A3: Still Alive Guide to Classes and Skills

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

If you are looking for a game like Black Desert Mobile, then you should download A3: Still Alive. It is an open world role-playing game from NetMarble. The game has a battle royale mode, soul linkers (battle partners) and various professions with distinctive play styles. Read our guide to know more about classes, skills and a unique way of choosing the best class:  

There are five professions in A3: Still Alive –  

A3: Still Alive Character Class
The Templar Class

Berserker: Attacks in close range. Has high DEF and ATK stats. Equipped with an axe, this melee attacker is swift-footed and rushes towards enemies to attack them.  

Wizard: The Wizard is one of two classes that engage in long-range combat, so if you are looking for a class that deals great damage to enemies from a distance, you can select the wizard. With High Crit damage and ATK stats, the wizard with her “Magical Rings” spares no one.  

Assassin: Wields a dagger, has high EVA (Evasion) and Crit damage stats and is another highly skilled close-range combatant that attacks enemies at breakneck speed. The assassin has some of the deadliest skills up his sleeve. He can use them to weaken enemies and then launch attacks.  

Templar: A strong tank with a very high HP and DEF stats. Perfect for those who would love to destroy enemies without taking much damage from them. His AoE skills can inflict massive damage to multiple enemies. The Templar wields a hammer and a shield.  

Archer: The second long-range class, archer can evade enemies and then fire multiple arrows to finish them off. With high accuracy (ACC) and ATK stats, she always hits the bullseye!  

Each class has its own advantages, which is why it is difficult to recommend a particular class. I would definitely go with the Templar as I always prefer a meat shield that inflicts high damage but takes less damage from enemies during combat. However, you may have your own choices. The best way to choose a class is to create try out five different characters, test their might and skills against ferocious monsters before zeroing in on the most effective class.  

In the next part of this guide, you will learn how to create all 5 classes and try them out one by one. You will also know how to get a sneak peek of each skill, which may help you decide the best class in A3: Still Alive.  

There are two ways:  

Once you have chosen a class or “profession” and created a character, close the app. Open the app again and tap on “change server”. There will be 12 servers, including the one already selected by you in which you created your first character.  

Select a new server to create another character.
Selecting a Server

Select a new server. You will be taken to the character creation screen, where you can choose another class. Select a class and create a character by following the same steps as you did for the first character. Note that choosing a new server for a new character creation will let you start your adventure from the beginning.  

To go back to the previous server, close the app and open again, tap on the previous server’s name to begin your adventure from where you left off. Progress of characters in each new server will be saved, so there’s no need to worry about resets.  

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Create Characters in the Same Server 

You can also create several classes in your current server and switch between them anytime you want. You won’t have to create another server as all classes can be accessed in the main or current server. Follow these steps:  

While playing, tap on the menu (hamburger icon) on the top-right corner of the screen.  

On the bottom of the screen, tap on the gear icon (Settings). 

Under “Settings” on the left side of the screen, scroll to the end and tap on “Account”.  

Press the “Change character” button. Tap “Confirm”.  

Change Character
Tap on Change Character

In the class selection screen, tap on another class. Select the one you would want to try out. Follow the onscreen prompts as you did when you selected the first class in the beginning. Start your new adventure with a new character.  

You can switch back to your previous character any time. Follow the above steps to change your character.  

You can create all five classes and switch between them any time using the above method.  

How to Preview Character Skills in A3: Still Alive

Now that you know how to create all five classes in A3: Still Alive, it’s time to test their skills. This will definitely help you decide the best class. You can either preview each skill or try them out against enemies once they are unlocked.  

Continue playing with the current character, turn on auto combat and keep completing quests to reach certain levels for unlocking skills one by one. Your character gains XP in his/her adventure (battles, quest completion etc.). You will unlock the first set of four skills up to level 8.  

The best way is to get a sneak peek of each unlocked/locked skill to know how effective they are for that particular selected class: 

Tap on the menu (hamburger icon) on the top-right corner of the screen.  

Tap on “Growth” > “Skill”  

Tap on “Preview Skill” 

You will see your selected character in action every tap you tap on a new skill on the right side of the screen.  

Don’t forget to check vital info about each skill on the left side of the screen. The info part shows the current level of the skill, damage/status effects if any, cooldown time etc.  

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