9 Of The Best Games Like Vampire Survivors

Nivenka Stanton
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Vampire Survivors is a survival RPG game, one of the best games to play if you enjoy fast-paced action games, and was developed by Poncle. This game is available to download for free from the Play Store.

The ultimate goal is as the name suggests, to survive! With waves of enemies attacking you, use the buffs and all the skills you earn to survive, and win the various levels.

In this article, we will take a look at 9 of the best games similar to Vampire Survivors, and dive into a few features.

Find the full gameplay guide here.

1. IMAE Guardian Girl

IMAE Guardian Girl is one of the best games to consider if you enjoyed Vampire Survivors, developed by Wondersquad, and is available to download HERE.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad


  • Face off against enemies
  • Find memory fragments and use these to make your character stronger
  • Various skills enable you to progress further
  • Weapons and armor enable you to boost your stats
  • Survive various levels and areas
  • Huge rewards available

Full the gameplay guide here.

2. Survivor.io

Survivor.io is another one of the best games we can recommend, developed by Habby, and is available to download here.


  • Face off against monsters
  • Various skills to use
  • Equip yourself for battle
  • New level difficulties

Full gameplay guide here.

Photo: Habby

3. Magic Survival

Magic Survival was developed by Korean developers LEME. Available to download here.


  • Survive hordes of enemies that attack in waves
  • Use your spells and magic to help defeat them
  • Play various levels

Full game guide here.

4. Souls

Developed by Habby, Souls is another one of the best games to play. Download here.


  • Unique Heroes
  • Strategy – Use your skills to defeat enemies
  • Exciting levels – Move on up to explore various levels

Full game guide here.

Photo: Habby

5. Brotato

Brotato, developed by Erabit Studios, is available to download here.


  • Auto fire weapons
  • Various characters available
  • Survive waves of enemies
  • Boss fights

6. Spirit Trials

Developed by Unibyte Studios, Spirit Trials can be downloaded here.

Spirit Trials
Photo: Unibyte Studios


  • Fast-paced and engaging combat
  • Spectacular boss fights
  • Loot, craft, and equip powerful items
  • Upgrade & evolve items to make them stronger
  • Variety of landscapes
  • Easy controls and auto-casting spells
  • Multiple heroes with unique starting spells

7. Pickle Pete

Pickle Pete is one of the best games out there, developed by Frojo Apps, this roguelike game is available to download here.


  • Boss fights
  • Various game modes
  • Easy mechanics
Pickle Pete
Photo: Frojo Apps

8. Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom is available to download here, and was developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC.


  • Three unique weapons
  • Boss fights
  • Arcade action game with various strategies to use

Full game guide here.

    9. Heroes vs Hordes

    Our final game on the list of best games like Vampire Survivors, was developed by SWIFT GAMES, and is available to download here.


    • Powerful upgrades
    • Upgrade talents
    • New enemies to discover
    Heroes vs Hordes
    Photo: SWIFT GAMES

    Wrapping It Up!

    What do all of these games have in common and what makes them the best games similar to Vampire Survivors? They all have rogue-like gameplay, and fast-paced action!

    If you’re a gamer that enjoys these types of games, these games are a must-try!

    Feel free to download them from the Play Store by clicking on the links, and to our fellow gamers, happy gaming!

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