A Street Cat’s Tale: How to Carry Items

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

To upgrade the house, you will have to collect certain items and then go back to your shelter where jimmy is waiting for you. You will have to give all materials one by one to upgrade your shelter.  

If you are new to A Street Cat’s Tale, then you must be wondering how to carry items and give them to jimmy or any other NPC. The steps are very simple:  

Move to an object until the paw symbols appears. Objects containing items are: trashcans, moving boxes, flower garden and broken bottles. You may also steal some materials from the fish shop and the old woman’s shop. Please note that stealing will decrease intimacy levels with humans and animals guarding the shops. The intimacy bar decreases by a few points each time you steal from any one of these shops.  

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Tap on the paw icon over the object. You will see the material’s symbol above the cat. This means the kitty is now carrying the item with her. Don’t tap on the material icon above her head.  

Kitten carrying rat, which she will give to Jimmy.
With the item’s icon above the kitten, she is ready to give it to Jimmy

Make sure it’s the same material’s symbol as demanded by jimmy. You can take a note of a list of materials while conversing with jimmy.  

Now move to Jimmy and tap on the paw icon over him. He will remind you of the materials you will need to collect. Follow the prompts and just tap on give materials to give that item to him.  

You can check whether jimmy has accepted your items by tapping on him again. You will notice that the required number of the same item (if there are multiples of that item) will be reduced by one.  

You can also watch this gameplay video to know how to carry items: 

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For example: If Jimmy wants 3 banana peels, 2 bones, 1 fish bone and 2 rats, you will have to find all items and give them to jimmy one by one to upgrade the house.  

As you explore the city and if you find a banana peel inside a trash can, follow the steps mentioned in this guide and go back to Jimmy to give him the banana peel.  

After giving the item to him, tap on jimmy again and follow the prompts on the screen. You will notice that the number of banana peels have been reduced to 2 now. You will have to find 2 more peels to reduce the number to zero. In this way, you will have to find other materials, until all of them have been given to Jimmy and only then you can upgrade the house.