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Uplift Games‘s popular Roblox pet simulator, Adopt Me!, has just introduced some important changes following the recent Fire Dimension update. With the Sky Castle now grounded on land, a portal to the Fire Dimension is now opened, letting you explore a new region while acquiring rare items, including never-before-seen pets!

The main component you’ll need to get these magnificent animals are the Campfire Cookies, only obtainable via specific methods. Just like Pet Simulator X’s Claw Tokens, these delicacies can pull multiple rewards for you during the Fire Dimension event, so here’s a guide on how to get them in the game.

Investigate The Fire Dimension

The Roblox NPC, Tim, holding a shiny item.
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Following the Sky Castle’s unexpected fall onto land, previously undiscovered creatures have since appeared from it, roaming the world freely. Upon visiting the castle, you’ll find a mysterious portal opened at the end, linking your universe to the lava-filled Fire Dimension.

After traveling to this new region, you’ll be guided by Tims (in-game NPCs that are all named Tim) on the various ingredients required to create the respective Campfire Cookies. These cookies are then used to attract Ash Zebras – new animals exclusive to the area – who’ll then give you different rewards.

Art image of an Ash Zebra.
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Beginning from September 14, though, Campfire Cookies can then be freely used from your inventory after the Tims (or one of them) finally mastered their creation process, marking the end of the live event that started on September 9.

Despite their permanent stay in the game, there’s a slight twist to their in-game mechanic, but the rewards are much more exciting now!

Acquiring Campfire Cookies

Art depiction of pets in Adopt Me!
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In Adopt Me!, there are two ways to get Campfire Cookies. However, the second method is now redundant following the end of the Fire Dimension’s live event:

  • September 14 onwards
    • Buy a Lure furniture to be placed at Home, each being:
      • Box Lure (750 Bucks)
        • Only one Bait (Campfire Cookies, etc.) can be placed at any given time.
      • Cozy Home Lure (1,200 Robux)
        • Two Baits can be placed simultaneously.
    • Interact with the furniture and an infinite amount of Campfire Cookies will then be provided for free from your inventory/ backpack!
Artwork of a Toasty Red Panda.
Photo: Uplift Games
  • Between September 9 and September 14 (previous method, now obsolete)
    • In the Fire Dimension, collect different ingredients to let the respective Tim create Campfire Cookies (types of ingredients change every in-game day).
    • Once the ingredients are satisfied, Tim will combine them inside his cauldron to create the Campfire Cookies.

With the live event now over, we gain infinite access to Campfire Cookies as long as the Lure furniture is bought and placed at Home accordingly.

The Different Rewards

Artwork of a Blazing Lion.
Photo: Uplift Games

As mentioned earlier, the mechanics of Campfire Cookies are now different than how they were utilized during the live event. In the Fire Dimension, they needed to be crafted and then promptly used to summon an Ash Zebra that brings the rewards to you.

These potential rewards were:

  • 30 Bucks (70% chance)
  • Molten Melon (25% chance)
  • Toy/ Pet Item (5%)
    • Volcano Hat
    • Magma Throwing Disc
    • Flame Balloon

When using Campfire Cookies for the fifth time, an Ash Zebra Bait will be unlocked (once per account), letting you adopt an Ash Zebra right there and then. On the other hand, collecting six Molten Melons gets you the Flaming Zebra Bait instead, granting you the more special Flaming Zebra!

Art of a Flaming Zebra.
Photo: Uplift Games

Regardless, the rewards are now different starting from September 14, with the Campfire Cookies now freely usable from your inventory when interacting with Lure furniture.

After placing a set of Campfire Cookies inside a Lure, you’ll need to wait four real-time hours to obtain one of these:

  • Random amount of money between 10 Bucks and 10,000 Bucks (79% chance)
  • Age-Up Potion (12.5% chance)
  • Paint Sealer (2% chance)
  • Toy/ Pet Item (5% chance)
    • Flame Crown
    • Flame Glasses
    • Flame Grappling Hook
    • Flame Pogo Stick
    • Magma Great Sword
    • Meteor Plush
  • Ultra-Rare Pet (1.49% chance)
    • Toasty Red Panda
    • Magma Snail
    • Magma Moose
  • Legendary Pet (0.01% chance)
    • Blazing Lion

If you still have any unused Ash Zebra Bait or Flaming Zebra Bait inside your backpack, you can place it inside the Lure to receive a guaranteed Ash Zebra/ Flaming Zebra after waiting for thirty minutes.


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Many players are definitely stoked about Adopt Me!‘s latest Fire Dimension additions. Still, if you’ve anything to share too, make sure to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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