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Honkai: Star Rail is getting two new 5-star characters in the upcoming 2.1 update, both revealed to be the mysterious Acheron and the classy Aventurine. While you might want to get both, many will likely end up with only one (maybe neither if straight-up unlucky).

So, it might be worth the time and investment to focus your attention on only one of them, especially for free-to-play (F2P) players with limited Star Rail Special Passes.

Who Should You Pull For?

Collaged combat images of Acheron and Aventurine from Honkai: Star Rail.
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Immediately following Sparkle‘s release in 2.0, the additions of Acheron and Aventurine bring tasty new gimmicks/ mechanics to the game, all exclusive to their unique abilities.

A swordmaster whose actions speak louder than words, Acheron is a strong damage dealer akin to the game’s first event-limited character, Seele, but with her kit specializing in splash Lightning damage.

On the other hand, Aventurine is more of a sustain/ tank generating shields to allies, which, in turn, prompt follow-up attacks due to his special Blind Bet stacks.

Both have very distinct playing styles, making it unfair to judge them on an apple-to-apple basis.

That being said, they share the same time-limited window for you to pull for them in version 2.1, with their Warp banners expected to be run back-to-back.

The short period inevitably forces you to pick one over the other, particularly if you’ve been saving your Special Passes or Stellar Jades for other returning character banners instead.

So, if you’re having trouble deciding who to pull for, let’s quickly review each character’s kit to determine who you should be getting in Honkai: Star Rail.


Acheron attacking an enemy using her Skill in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Despite being a Nihility character, Acheron’s kit aligns more with the Path of Destruction due to the unparalleled damage she can dish out via her empowered Skill and Ultimate.

This means she can be played almost as effectively as characters like Jingliu or Dan Heng (Imbibitor Lunae), and her Lightning element gives her the edge over Kafka or Jing Yuan in certain situations.

Still, she’s not all-powerful, as you can see below:

Pros And Cons



Unbelievable single-target damage
Path of Nihility’s first true burst-damage character
Has impressive area-of-effect (AoE) capabilities
Breaks enemies’ Toughness meter easily

Susceptible to cumulative enemy damages (requires constant protection/ healing)
Her Ultimate can be slow to recharge if Slashed Dream isn’t stacked frequently
She drains the team’s Skill Points (SP) quickly if not supplemented by the right support

If you can build her with the ideal gear sets and group her with outstanding supports, such as Sparkle or Silver Wolf, then Acheron can be one of the most broken characters in Honkai: Star Rail.

That being said, if your party already has other DPS-intensive heroes to choose from, you might have a harder time optimizing her gear or replacing another already-established mainstay on the team.


Aventurine's Ultimate in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

A high-ranking IPC member, Aventurine’s gameplay revolves around his Fortified Wager shields, safeguarding allies while accumulating stacks of Blind Bet upon every hit received.

His shields are tougher than the Physical Trailblazer’s or Gepard’s, but his kit doesn’t provide any HP-restoration effects, such as Fu Xuan’s.

So, while Aventurine helps diminish enemies’ threat during battle, you will still need someone like Natasha or Luocha for prolonged assaults. Overall, his strengths and weaknesses can be summed up as:

Pros And Cons



Creates party-wide shields, improving allies’ Effect Resistance too
Increasing his Defense (stat) directly enhances the damage of his Skill, Talent, and Ultimate
Consistently stacks Blind Bet thanks to shielded allies getting hit often (leads to more follow-up attacks)

Lacks AoE attacks against multiple enemies
Needs a dedicated group healer against end-game challenges
His Ultimate can be a hit-or-miss (RNG-based)

A key differentiator for considering Aventurine is his follow-up attacks’ potency. Due to how his Blind Bet works, they are guaranteed to stack every turn, leading to frequent follow-up attacks being triggered.

This is not accounting for his Ultimate yet, meaning you can set up Aventurine’s out-of-turn attacks a lot, increasing the team’s cumulative DPS.

Character Overviews

Acheron posing in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

Acheron and Aventurine are amazing characters in their own right, both integral to the game’s story and offering new ways to approach battles.

If you need more input regarding their abilities, here’s a side-by-side comparison for ease of reference:

*These may be subject to change at the developer’s discretion



Basic Attack

Deals normal Lightning Damage to a single target

Deals normal Imaginary Damage to a single target


Inflicts 1 stack of Crimson Knot and unleashes a strong Lightning attack on a single target, dealing minor damage to those adjacent
Gains 1 stack of Slashed Dream

Summons Fortified Wager shields to protect all allies


Ultimate is usable upon accumulating 9 stacks of Slashed Dream
Ultimate reduces the enemies’ Toughness and All-Type Resistance while being used
Whenever an ally inflicts a debuff on an enemy, Acheron gains 1 stack of Slashed Dream and inflicts 1 stack of Crimson Knot as well
Crimson Knot stacks are transferred to another enemy with the highest count if the primary target is defeated

Effect Resistance increases by 50% for all allies shielded by Fortified Wager

Generates 1 stack of Blind Bet when anyone with a shield is hit

Aventurine is immune to crowd-control (CC) effects when shielded (once per 2 turns)

When Blind Bet is at 7 stacks or higher, consumes 7 Blind Bet stacks to initiate a 7-hit follow-up attack


Activates Rainblade, dealing minor Lightning Damage to the target, removing up to 3 stacks of Crimson Knot
Removing stacks of Crimson Knot triggers additional Lightning Damage to all enemies, intensifying for each stack removed
Upon using Rainblade three times, immediately triggers Stygian Resurge, damaging all enemies while removing their Crimson Knot stacks, increasing the damage output

Instantly gains a random amount of Blind Bet stacks
Deals massive Imaginary Damage and inflicts Unnerved to the target enemy

As you can see, Acheron requires a bit of setup to maximize her tremendous DPS potential. Still, it can be done quite easily as long as you build the perfect team compositions around her, benefitting from the ridiculous carnage ensuing from her dangerous Ultimate.

Meanwhile, Aventurine’s gameplay is more direct and simple, making him a versatile option for various team synergies. His follow-up attacks are respectable too, with it being his most effective source of damage.

Character Specialties

Aventurine posing in Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

With Acheron and Aventurine’s kits now unmasked, it’s clear what their possible team roles and specialties are.

Keeping in mind how distinct Honkai: Star Rail’s character pool is, here’s how Acheron and Aventurine can be best used in battle:



The hyper-carry unit (the team’s focal damage dealer)

The sustain hero (prolonging allies’ survivability)
Offensive tank with DPS potential (via follow-up attacks)

Due to how specific Acheron’s kit is, she relies on her Slashed Dream effect to stack, letting her use her Ultimate frequently. Other than that, she doesn’t have anything else up her sleeve, meaning she should be the one defeating foes during battle.

Aventurine is much more stable because almost every party needs a tank or sustain, so he might be required more than Acheron on your team. Plus, he is harder to debilitate and boasts a commendable DPS ceiling due to how his follow-up attacks function.


Collaged image of Acheron and Aventurine from Honkai: Star Rail.
Photo: miHoYo

In Honkai: Star Rail, Acheron and Aventurine are both top-tier, 5-star characters, so getting either is still great for your in-game hero collection.

For actual, hands-on use, pulling for Acheron is highly recommended if you still don’t have a trustworthy carry on your team, including Weakness Break opportunists like Himeko.

If you don’t have a great tank or sustain, primarily those generating shields, recruiting Aventurine into your squad is the way to go. After all, very few characters can conjure shields in the game, and almost none come from the early-game 4-star units.

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