Adorable Home: Guide to All Cats

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Adorable Home is relaxing sim game where you can team up with your in-game life partner to feed cats and decorate your house. You and your partner moves to a new house and there are so many things to do – place furniture, unlock the garden and most importantly feed your paw buddies to stop them from being moody and irritated. But that’s not all, as a responsible cat mom/dad, you will have to pet, bathe your pet kitties and clip their nails.

Cats are the main attraction in Adorable Home. There are a total of 12 kitties in this game and each cat has a distinctive behavior and mood.

All cats in Adorable Home
Most kitties love the garden area

You will obtain hearts by feeding a cat, but make sure you feed them the right food to get more hearts. It actually depends on the food quality. If you feed your cat with higher quality food, you will obtain more hearts from her.

There are four kinds of cat food in this game. Spend hearts to put food in the bowl.   

When you fill the bowl with food, a kitty will eat it only after the countdown time under a bowl is over.

Cat food. Notice the different types of bowl. Each bowl is for a specific cat.

The countdown time varies from one food type to another. Here’s a list of cat foods in Adorable Home:

Cat food: Basic food and the cheapest. Costs 12 hearts. You will have to wait two hours and fifty nine minutes before a cat eats this food type. This basic food has the longest waiting time.

Delicious cat food: More sumptuous than the previous one. 18 hearts. Wait 2 hours 29 minutes. 

Dried fishes: Yum Yum! Costs 26 hearts. Countdown time: 1 hour 59 minutes.

Dried sea fishes: Yummier! Costs 35 hearts. Has the fastest countdown time. Have to wait only 1 hour and twenty minutes until a cat arrives and eats them.

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List of All Kitties

The first cat, snow is unlocked for free right at the beginning. You can purchase the remaining kitties from Shopping > Cat Boxes. Spend 600 hearts to open a box. Make sure you save 6600 hearts to purchase all boxes. Check out our list of all cats in Adorable Home:

Snow Niki and Peanut

1. Snow: This short haired kitty arrives with the couple in your adorable home. Loves to hangout in the living room. Doesn’t complain much. Cool as cucumber.

2. Niki: Another short hair feline, loves lazing around the garden and the lounge.

3. Peanut: A cute “homebody” cat. Loves staying indoors. Love the kitty’s color and texture. 

Oliver, Molly and Tobby

4. Oliver: Oh poor Oliver. You would love to pet him. Look at the innocence in his eyes.

5. Molly: Both Oliver and Molly deserve your attention. Their face will melt your heart.

6. Tobby: Tobby the Tabby. A lazy, stay-at-home kitty.

Moka Tiger and Gabu

7. Moka: Adorable short hair yellow kitty.

8. Tiger: Another tabby kitty.Stripy and cute.Could be misunderstood for a baby tiger with his back turned at you.

9. Gabu: An attention-seeker short hair cat. Stands on his hind legs. Wants all your love.

Elisabeth, Max and Cookie

10. Elisabeth: Crowned kitty queen! She’s a Persian cat and loves a royal treat. Not easy to take care of, unlike Snow and others.

11. Max: Another striped kitty. Orange cat with fur resembling that of the big cat.

12. Cookie: Cute cat with short fur.  

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