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Playoholic has been covering mobile games for almost a decade. You can read about our history on our about us page. Below, you will find information for all of our current team members who contribute to the content on Playoholic. By clicking on the image of the person, it will take you to all of their content.

Nivenka Stanton, Editor

Nivenka has been a passionate gamer for over 25 years! She was born in the era of Mario Bros and remembers having to fight off her three brothers for the remote. Her gaming preferences are very diverse, and she enjoys Kings Of Avalon, puzzle games, strategy games, and scary games.

She oversees all of the content published by the team at Playoholic and ensures it meets our strict quality guidelines. You can contact Nivenka here:

Miguel Rondian, Content Manager

Miguel discovered his passion for gaming when he was 7, on one stormy evening, when he chanced upon his aunts beating the ever-living daylight out of each other in Tekken 2. Between now and then, Miguel has pursued a career in professional gaming writing, working for sites like Game8, Lando E-Sports, and Coinpoint, before joining Playoholic as a content manager in early 2024.

Miguel works with our team and manages every topic and piece of content we publish, to ensure we are going in depth as possible for games we focus on.

You can reach out to Miguel here:

Al Baguio, Writer

Al is a dedicated RPG games enthusiast! She’s been immersed in titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail since their release. With nearly a decade of writing experience under her belt, before joining Playoholic, she’s contributed her skills to notable platforms, including wikiHow.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. By day, she embodies the role of a dedicated writer, and by night, seamlessly transitions into a fervent gamer.

Amirul Annuar, Writer

Amirul has been a writer for over 5 years, and in this time he has written for publications including EarlyGame, DualShockers, Hewlett-Packard, PC Player Hub, and WhatIfGaming. He holds a diploma in Business Administration. His favorite mobile game of all time is Epic Seven, and he leads a guild on it!

June Reyes, Writer

June got his first smartphone at 10 years old, and that’s when his passion and interest in mobile gaming started. He has written for FandomSpot, MasterNoobs, HardcoreiOS, and The Gamer. His favorite mobile game is Epic Seven, an amazing gacha ARPG. Outside of writing about gaming, he won a writing award for a fictional Patreon-project-turned-signed-novel.

Shahzaib Manzoor, Writer

Shahzaib has been playing mobile games now for over 10 years. He has written for the popular gaming site The Lost Gamer. His favorite mobile game of all time is Candy Crush Saga, and also loves Match-3 and Tower Defense games. Shahzaib also organizes and runs local mobile gaming tournaments in his local town and loves to meet other like-minded gamers.

Abdullah Iqbal, Writer

Ever since getting his first Android phone in 2013, Abdullah has been playing mobile games. 4 years ago, he became a mobile games writer and has since worked for publications including,, and Abdullah also used to play Call Of Duty Mobile at a competitive level and holds an Electrical Engineering degree.

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