Aggretsuko Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Based on the hit Netflix animated series, Aggretsuko: The Short Timer Strikes Back features your favorite characters, exciting puzzle levels and a big office to renovate. Of course, she hates doing this, but you would love to decorate each themed office floor.  

Aggretsuko Game

Your goal is straightforward – Finish match-3 puzzle levels, earn stars and use them to refurbish floors. It’s a tough ask, but with several character skills and power-ups, you can beat all stages, get stars and collect your favorite characters! Our Aggretsuko game guide may be of some help if you are stuck in a stage: 

How to Create Power-ups  

Like other match-3 games, the Aggretsuko game has the same set of power-ups. They can be created by matching 4 or more blocks of the same color. Power-ups are crucial for clearing blocks, destroying obstacles and scoring more points. 

There are 4 types of power-ups:  

Directional Bombs: Match 4 blocks of the same type to create the directional bomb. Now tap or move the bomb to activate it. 

You will create a vertical bomb when you match 4 blocks of the same color in a horizontal line. Similarly, a horizontal bomb will be created when you match 4 blocks of the same color in a vertical line. 

Check the direction inside the bomb. If it’s vertical, all blocks in a vertical line will be removed.  

If it’s horizontal, then all blocks in a horizontal line will be removed.  

Using powerups in Boss mode

Missiles: Match 4 blocks in a square to create a missile. A missile always prioritizes objectives. Example: if one of the objectives is to clear Shachou blocks (purple Asian elephant), the missile will fly to a random Shachou block and remove it from the board.  

Bombs: Match blocks in a “T” or “L” shape to create a bomb. Now, tap on it or move it to the next row or column to activate it. It will explode, clearing a lot of blocks around it.  

Disco Ball: Match 5 blocks of the same type in a horizontal or vertical line to create a disco ball. Swap the disco ball with a block to remove all blocks of that type.  

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Try Various Combos  

You can swap two adjacent power-ups to unleash devastating combos. This will help you clear a lot of blocks and obstructions in a single move.  

Using combos is the best way to score more points and complete objectives fast as there will be limited number of moves in each stage. 

Here are some combos to try:  

Bring two directional bombs next to each other and swap their positions to unleash a cross-shaped blast. It will clear a row and column simultaneously.  

Swap the position of a directional bomb with a plain bomb to clear three rows and columns instantly.  

Combine two plain bombs to create an even bigger explosion that will clear a lot of blocks and obstacles.  

Combine a missile with a directional bomb or a plain bomb. Prioritizing the current stage’s objective, the missile will carry that powerup to a block or obstacle and then explode clearing several blocks at once if it’s a plain bomb powerup or removing a row or column if it’s a directional bomb.  

Combine the disco ball with a bomb, directional bomb or missile. It will create several duplicates of that power-up and scatter them across the board. One by one, all duplicates will explode clearing several blocks at once.  

Swap the positions of two adjacent disco balls to clear the entire board.  

Pay Attention to Block and Obstruction Info in a Stage 

You must complete match-3 stages to earn stars, which are used to decorate office floors.  

Tap on the Aggretsuko icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. A new stage screen will pop up on the screen.  

Stage Screen displays skill info, block and obstruction info

Under the stage screen, you will notice the current objective. You will have to complete that objective to clear a level.  

Under the objective section, you will notice block info and obstruction info. Block info shows the block types that will appear on the board (this includes the character blocks you have chosen for unleashing skills). Obstruction info shows what type of obstruction or obstacles will appear on the board.  

Prioritize Objectives to Complete a Stage 

There will be limited number of moves to complete a stage. Your focus should always be on the objective and you should use power-ups and combos to complete them.  

Finish an objective before running out of moves, so focusing on blocks that have no connection with the objective will only waste your moves.  

How to get Three Stars in a Stage 

In this match-3 Aggretsuko game, stars are required to decorate office floors. Each floor has a unique theme and completing a floor unlocks more.  

In a match-3 stage, pay attention to the star gauge on the top-right corner of the screen.  

When you match 3 or more blocks, you score points, which fills up the star gauge.  

Each block carries 10 points. If you match 3 blocks of the same type/color, you will score 30 points.  

The higher you score, the faster the star gauge will fill up.  

Focus on matching maximum blocks in a single move to score more points. Create and use power-ups as much as you can to clear a lot of blocks per move. With that in mind, don’t ignore any stage objectives.  

Use character skills to prioritize stage objectives. 

Every time you obtain earn a star; you also earn gold. 

Match Character Blocks to Use Their Skills 

Before you start playing a level, you can select a character by tapping on the “Change” button.  

In the beginning, only two characters will be unlocked – Retsuko and Washimi.  

When you select a particular character, his or her blocks appear on the board. So, if you choose Washimi’s character before playing a stage, you will start seeing Washimi blocks on the board.  

Match Washimi blocks to charge her skill icon, which is located on the lower-left corner of the screen. Tap on that icon when the word “Ready” appears above it.  

Instruction to use her skill will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. Select the area (horizontal type) and tap on the board again. The classy Hashimi will get rid of them with her heel.  

Skill is fully charged up

Tip: Make sure you use a character’s skill at the right time, and always prioritize on objectives when using a skill.  

There will be many such characters to unlock. Each character has a unique skill. You can switch to a new character from the stage screen and then press the “Start” button, begin playing a level with that character.  

On certain levels, you won’t be able to use a particular character, so you will have to select another. The game recommends the best character from the change menu.  

To know how to get all heroes, read Aggretsuko: Short Timer Strikes Back – Tips to Unlock All Characters.  

Instantly Charge Skills  

The skill icon on the lower-left corner of the screen charges every time you match or more blocks of the selected character. 

Keep matching 3 or more blocks of the chosen character to fill the skill gauge.  

However, there’s an easy way to charge a skill instantly.  

Charging skills instantly

Under the skill icon is a tiny “+” symbol. Tap on it. A notice will appear on the screen “Charge the skill immediately?”. You will need 2500 gold for an instant skill charge.  

How to get Gold  

In this Aggretsuko game, gold is used to draw new characters, purchase lives, instantly charge a skill while matching blocks and change/purchase new floor themes. 

Here are some ways to get gold for free:  

Complete quests and achievements from the quest menu.  

Tap on the sticky note on the lower-right corner of the screen > daily gift and claim your daily login gift. 

From the same sticky note, tap on “free gold”. You can watch a maximum of 7 ads to earn gold.  

Get 500 daily gold from the store. Tap on the + icon on the top of the screen and then tap on “Free”.  

Complete match 3 puzzle stages and earn 3 stars in each stage to get maximum gold.  

Purchase gold using diamonds from the store (tap on the “G” on the top of the screen to access store). You can get diamonds for free by watching Aggretsuko episodes, which can be accessed from the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

Add Friends to Send and Receive Lives 

You lose a heart when you fail to complete a stage. The best way to get a heart instantly is to tap on the green plus symbol beside the heart icon and spend 500 gold to purchase one.  

Add friends to send and receive lives

But there’s’ another way to get lives:  

Tap on the “Friends” icon on the bottom of the screen.  

Press the “Add Friend” tab.  

Under “Suggested Friends” list tap on the yellow button to send a request. You can accept friend requests sent by random players from the same tab.  

If the person accepts, his/her profile will be shown on the “My Friends” tab.  

You can send a life (heart) or receive one from them. Please note that heart gifts reset every day at 23:59.