Ada Life – Adorable VR Girl: Gameplay Guide & Tips 

Shela Baxi
Ada Life - Introduction
Picture: NYX Game

How about dating a virtual girlfriend? Well, Ada Life – Adorable VR Girl is all about living and learning with a virtual girl.

This game is definitely out of the box. Earlier, people raised pets, built homes, built empires, and more in a game, but doing daily tasks with and for a virtual girl? That’s new!

Don’t know where and how to start? Firstly, download the game from the Play Store!

Are you confused about how to operate in Ada Life? Don’t sweat. We’ve got you covered with our gameplay guide and tips. 

Ada Life - Tips
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Take a Tutorial and Learn the Gestures

When you launch Ada Life, there is a tutorial waiting for you. Of course, you can power through it or skip it, but we recommend that everyone should take the tutorial. It is essential to know about the features of a VR game that are rare in the gaming world. 

Ada life - Tutorial
Picture: NYX Game

See where the action keys are on the touchpad, look out for the call signs, see where the movement HUD is, and everything else. There will be two virtual hands that will be ready at your command. How you command those hands is what you have to learn through tutorials. 

Understanding the command is key in Ada Life. If you aren’t able to do the basic commands, then your VR Girlfriend – Nin, will not be able to understand your intention. Focus on the training and how the commands work to communicate with Nin. 

There are hand gestures with which you can pick and drop items or give and take items from Nin. There is also a command to call Nin. Keep an eye out on Nin’s mood because if she’s angry, then she won’t pay any heed to your gestures or commands. 

Ada Life - Hand Gestures
Picture: NYX Game

Do the Tasks to Progress Through the Stages

When you begin Ada Life after the tutorial, the tasks are pretty standard, but they do take a bit of effort in the beginning.

You need to master the controls. At first, the tasks will look easy, and they are, but you need to make the right gestures for the tasks to be completed. 

As you complete the tasks, more tasks will unlock, and then some more in Ada Life. Finishing tasks will determine Nin’s mood gauge. The tasks range from giving Nin something basic to lighting fireworks. 

Ada Life - Task assigned
Picture: NYX Game

You can also domesticate a cat and let it follow you around when you are roaming around finishing tasks. You will need to feed the cat and play with it from time to time. There are multiple cats you can keep as pets and let them follow you around. 

As you scout and roam around the maps in Ada Life, the tasks will get difficult to complete. Difficult, not impossible. Also, if you lose track of Nin, you can always call her with the call sign, and she’ll run straight to you.

If she is upset and doesn’t come to you, then you can tap on the map and watch for her location. 

Ada Life - Task Completed
Picture: NYX Game

Make Use of the Tips

At every task, there is a tip that you can see if required. The tip sign is the usual bulb sign that you can press. Once pressed, a tip will pop up and suggest how to complete the said task. 

Ada Life - Task Tips
Picture: NYX Game

Make utmost use of the tips as they are free. The game will ask you to watch a video if you want to see a video tutorial of the tip, but that is normal. If you go to the tasks menu, beside every task, there is a green tip symbol. 

Ada Life - Tips
Picture: NYX Game

The tasks are easy, as we have said earlier, but even the easiest of tasks need some tip work because it is not a game that we are accustomed to playing regularly.

There is always a minute detail that gets left out during the completion of a task, and that is where tips help. 

Look Out for Nin’s Mood in Ada Life

There is a gauge on the top left-hand corner of the screen that indicates the mood of your virtual girlfriend, Nin. Keep checking Nin’s mood because that is the whole USP of the game. 

If you manage to keep Nin’s mood happy, then she will follow you around and be playful with you. If you call her anywhere, then she will respond to your calls and gestures.

To keep her happy, keep showering her with flowers from the backyard and finish the task that would make Nin happy. Her mood gauge will tilt towards happy. 

If you make Nin sad and angry, then that’s a whole different story. Nin will not respond to your calls and will not come toward you even if you call her. She will throw the flowers at your face if you offer her when she’s angry. 

Ada Life - Nin'd Mood
Picture: NYX Game

The tasks will become harder to complete if Nin is angry. The mood gauge has three levels – Mad, Normal, and Happy. Nin will follow your commands and respond to you when her mood is normal and happy. 

Nin will not respond to any of your commands or gestures when she is angry. So make sure you keep Nin happy most of the time. 

Ada Life - Tasks
Picture: NYX Game


Ada Life is a fun little game to pass your time with. The game is uncomplicated, easy to understand, and fun to play. Just know your way around the gestures and how to keep the mood of your virtual girlfriend in balance, and you are golden! 

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