Adorable Home Game Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Meow! If you are a cat lover this is the game for you! Ready for living with your companion, err your furry companion? Welcome to your new life with a great partner in Adorable Home. You will also get a great feline companion to keep you company. Whoever said “Love” ❤ doesn’t pay the bills is sadly mistaken.  

Adorable Home Game

A casual sim game for grown-ups, Adorable Home can be played on iOS devices. Love is the prime currency to making your house into a true animal friendly, family home. Adorn your homes with different amenities and create a beautiful space for your family to share. Capture moments with your wo – ‘man’s best friend’ every time you open the game and take adorable pictures of your kitty to remember! Check out these tips, tricks and strategies to get more love.  

Celebrating Pride Month

Adorable Home is celebrating Pride Month in a special way. There’s a free gift up for grabs – it’s a beautiful lamp that “glows with the beating heart of pride”. Claim this gift when it pops up on the screen or you can head straight to the shopping cart to claim it.

Special Pride Lamp

After claiming, tap on the home icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap on “Mine” to go to your collection. Select the lamp and choose a location in your house to place it. My favorite spot is next to the flat screen TV, but you can choose any other location of your liking, maybe next to the couch?

Wait, there’s more! Special pride items will be available for the next 26 days this June. They will be available under lounge items and garden items.

Exclusive content celebrating pride month is available in the shopping menu.

Under lounge items look for rainbow hearts beside the shopping list on the right side. There will special pride-themed sofas, chairs, vases, décor, cabinets and carpets. You can purchase them using hearts.

Getting Started 

Before we learn a few tips, tricks and strategies, let’s first know how to play Adorable Home. We will begin with the interface. You can also watch the tutorial below to learn the basics.  

The interface is in the bottom right corner of your screen and is represented by a house. By clicking on the house icon opens up the basic controls of the game – ranging from returning to your lounge, accessing your garden, shopping for new items and felines, finding out what you own in the ‘Mine’ section, checking up on your adorable moments and adjusting the settings. 

In the setting location you can change the language of the game, rate the game, change characters (for a fee of love), adjust sound and contact support with any problems 

Feed your kitty  to Get Lots of Love

Feed your cat to keep the love meter filled. Keeping your cat(s) fed, happy and healthy is a great start to this beautiful friendship between human and animal. In the bottom right corner of your screen, near the interface is a bowl that says ‘cat’.  

Accept love from your pet cat

Click this to access your cat(s)’ food dish. It costs love to fill the bowl, but the love you get in return exceeds the investment.  

Watch the timer, whenever the timer is depleted you can feed your furry friend again to give and earn more love. Feeding your kitty a higher quality of food will earn you better rewards. 

Love your partner and they will love you back 

In Adorable Home, you will have to prepare healthy meals for your partner as they head off to work. The better the bento box, the more love is returned. Fill this box to the rim to provide an exciting lunch to your partner.

Fill the Bento Box with Food to get hearts from your partner

Shop to purchase new foods for your partner, experiment with various combos, and customized bento boxes to spice appeal to your eye. 

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Use Love to make Purchases 

Love is the best currency. You give love and you get love. Earn love to make purchases in the game in the ‘shop’ section.  

Simply click through the different areas of shopping, ranging from Lounge items, Garden, Foods, Boxes and Cats!  

Earn more hearts to make more purchases! Unlock different sections of the store with the love you receive and make a better life for you and your loved ones. 

Hyperbeard launches a new game named Pocket Love. Check out what we have written:

Watch Videos 

Every so often there is the option to watch a short video and receive more rewards. This is a great free way to gain more hearts in Adorable Love.  

Watch videos to get loads of Love

Successfully completing different mini-games will allow you to double your love, by watching a short video! This can be a great way to earn hearts fast without much time invested. 

Check Weather to Claim Bonus Hearts 

Pay attention to the current weather and claim love for each new season for 5 days. Tap the home icon and then tap on the current weather to check the forecast for the next five days. Don’t forget to claim hearts by tapping on the season. Login daily to earn hearts for each new season.  

Claim hearts from various seasons

The hearts you earn will depend on the season. For example, if your current -in-game season is “Rainy”, you can claim 70 hearts. The hearts earned also depends on the days progressed, so two snowy seasons won’t grant the same number of hearts. The first snowy day will grant 80 hearts and the third may grant more.  

Play the Petting Game

Caring for your kitty is important and your kitty needs lots of love! This includes petting them. Now your cats will enjoy some places of being pet and hate the others.  

Play all three mini-games to get hearts

When you pet your kitty in a place of enjoyment you will earn a heart and appreciation from your cat. Earn 5 hearts to win the game. Touch a place of distaste and you will get an angry flash – 3 flashes and you lose the game. 

Angry points of contact 

  • The eyes 
  • The lower midsection when your cat is on their backside 

Happy points of contact 

  • The belly  
  • The ears 
  • Hindquarters 
  • Front paws 
  • The tail  

Pet your cat to learn all the love spots and all the bad spots. This can be influenced by both the position of the cat and the placement of your hand.  

Get Hearts

Your cats need a lot of love, if you run low you can purchase more in the top right corner of your screen where your love is counted.  

In this section, there is a free option to watch an ad for 50 love free, 10 times a day. Use this to top up and make your home as comfortable as possible. 

How to get Special Codes

Adorable Home lets you enter special gift codes to obtain bonus hearts. To enter them, tap on the Home icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Next, tap on “settings”.

Enter special codes to earn bonus hearts.

Tap on the heart icon on the top-right side of the settings menu. Enter the code and press the “Confirm” button.

You can obtain special codes from Hyperbeard’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow their social media accounts and you might find one. Don’t forget to enter the code in the settings before it expires.

Cut Your Pet’s Nails to Get Hearts

Now cats love to scratch everything! Keep your cat’s nails short by cutting them. Try to create a clean, straight line to cut your cat’s nails without clipping their paw area.  

Successfully cut off a nail for a happy red heart. Five hearts on each paw and you win the game! When you accidentally cut your cuddly friend’s paw, earn an angry flash! Five flashes and you lose the game and have a sad kitty. 

Be aware! Your kitty doesn’t like to sit still and will move their paws making your job a lot harder. Time out your swipes as you cut your kitty’s claws, or risk losing the game. 

Clean Kitty. More Love

Every animal gets dirty sometimes and learning how to clean your cat will help you have a happy animal and a dirt-free home.  

Tilt your phone to keep the temperature within the green zone. Tilt to the left to make the water folder, and to the right to warm it up.  

Use your fingers to drag the shower head over your cat to give them a nice washing! Again, 5 hearts will win you the game and 3 flashes will end bath-time early. 

Now your cat will move back and forth in the bathtub, follow it or leave the nozzle in the center and focus only on tilting your phone to keep the correct temperature.  

This strategy may take longer, but there is a smaller chance of pouring too hot, or too cold water on your feline friend and earning an angry flash. 

Earn more Cats

There are many cats in the Adorable Home game and to become a true cat lover, well you need to earn and love them all! Purchase more cats in the shop with love! Care for them, feed them, shower them, clip their nails and pet them. The more cats you have, the more chances to earn love.  

Enjoy this game in your free time and care for your kitties with as much love and affection as you can. In life, you give love to those who love you back. Love your kitties and your kitties will return the favor. Keep your cats clean, fed, groomed and nails trimmed to fully understand what it takes to be a proud owner of a cat… or 5… maybe 10. Enjoy this relaxing game and spread the love. Meeeeeow!