Aether Gazer – Complete Reroll Guide

Finishing the battle in Aether Gazer.
(Last Updated On: May 31, 2023)

Rerolling in Aether Gazer is a complex process requiring the player to be patient and lucky. Moreover, the dose of RNG here is much more considerable. That leaves only one question: Why do players want to reroll in Aether Gazer?

As interesting as it might sound, the answer is straightforward. Reroll is highly beneficial. It allows you to get the highest-tier characters possible from the start of your journey.

Reroll has no particular requirements and is available to every player. So, keep scrolling down and learn the mastery of enrolling in Aether Gather. We’ll cover the entire process and show it to you step-by-step.

What is Rerolling?

Rerolling is the term used to describe the abuse of beginners’ free rewards available in gacha games. It includes creating and using numerous accounts to obtain the best possible characters. 

Once the desired character is obtained, players continue playing on this account. In some way, Reroll is a legal cheat for gacha games. That’s why many players complain about it.

How To Reroll in Aether Gazer

As reroll is a pretty complex process, we’ll describe it step-by-step. Keep scrolling down, and you’ll learn more about it.

Create E-Mail Addresses

Before opening the game, players must create a few E-Mail addresses. Each one is equal to the single Reroll try. Thus, you might need over 20 accounts to get the best heroes.

Complete Tutorial

Once E-Mail addresses are created, open the game and complete a tutorial. To save time, skip any unnecessary cinematics.

After completing the tutorial, finish Chapters 1-2 to get welcoming rewards. 

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Depending on your playstyle, it might take up to an hour. Therefore, we highly recommend you be focused on the game to Reroll as quickly as possible. 

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Start Rerolling

After completing Chapters 1-2, head to in-game Mail to collect Modifier Scan Vouchers and other valuable resources.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Once the resources are collected, head to the Scan menu and use Vouchers for new characters. S-Grade Modifier is guaranteed with the first ten scans.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

What to do after Reroll

If you are satisfied with the character from Reroll, we are glad for you. Keep playing Aether Gazer and read other guides on Playoholic. They can be very helpful!

But there is no reason to worry if you don’t get the desired hero, which is a more frequent occasion. You can still create a new account and try once again.

Head to the Profile – User Center – Switch Account to do it.

Photo: Xiamen Yongshi

Complete the previous steps again, and hope the second try will be luckier.

Reroll Characters List

Below we’ve created a table with all the currently available characters you can pull for in Aether Gazer. Tier S includes the most powerful heroes, and Tier C the weakest.

Tier Character
Tier STyr, Tsukuyomi, Asura, Poseidon Arctic Abyss, Ookuninushi, Kuninotokotachi
Tier AApollo, Nuadha, Buzenbo Tengu, Tsukuyomi Sakubo, Kagutsuchi
Tier BSobek, Vidar, Hodur, Osiris, Poseidon Tidal Song, Leviathan, Shu, Hera
Tier CVerthandi, Zenkibo Tengu Surefire
That’s it with Aether Gazer complete Reroll guide. If you find it helpful, comment and check out other articles on our website. We’ve got exciting guides about the Outerplane walkthrough and the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.
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