999th Hero Guide, Tips and Tricks

Charles Judd
999th Hero

The balance between undemanding battles and riveting character management of 999th Hero makes it a good choice both for fans of the idle genre and those just starting out in the category.

Whether you’re a newbie or have been playing 999th Hero for a while but want to dive deeper into it, this guide that features tips and tricks for the pocket RPG is perfect for you.

999th Hero - Intro

Idle Battle Controls

If you’ve ever played Netmarble’s Seven Knights, you will find the battle mechanics similar. However, you don’t manage a team of characters in 999th Hero. Your avatar fights alone, but controlling it won’t be very stressful.

Manual attacks are automatic. You can tap and hold the screen to direct movement, but this is optional, as your protagonist will charge the nearest enemy on its own.

Auto combat

Below the screen is a lineup of your skills. You must select one to activate it. You can also press the Auto button on the bottom right side of the screen to automate skills and fight hands-free.

Stats and Talent Growth

Below your skills is a menu of essential hero management options. On the left-most corner is the Growth panel, where you can pay with coins to upgrade ATK, HP, DEF, and CRI DMG in the Stats section.

Stats section

These basic stats, plus other advanced prowess, can be further boosted in the Talent section. Here, you will pay with Talent Stones, which can be obtained every time your 999th Hero goes up one level.

The third section of the Growth panel, Class Up, features skins that provide permanent stat improvements. However, you must first reach a stage checkpoint and defeat an exclusive boss to Class Up.

Class Up achieved

Merging and Upgrading Gear

You can acquire gear via summoning, like in S Class Heroine or Genshin Impact. You can do so by going to the Shop above the Auto button.

Summon Gear and Skill

All summoned equipment is located in the Gear panel. The Merge All button will combine lower-grade items to form a superior one. The best gear to use is those at the bottom parts of your arsenal.

Tap your sword or armor that’s at the panel’s lowest portions, and select Equip. You can also click the level-up button to use Upgrade Stones and fortify your gear.

Managing Skills in 999th Hero

You can only choose six skills for battle, but you can have up to ten skill presets for different opponent types. It’s useful to have separate presets for regular combat and boss fights.

Boss fight

Similar to gear, skills can be obtained through summoning and being equipped. And like gear, the best skills are at the bottom of the panel. The further down you scroll, the more OP abilities you’ll find. Of course, they will be rare to get.

Upgrading skills requires Skill Books. When you make enough upgrades and have sufficient material, you can perform Awakening to invigorate your abilities.

Skill Awakening

999th Hero Item Collections

You can accumulate four types of items in the Collection panel: Relics, Emblems, Skins, and Artifacts. Skins can be attained through Class Up, as previously mentioned, and Artifacts won’t be available until stage 14-6.

Relics are the first items you will pile up. You can secure a relic, which you can later sell for good value, by slaying enough monsters on a stage. Try not to move to the next stage until your current stage’s relic is unlocked.

Stage 1-1 relic unlocked

Emblems are another way to raise your stats. You can earn these upgradable pieces once you unlock the Emblem Boss. Special bosses, as well as towers, can be accessed in the Area panel.


999th Hero has almost everything you’d want from an idle adventure game. It has the right amount of features, and hopefully, this guide helped you be more familiar with all of them.

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