Aether Gazer: Complete Walkthrough And Beginners Guide

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Here is Aether Gazer load screen.

Aether Gazer is a mobile action RPG by Yostar Games. Developers were inspired by Honkai Impact 3rd and Punishing while creating the game. Still, it’s made in a unique, exceptional style.

Aether Gazer allows players to collect over 20 unique characters, train them, grab in a team, and then put into the fight against evil. Given that, it can be interesting for all mobile action RPGs fans.

In this guide, we’ve compiled the best tips for Aether Gazer and the complete walkthrough. It is an important piece of information to know for both experienced players and beginners.

Starting Out In Aether Gazer

You’ll spend the first minutes in Aether Gazer exploring the storyline. The game will introduce you to Verthandi, your first character in the game. Along with the story, you’ll also learn the basic mechanics of Aether Gazer, such as combat, skills, etc. 

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

After finishing the tutorial, the game will give you a choice: continue exploring the storyline and completing Chapters or go with your unique path. 

Exploring the storyline might be boring, especially during long-cut scenes. Still, we highly recommend paying attention to completing Chapters until you finish the second Chapter. It allows you to reroll, described in detail in our Aether Gazer Reroll guide.

Best Reroll Characters in Aether Gazer

For beginners, choosing the proper characters from rerolling is a must. A Solid Tier S hero can become the core of your team up to the end game. So, don’t be afraid to spend hours trying to reroll a decent hero.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

And if you have no time to read the Reroll guide, check the list below. We’ve collected the best heroes from reroll here.

  • Tyr
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Asura
  • Poseidon Arctic Abyss
  • Ookuninushi
  • Kuninotokotachi

It’s not a complete list. Check out our Aether Gazer reroll guide for more decent Aether Gazer heroes. This information is helpful!

Aether Gazer Combat System

The combat system is an important part of Aether Gazer. Its knowledge is necessary for every player.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Every Aether Gazer hero has multiple types of attacks:

  • Normal Attack – the basic attack in Aether Gazer. It deals minor damage if it isn’t upgraded correctly but has no cooldown.
  • Basic Skill – an enhanced version of the Normal Attack. It usually deals more damage but has a small cooldown.
  • Dodge Skill – the improved version of Basic Skill allows you to dodge enemies’ attacks while dealing significant damage to the enemy. 
  • Ultimate Skill – the most powerful type of attack each hero has. It has the highest cooldown but can deal tons of damage instantly. 

Skills have a cooldown and consume mana. Thus, you cannot spam them even using the most powerful heroes in Aether Gazer.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Normal Attacks can be used without any restrictions. They bring players Mana required for skills and are still decent when it comes to killing allies.

Primary Objectives for Beginners in Aether Gazer

If you are a newcomer and have no clue what to do from the beginning to have your account packed up correctly by the end of the game, look further. We’ve collected the most important objectives to prioritize since the early game.

Objective #1: Gather Resources

We strongly advise taking the time to gather resources. Some in-game mechanics are not immediately available, so gathering resources is one of the best profitable and exciting things. It allows you to get EXP, level up, and build up your account for the late game.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

In the list below, you can find the best items to farm in Aether Gazer. Also, we’ve mentioned the best game modes you can farm them:

ResourceWhere To Get
Ain Soph CoinMain Story, Coin Commission Supplies, Challenges, Missions, Cooperation Agreement
Shifted StarShifted Flower, Main Story, Trading Zone, Missions, Events, Surveys, Achievements
Mod EXP MaterialsTrading Zone, Simulation Battle Supplies, Challenges, Main Story, Limited Specials, Supplies, Cooperation Agreement
Access Key EXP MaterialsDepth Prospecting Supplies, Trading Zone, Limited Specials, Main Story, Cooperation Agreement
Origin DustLost Vestiges Supplies, Supplies, Trading Zone
Divine FactorFactor Collection Supplies, Supplies, Limited Specials, Trading Zone

If you are getting bored of farming, here are multiple tips for diversifying your in-game experience:

  • From time to time, change the characters you use for farming
  • Set particular in-game goals outside of in-game achievements
  • Play with friends who are also focused on farming resources. It can spice up things a bit

These straightforward tips can entirely transform farming resources in Aether Gazer.

Objective #2: Join a Guild

We understand many players prefer solo gameplay. But in the case of Aether Gazer, playing in a team is highly rewarding.

As you reach Admin Level 30, you unlock Guilds. They work like clans in other video games, allowing players to unite and play together. 


Most guilds have private Discord/TeamSpeak servers. Thus, the щmain perk from the active Aether Gazer guild is communication with more experienced players. Here you can meet people with similar interests and get personalized advice about the game once needed.

It’s extremely important to join an active guild matching your time zone. It can significantly simplify communication and make you easily fit into it.

Objective #3: Upgrade High Tier Hero

If you followed our previous advice about rerolling, you already have a decent character who can be used up to the late game. Now, the best thing to do for your account and progression is to put effort into upgrading your high Tier hero.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Increase his CP to the maximum, using all the possible ways in the table below. 

Way to Level UpResource
Level Up HeroBattle Records
Level Up Attacks Divine Factor
Enhance Access KeyAin Soph Coins, Sephirah Crystals
Use SigilsSigils
CodesAin Soph Coins

Combining all the possible options is a must if you want to reach the best result. Although costly and might consume all your resources, it is 100% worth the price.

Objective #4: Complete the Cooperation Agreement

Many players don’t know, but Aether Gazer has a Battle Pass called Cooperation Agreement. It can be accessed via the right part of the screen.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Cooperation Agreement is a seasonal event that lasts approximately two months. It has 50 Levels, each one providing unique rewards. On Level 50, players get the Precise Scan Voucher – the best voucher in Aether Gazer.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Still, a Cooperation Agreement is beneficial even before reaching Level 50. These are the rewards you can get from it:

  • Modifier Scan Vouchers
  • Battle Records
  • Shifted Stars
  • Divine Factors
  • Coolants
  • Ain Soph Boxes
  • Transcendence Crystals

To get better rewards, players can purchase Advanced/Acumen contracts. These premium versions of the Battle Pass cost 9,99$ and 18,99$. 

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

The central difference between these versions is that the Acumen contract provides Exclusive Avatar Frame, 10 Contracts Level, and 5 Coolants (M).

Still, both contracts provide players with an exclusive 5-Star functor. Thus, we consider Advanced Contract as the best value for money unless you are a collector who wants to unlock everything.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Best Tips For Beginners In Aether Gazer

Once you know how Aether Gazer works and what should be your primary goals, let’s continue with tips and tricks for beginners. We’ve compiled only working advice that helped us during the progression.

Complete Tutorial Practice

Before you get your hands on completing Chapters, unlocking Tier S heroes, and defeating evil, pay attention to Tutorial Practice. It’s one of the most underestimated game modes in Aether Gazer.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Tutorial Practice allows you to practice your skills for a particular hero through the fight and get rewarded. Each Tutorial Practice gives you 3000 Ain Soph Coins and 30 Shifted Stars, which is worth the time.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

The only disadvantage of Tutorial Practice is that you can get rewards only once. After completing Tutorial Practice, it would still be available in the Challenges menu without rewards.

Save Resources

Resources are the most important thing in Aether Gazer. The game revolves around acquiring them in various ways. Still, many newcomers undervalue the role of resources in the game.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

The common mistakes newcomers make are leveling up weak heroes, transforming Shited Stars into Ain Soph Coins, and purchasing overpriced items in Trading Zone. Don’t make it, and you’ll never have problems with resources.

It’s extremely important to use leveling items wisely, especially the T3 ones which can be difficult to obtain. Apply them only for Tier S/A heroes, and be sure this strategy will pay off in the long run.

Claim Rewards from Achievements

Aether Gazer has an achievements system, providing players with 261 unique trophies. They are divided into the following categories:

  • Cultivation
  • Collections 
  • Admin 
  • Combat 
  • Stages
  • Others

To find achievements in the game, head to Profile. Here is the Achievements button. Use it to enter the menu like in the screenshot below.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Completing each achievement rewards players with Shifted Stars and Deviation Elements – one of the most valuable resources in Aether Gazer. The more challenging mission you finish – the better rewards you get. 

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

So, don’t be afraid to handle some complex missions. They are highly beneficial.

Investigate Trading Zone

Clicking on the Shop button, you enter the menu offering two options: Trading Zone and Supply Zone. While most players immediately head to Supply Zone, we recommend you pay attention to Trading.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Here you can find the following sections:

  • Supplies
  • Limited Specials 
  • Sigil Shop
  • Intel Shop
  • Resource Shop
  • Imprint Shop
  • Matrix Shop
  • Deconstruct

The most exciting among these categories are Supplies and Limited Specials. You can buy Divine Factors, Battle Records, Origin Dusts, Intels, and other critical in-game resources here. 

Supplies and Limited Specials refresh automatically every 24 hours, so don’t mind visiting the Trading Zone regularly not to miss any valuable offers.

If you didn’t get the desired resources, feel free to refresh the Limited Specials section with Shifted Star.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

It costs 10 Shifted Stars, and the price increases by ten every two refreshes. The refresh cap per day is 20.

Combine Proper Characters

Success in Aether Gazer is not about obtaining a single powerful hero. Players must compose a balanced team to progress through the storyline and become a really solid player.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

If you are a beginner, the best option is to combine your most powerful heroes to create a team. Don’t pay much attention to the synergy, it isn’t worth the effort.

Once you reach the late game and unlock more characters, start giving roles to your heroes. Using Sigils, you can boost specific stats such as ATK, DMG, and HP, thus transforming heroes into attackers/tanks.

Also, you can combine heroes of the same Gen-Zones to get the benefits mentioned in the table below.

Gen ZoneBonus
ShinouIncreases DMG according to the number of enemies
YggdrasillRestore combat resources, such as Rage, Energy, Traces, Divine Grace
OlympusIncreases Mod Index Multiplier charge speed
NileIncreases Crit DMG
AsterismMake all attacks deal DEF-piercing and fixed DMG

You cannot gain a team-creating skill by reading a single guide. Play the game more, learn about in-game mechanics, and you’ll be able to create a powerful team on your own.

Complete Your Daily & Weekly Mission

Daily and Weekly Missions are the best way to get freebies in Aether Gazer. They are necessary for all beginners, especially those who aim for F2P gameplay.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Completing Daily & Weekly missions rewards players with the following resources:

  • Admin EXP
  • Gift Box
  • Shifted Star
  • Ain Soph Coin
  • Divine Factor

By finishing missions, you also get Mission Rating, a vital resource required to open Chests containing various valuable resources. The more Mission Rating you acquire, the better rewards you get.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Regarding disadvantages, Weekly Missions become available only at Admin Level 30. Reaching it might take a while so players can use Story Missions as an alternative option. 

That’s the end of Aether Gazer complete walkthrough and beginners guide. 

As the game has a lot of complexities, being patient is the key to success. Be careful with your resources, update your characters gradually and complete Chapters step-by-step. Keep these guidelines your game mantra, and you’ll progress much faster.

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