Sovereign, adding new characters, new outfits, and a brand new storyline into the line strategy RPG. This coincides with the game’s festivities on surpassing over 10 million registrations all over the world.

Alchemy Stars Summer Event - Ocean Sovereign

Summer is all about sizzling costumes, which is why the new outfit system is perfect for the season, adding Uriah, a 4-Star Aurorian – Sea Voice; Vice, a 5-Star Aurorian Vice – Ray of Sunshine; Kleken, a 5-Star Aurorian – Black Lagoon; Carleen, a 6-Star Aurorian – Sea Breeze; and Eicy, a 6-Star Aurorian – Onyx Iris.


Players will also be able to pull Smokey from Umbraton and Genevieve from True Order for a limited period of time during the event – two special Aurorians with their own unique personalities and jaw-dropping combat animations.


If you haven’t heard of Alchemy Stars just yet, it’s a different kind of RPG that stands out from other cookie-cutter titles in the same genre due to its unique combat system. You’ll have to match the same colors across tiles on the battlefield to deal the most damage, while taking elemental factors into consideration with every move. Curious to see how that plays like? You can download the game on the iOSAppStore or on the GooglePlayStore and check it out.

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