Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back! – Tips to Unlock All Characters

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

In Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back, there are more than 30 different characters and each character has a unique skill.  

Before starting a match-3 stage, you will have to select a character and use his/her skill to clear several obstructions and blocks. When you select one, his/her blocks will start appearing on the screen. To charge their skill, match 3 or more blocks of that character. Once charge, tap on the skill icon on the lower-left corner of the screen to activate it.  

Unlocking all characters in Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back!
Character Screen

In the character screen, tap on a portrait to know his block color and skill.  

You must collect at least 30 pieces to unlock a new hero. Once you acquire the required number of pieces, go to “Characters” and then tap on the jigsaw piece tab.

Summon a character after collecting 30 pieces.

Tap on “Summon” to unlock her.  

Here are various tips to unlock characters:  

Complete achievements 

Tap on “Quest” on the bottom of the home screen. Under the “Achievements” tab complete tasks. Once finished, tap on the “Receive” button to claim your rewards. You will get pieces upon completion of certain achievements. Collect 30 pieces to unlock a character.  

Pay Attention to Events 

Certain limited-time events grant random pieces. The event button can be found on the top-left corner of the home screen, just below “Special”.  

Event Screen
Run Retsuko Event

The current event is “Run Retsuko”. As of writing this guide, this event is available only for six days. You will have to complete certain match-3 stages to get pieces. These are stage 64, 94 and 124.  

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Get ‘em From Premium Gifts 

This requires you to pay a one-time fee to start receiving premium gifts.  

Tap on the sticky note on the lower-right side of the screen > Daily Gift. Tap on “Unlock Premium Gift” and pay to unlock it.  

Once unlocked, you can acquire special gifts such as diamonds and characters/pieces on certain days. Make sure you play Aggretsuko: Short Timer every day to claim your premium gifts.  

Draw a Character 

Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back also has a Gacha system in which you can draw a random character using gold. You will get a full character and not pieces.  

Tap on the “Character” button on the bottom of the home screen.  

Now, tap on “Draw” on the lower-left corner of the screen.  

You will need 30K gold for a draw. Tap on “Drop Rate” to open the “Draw Chance Table”. You will see a list of characters and their drop chances.  

If you don’t have enough gold for a draw, tap on the “Free Gold” button and watch ads to earn them.  

You can also earn gold from match-3 puzzle stages, daily gifts and quests (achievements/daily quests).  

Hint: Check your mail for an event reward. Tap the sticky note on the lower-right corner of the screen > Mail. Tap on “Receive” button beside 1 Release Package(s).  

Premium draw tickets

You will get three premium draw tickets and a whopping 100000 gold. Head straight to the draw section under characters and tap on the green “Draw” button to use a ticket for getting a rare character.  

Try Special Missions 

Special Missions in Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back can be accessed by tapping on the “Timer” icon. You can find this icon and the word “Special” on the top-left corner of the screen. 

These missions are match-3 stages but they are a tad more difficult than normal stages. Always pay attention to the objective before attempting a special mission. You will lose a heart if you can’t complete one.  

There’s one condition though – you can’t change a character in a special mission. You will have to play with the selected character to get his/her piece.  

Get character pieces when you complete a special mission.  

You can play three missions every day. 

Special missions change every day, so make sure you don’t miss them.  

Did You Pre-register for this Game? 

If you have, then there’s good news for you. You will get the character “Fenneko” as a pre-registration gift.

Mailbox - Check the event reward and pre-registration gift.
Get Pre-registration rewards

Tap on the sticky note on the lower-right corner of the screen. Now tap on “Mail”. Tap on the “Receive” button beside pre-registration gift.