AFK Football-RPG Soccer Games: Best Equipment To Use

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AFK Football-RPG Soccer Games
Photo: Wildlife Studios
(Last Updated On: September 29, 2023)

AFK Football, an idle RPG soccer game, got a worldwide release on September 13, 2023. The game was released for iOS and Android devices and is free to download on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Developed and published by Wildlife Studios, AFK Football puts the players in the shoes of a football club manager. Players will train a 5-player team and manage an entire football club.

Because players are role-playing as a football club manager, they can’t control the players on the pitch. All the on-pitch action is automatic. 

AFK Football intro
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This allows the players to focus on the various RPG elements of a football club manager. And let me tell you, there’s plenty of them. That said, this guide only focuses on one such element; AFK Football Gear/Equipment.

AFK Football-RPG Soccer Games – All Equipment Pieces & Classes

The football players in AFK Football are called Stars. These Stars can wear up to FOUR pieces of equipment at a time. These pieces of equipment are called Gear.

AFK Football gear
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Here are the names of the Gear that players can equip on their Stars in AFK Football:

  • Cleats
  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Shin Guard

Every Gear boosts a respective attribute of the Star. 

For example, a set of Cleats with SHT 60 attribute will increase the attacking stats of a Star by 60. Similarly, the Shorts, Shirt, and Shin Guard can also boost the respective attribute of a Star.

AFK Football gear attributes
Photo: Wildlife Studios

The attribute stats of a Gear depend on the class of the Gear. A higher class means a higher boost to attributes, and a lower class means a lower attribute boost.

There are FOUR main classes of equipment in AFK Football:

  1. Crude
  2. Common
  3. Rare
  4. Rare-X

Crude is the most basic class, then there’s Common, and above them is Rare. Rare-X is the best equipment class in AFK Football right now. 

AFK Football-RPG Soccer Games Best Equipment

Going by rarity, the Rare-X pieces of Gear are the best. 

But there’s one more thing to consider.

Along with the Class, AFK Football uses FOUR more types to classify Gear. Here are the types ranked from best to worst. 

  1. Mercury
  2. Asteroid
  3. Comet
  4. Meteor
AFK Football gear types
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Now, combining the classes and types, we get several combos. You may get a Common Mercury Shirt or Rare Meteor Cleats. The possibilities are endless.

So, here’s a list of the best AFK Football Gear combos.

  1. Mercury x Rare-X: This is the most powerful Gear combo in AFK Football right now. Any piece of equipment with this combo will enhance multiple attributes of your Star. However, they are hard to come by.
  2. Mercury x Rare: Not as strong as Mercury x Rare-X, but a worthy challenger. This combo also boosts multiple attributes, but the boost amount is lower. Additionally, they have a hefty price tag at the Mall.
  3. Asteroid x Rare X: This combo is similar to Mercury x Rare. You’ll get a boost on multiple attributes at a cheaper price. 
  4. Comet x Common: This is the combo you should be targeting at the start. It’s a cheap combo that gives a decent boost to your Star stats.  
AFK Football combos
Photo: Wildlife Studios

It will take some time before you get your hands on these.

Until then, you’ll have to get by using Crude x Meteor OR Common x Meteor combos. They are good enough for League 1 and a few matches of League 2, but once you get into higher leagues, better Gear becomes a necessity. 

How To Enhance Gear in AFK Football?

You can’t always get the best Gear, but you can enhance your current Gear. AFK Football allows you to Enhance Gear by using excess Gear cards. 

Gear cards from lower classes – Crude or Common – can be used to enhance Rare and Rare-X Gear.

AFK Football gear cards
Photo: Wildlife Studios

Click on the Gear you want to enhance, click on the Enhance button, select the cards you want to use for enhancement, and hit Confirm.


I hope this guide answers all your queries about AFK Football Gear/Equipment.

You also know what the best equipment in AFK Football is. So, make sure to visit the Mall and get yourself some nice gear at a discounted price.

While you’re here, do check out our AFK Football-RPG Soccer Games guide. You’ll find plenty of helpful tips and tricks and a detailed overview of the various gameplay elements. 

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