A Street Cat’s Tale Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

A Street Cat’s Tale is a moving story of an orphaned kitten struggling to survive the streets of a busy city. Soon after her mom is injured in a road accident and rescued by humans to an unknown location, the kitten tries her best to stay alive all on her own.  

A Street Cat's Tale

As she explores the world, she will meet humans and animals, some friendly, others hostile. You will have to help the kitten survive the harsh environment, scavenge for food, make friends with strangers and help her grow up before it’s too late.  

Getting Started 

After mommy cat gets injured in a car crash, her poor kitten finds it difficult to survive the city streets. You will have to help her scavenge for food, shelter, make new friends and stay alive. As you explore the city, you will come across various characters. You can interact with them to gain intimacy and discover endings of each NPC.  

To gain intimacy, you will have to do various tasks, ranging from simply interacting with them (acting friendly) to giving gifts. You may also have to complete a set of tasks for them to increase intimacy levels.  Check out our guide to know more about interactions, intimacy and endings:  

On the top of the screen are three bars – Health Bar (Green), Hunger Bar (Red) and the Day/Night Cycle Bar (Blue).  

Check the health, hunger and day/night bar on top of the screen
Check all three gauges on the top of the screen

Your kitty’s health bar shows her current health. Once it reduces to zero, it’s game over. She loses health points when she gets hit by a car, consumes food which are bad for health or poisonous or when her hunger bar is reduced to zero.  

The red hunger bar shows the kitten’s current hunger level. It decreases by one point each second, so make sure you find food for her regularly to ensure the bar does not go lower than 50 percent. Don’t eat food such as fish bones, bones, banana peels or food waste. While eating leftovers increases the hunger bar, the green health bar will decrease.  

If the hunger bar is reduced to zero, it will start affecting the health bar and it will start losing one point every three seconds. The screen will start to flash once the points countdown on the health bar hits 10.  

The blue bar is the day/night cycle bar. As day goes by, the yellow dot (sun) on the blue bar will slowly move to the right. The environment gets a little bit darker when the yellow dot is in the middle of the blue bar. Night time arrives when the dot moves completely to the right side of the gauge.  

When the dot slides to the darker area of the day/night gauge, you will see a warning message – “It’s getting dark”. This message suggests that you should go back to the shelter to take rest.  

The kitty will automatically fall asleep when the dot moves to the extreme right of the blue bar. She will then wake up at the same spot, but her health and food bars will be decreased. To avoid this, you will have to move the kitten to the shelter.  

Kitten sleeping in her cat shelter actually boosts her health and hunger and you will see them increase a bit when she wakes up. When the kitten sleeps, the game pauses for 5 minutes. You can speed up this cooldown time and wake up instantly by watching an advert.  

The kitten shelter is located at the same place which was shown in the beginning intro. You will find this shelter next to Jimmy, the cat inside the cardboard box.   

Interactive objects, such as trash cans, will display a paw symbol when the kitten moves closer to them. Tap on the paw symbol to interact. NPCs or non-player characters, such as humans and animals, will have a callout above them along with a paw icon.  

Wait for the paw icon to appear before interacting with an object.

If you want to feed the kitten, move to an object and tap on the paw icon. Next, tap on the food item icon above the kitten. A small window will be displayed on the screen. You can “drop” that item (in case it’s not fit for consumption/poisonous) or eat it. Tap on the “Eat” button to consume it and you will the hunger bar increase a bit.  

Now that you know how to play A Street Cat’s Tale, you can start reading our guide to get some tips and strategies on how to stay alive for a long time.  

Choose Movement Controls Wisely 

There are two modes of control – Joystick and Tap mode. You can switch to a control mode of your choice any time via settings, which is the gear icon on the top of the screen.  

Select Joystick Mode

While you can select any control mode that fits your play style, I would recommend the joystick mode. In tap mode, you will find it harder to control the kitten, especially while crossing the street. Plus, there might be a bit of path-finding issues while moving around objects.  

With joystick mode selected, it will be much easier to traverse from one point to another.  I found movement controls very easy with the joystick mode turned on as I faced very few accidents on the streets.  

Upgrade the Kitten House to Increase Attributes  

At first, the kitten house will be very basic. You can find the kitty house next to Jimmy, the cat trapped in a box. When the kitten rests in her tiny cardboard house, she regains some of her health and hunger levels.  

You can upgrade the kitten’s house using certain materials. You can get a list of materials from “Jimmy”, the cat wearing a cardboard box.

Go to Jimmy and tap on the paw icon on him, follow the prompts on the screen until you see a list of materials needed to level up the house.  

Get materials demanded by Jimmy
Materials required for upgrading the kitten’s house

Upgrading the kitten house has a few advantages. Once your house is leveled up, it increases health, hunger, your cat’s movement speed and conversation/interaction attempts.  

With an upgraded house, both hunger and health levels increase more than before once your kitten finishes resting at her house. The hunger and health gauge’s limit also increase every time you upgrade a house. You can upgrade a house three times.  

You will have to explore the city to collect materials required for upgrading the house. Materials can be found in trash cans, flower patches, broken glass bottles and moving cardboard boxes.  

However, you may want to know how to carry materials and give them to Jimmy. Well, we have written a small guide that explains how to do this:  

Don’t Cross Against the Light 

While exploring, you will have to cross the street to move to the other side. You must avoid being hit by a moving car as vehicles travel around the city at a very high speed. The best way to avoid an accident is to wait until the traffic signal turns green.

Wait for the green signal to cross the street.

Make sure you wait closer to traffic signaling devices on the footpath and try not to cross roads that do not have these devices. Also try to use the zebra crossing as cars slow down a bit and stop at the crossing when the signal turns green.  

How to Get Feathers 

In A Street Cat’s Tale, feathers are quest items and they can be found closer to pigeons.  

Get feathers near pigeons

You can find pigeons next to the boss cat. You can start collecting feathers once a quest is available from an NPC.  

List of Items that you get from Objects 

Objects such as trash cans, boxes and flowers contain items that can either be used to upgrade the house, complete quests/give gifts to NPCs or can be used to feed the kitten.  

Here’s a list of items you will obtain from these objects:  

Trashcan: Leftover fish, fish bone, bone, banana peel, food waste. You can interact with the trashcan one-three times to obtain any of these items.  

Moving cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes are scattered all over the city. These boxes move a bit. While there is a high chance of obtaining rats from these boxes, you may also obtain other items, such as the banana peel.  

You can obtain glass pieces from bottles lying on the ground.  

Flowers can be obtained from bushes. The sway against the wind.   

Note that you can interact with some objects more than once. Keep interacting until the paw icon is no longer available over an object. Most objects refill over time and also the next in-game day after the kitten wakes up.  

List of Items not fit for eating:  

  • Fish bone 
  • Bone 
  • Banana Peel 
  • Food Waste 
  • Glass piece 

The above items will fill the hunger gauge, but will reduce the kitten’s health bar. You may consume a few of them if the hunger gauge is very low, but the health bar is above 50 percent. This will surely give some boost to the hunger bar, but keep in mind that the health bar will decrease. Note that when the hunger bar is empty, it starts affecting your health bar.  

How to get a Band-Aid and Gloves 

Band-aid and gloves are A Street Cat’s Tale’s quest items. You will have to give them to humans to increase intimacy levels. The intimacy gauge increases each time to give humans items which they like or need the most.  

Get gloves from doggo's stall

You can obtain band-aid and gloves from the Doggo’s stall. This stall is in the far-right corner of the street. The screenshot above shows the location of the stall.

Tap on the stall and then tap “Yes” if you want to steal items from the stall. Note that stealing an item from stalls decreases the intimacy level with the human. You may have to fill the intimacy gauge again by interacting with a human, acting friendly or giving gift to him/her to fill the intimacy gauge again.  

  1. I have tried to get the band aid by stealing it but I have only been able to get gloves

    1. @Mj, the girl that always sits near a pool or whatever its called, she gives you the band-aid after she asks if your friends (the kitten’s) bully her

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