AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games – Guide, Tips, and Tricks

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AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games
AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Featured Image
Photo: Wildlife Studios

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games is an AFK automated Soccer RPG gacha game developed by Wildlife Studios for Android and iOS. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and from the App Store.

Your role is that of a football team manager whose only purpose in life is to build a line-up of Soccer superstars who’ll score more goals than the opposing team. Are you ready to score some goals?

How to Play AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games

Starting Out

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Tutorial
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You’ll start the game with a team of three Stars in AFK Football and make your way through the tutorial with these members. As you continue to follow the directions shown on screen, you’ll be awarded more Stars to round out your team, eventually bringing the number of your active Stars up to five.

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Match
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The tutorial will span the length of the entire Brazil league, a total of 12 matches before the game allows you to Transfer/Summon more Stars. As long as you level up each of your Stars to around Lv.10, finishing the tutorial should be a cakewalk.

Campaign Screen

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Campaign Screen
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The Home Screen will have plenty of inaccessible buttons, but you will slowly unlock new features as you progress through matches with your team.

Once you’ve reached the home screen, starting matches is as easy as pressing the “Next Match” button located on the bottom half of your screen.

Manage Your Team

Because AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games is an AFK game, our only real role is to manage our team by equipping them with gear and leveling them up while they do most of the heavy lifting during their soccer games. Hence, our article will focus on the characters and how to increase each of their Star Power Ratings.

How to Increase Star Power Rating

Level-Up Stars

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Level-Up
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Once acquired, each Star will begin their journey at Lv. 1. It is up to you as their manager to level each of them up by consuming increasing amounts of Gold, Blue Star Experience, and Purple Star Experience.

You will only need Gold and Blue Star Experience to level up at first, however, after every 10 levels, you will need to spend Purple Star Experience to break through their current level cap.

Equip Stars With Gear

Once you’ve leveled up your characters as much as you can afford to, you can then look towards equipping them with the best gear pieces you have available.

You can find new pieces of equipment by winning matches and by waiting for your AFK rewards to pile up! So don’t worry too much about this at first and just equip the pieces you already have.

Ascend Stars At The Gym

Ascending Stars is similar to the ascension mechanic found in other character-collecting gacha games. It boosts the performance of one Star by sacrificing another copy of the same Star.

You’ll use this sparingly at first, but once you’ve accumulated a larger collection of different Stars, it is in your best interest to look towards ascending your most used Stars.

Star Roles in AFK Football

Every Soccer team is made up of 5 players. Each of these players can take up one of three available roles; an Attacker, a Defender, and a Goalkeeper.


AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Attacker
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Attackers should be positioned on the front-most side of your team. These characters are responsible for offensive plays and, from our observations, are the only ones who can score goals against the enemy.

A typical line-up will usually have two Attackers, but you should always have at least one.


AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Defender
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Defenders stand in between your Attackers and your Goalkeeper. Their job is to intercept enemy Attackers and steal the ball from them to pass it back to your Attackers.

Because Attacker’s AIs are programmed to walk on either the left or right side of the field, it is highly recommended to have two Defenders positioned across from one another to make sure both sides of the field are defended.


AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Goalkeeper
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Your Goalkeeper will play the pivotal role of protecting your goal from the opposing team being able to score.

These characters will typically have pretty good stamina since they will constantly be on the defensive against opposing team attacks. It is important to prioritize investing in your Goalkeeper as much as investing in your Attackers.

How to Get More Stars

Transfer Them From The Club

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Transfer
Photo: Wildlife Studios

After completing the Brazil League, you will unlock the Club functions from the main menu. You can press the button on the bottom left side of your screen to access The Club.

From there, select the Transfers building to the left of the Medical Center to attempt summoning better Stars.

List of All Stars in AFK Football

AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games - Star List
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Similar to other character-collecting games, AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games has a whole cast of collectible Stars themed after famous Soccer players in the real world!

We’ll leave you to figure out which Star represents which player, but avid soccer fans will be happy to know they’ll find some of their favorite soccer players in this game.

Each of these collectible characters also comes with an associated rarity, with rarer Stars becoming available later with better stats, as well as abilities.

Below we’ve compiled a list of all the currently available Stars in the game and segregated them by rarity for whenever you get confused about the innate strength of each Star.

List of All Elite Stars

Elite Stars
Ivan MaricCelestino RebeloAlanzo Delacruz
Rafael NegriniLeonardo MendozaAerie Moran
Oluwatobi JosephEhab FahmyDaouda Doumbia
Abdou KebeJin ZhaoRaj Prasad
Davy Ryan

List of All Rare Stars

Rare Stars
Zacharie DuboisGio MaggioniJagr Dusek
Javier VegaDiogo LopesDario Lubrano
Omar AitAbasi AhmedAndre Hamadou
Jeong Kang DaeJohn WiataKenji Saito

List of All Common Stars

Common Stars
Viktor HelstromLuuk JacobsMartin Quispe
Nico ArayaLameck WanjalaPeter Mabaso
Yasser GholamSalim Alamari

Closing Words

While the gameplay loop of AFK Football: RPG Soccer Games is fairly simple, we hope our guide was able to help you learn more about the game and what activities you can expect to perform while playing!

Remember to focus on building your Stars to as strong as you can get them, and then sit back, relax, and watch them win their matches without you so much as lifting a finger!

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