About Playoholic

Our history

Founded in 2015 by Anurag Gosh, Playoholic has published helpful content for mobile games for the best part of a decade.

Our content ethos is to help newbie game players, this means all of our content is super in-depth, answers all of your questions, and leaves you able to play and succeed in whatever mobile game you want to play.

In 2023, Playoholic was acquired by Bigger Canopy and it’s our goal to be the world’s largest mobile gaming publication.

Playoholic today

Our goal is the same as when we started in 2015, our passionate team (which has gone from Anurag who founded the publication) to a team of 7 people covering popular mobile games in depth.

Led by our content manager Miguel Rondian, and Nivenka Stanton, our Editor, we bring you the latest content and guides for popular mobile games.

Meet our team

Our editorial team is based in 4 countries and everyone is a very passionate gamer.

Please check out our ‘Meet The Team‘ page to get to know the faces behind Playoholic.

If you would like to join our team, you can check for any open positions on our jobs page.

Playoholic FAQ

How to contact Playoholic?

We’re always eager to hear from our readers. If you have a comment or feedback on an article, feel to post a reply right in the article itself.  

If you want to share a tip with us, or reach out to us for any other reason, please visit our Contact Us page which contains multiple avenues of reaching us including our physical mailing address.

Who owns Playoholic?

Playoholic is owned by Bigger Canopy after it was acquired from the former owner, Anurag Gosh, in May 2023.

Bigger Canopy is a UK-based publishing investment company and was founded by Arran Rice. Arran is an internet entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of digital publishing for well over a decade, having founded multiple notable news websites, including Simple Flying, which was sold to Valnet Inc in December 2021.

Bigger Canopy trades under Arran Rice Media Limited. A UK limited company with the company number: 11588794.