8 Beginner Tips – AFK Journey (AFK2)

June Reyes
8 Beginner Tips - AFK Journey (Featured Image)

Listed below are eight specialized tips for beginners in AFK Journey that you should follow to give your new account a massive head-start.

Read more to learn how to take full advantage of a few in-game mechanics, things you should do to optimize your account’s growth, and how to use certain resources more efficiently!

Eight Best Tips For Beginners In AFK Journey

Prioritize Getting Five “Main” Heroes And Their Duplicates

Hands of Resonance heroes - AFK Journey

In AFK Journey, having all S-Class heroes will do your account very little good if none of them have ascended to higher tiers, especially once you get into the late game. 

Achieving higher Ascension Tiers gives a hero more skills, which is necessary to unleash their full potential.

Ascending a hero to higher Ascension Tiers requires their Soul Sigils—an item that you can only get by either obtaining their duplicates from Recruitments and events or buying the sigils straight from Emporium shops.

Hero Ascension to Mythic (Cecia) - AFK Journey

The more high-tier heroes you have, the better you’ll do in the long run. This is exactly why as a beginner, you should choose around five heroes at most that you’d like to focus on first, then put them on your Wishlist and buy their Soul Sigils from Emporium stores.

Of course, you should still always work with what you have, so feel free to make adjustments to your first five “main” heroes anytime depending on what other heroes you manage to get a lot of duplicates of from Recruitment banners or other sources!

Optimize Your Team-Building By Checking Factions & Roles

Hero Factions & team bonuses (highlighted) - AFK Journey

As you can see in the image above, your heroes get more ATK and HP bonuses the more heroes of the same Faction are deployed.

Moreover, there are six Factions in the game and four of them have a different Faction that they’re either weak or strong against in combat:

All Hero FactionsStrong Against (+15% Damage)Weak Against (-15% Damage)

This is why when you’re going against new enemy team comps, always check if you’d do better with a team whose members predominantly belong to one faction, or if your DPS units should be replaced because of their faction weakness.

Also note that Celestial and Hypogean heroes count as heroes from any faction, making them a great addition to almost any team in AFK Journey—if you manage to get enough copies of them. 

You can get Celestial and Hypogean heroes mainly from the Arena Shop, and again, we advise beginners to focus on buying only one of these heroes’ Soul Sigils so you can Ascend them more easily.

Invest Your Acorns Wisely

Omni-Acorn usage prompt - AFK Journey

Acorns are used for increasing the Ascension Tiers of S-Level heroes and are divided into two types:

  • Omni-Acorns can be used to ascend heroes from any faction.
  • Faction Acorns can be used to ascend heroes from one faction.

If you’re a beginner, you’d most likely get a big influx of Acorns from your Recruitment pulls, as Recruitment Banners are among the best sources of Acorns. 

Do not waste them by using them on just any S-Level hero you get, especially your Omni-Acorns! 

Instead, figure out which few S-class heroes are the best for your “main” team and invest your acorns in them exclusively—at least until they get to Mythic+ Ascension Rank.

Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

Vala's Rate Up Banner - AFK Journey

As a beginner, the best Recruitment Banner to spend your hard-earned Diamonds on is the Rate Up Recruit Banner and not the All Hero Banner.

If you really want to optimize your pulls as a newbie, then you should either pull on the current Rate-Up Banner or save your Diamonds for the next one if you don’t like the featured hero. 

The image below shows a comparison between the rates of the Rate Up Recruitment Banner and the All Hero Recruitment Banner:

Rates comparison (Rate Up Banner vs All Hero Banner) - AFK Journey

As you can see, not only does the Rate Up Recruitment Banner guarantee one preferred S-Level hero appearing instead of a random one from your Wishlist when an Epic hero is pulled, but it also gives you Omni-Acorns.

Sure a case can be made that All Hero Recruitment Banner pulls are cheaper (2,700 Diamonds vs 3,000 Diamonds for 10x Pulls), but Omni-Acorns are just more valuable than Faction Acorns in the long run. 

Use only your Invite Letters on the All Hero Recruitment banner, but feel free to spend a few Diamonds on the Guild Store for the Invite Letter with the -30% discount that’s sold daily.

Clear AFK Stages & Daily Quests Consistently

All Daily Quests cleared - AFK Journey

Even early on, it would be good to make a habit of clearing Daily Quests consistently, as they’re among the few reliable sources of Hero Essences, A-Level Soulstones, and Diamonds.

These Daily Quests aren’t that hard to clear even on your first day of playing, so get on completing them as soon as you start playing AFK Journey!

Auto Battle in AFK Stages - AFK Journey

The same goes with your AFK Stages, because the more Auto Battles you’ve cleared, the more AFK resources you can claim. Ideally, you should attempt to clear AFK Stages multiple times a day, or at least every time your heroes get a power-up as a new player.

Remember, not clearing the highest AFK Stage you can on any specific day will make you miss out on tons of Hero Essences, Gold, and Equipment in the long run, so start knocking as many of them down in the early game!

Switch Up Your Heroes’ Positioning Before Battle

Hero selection and positioning in combat - AFK Journey

If you find yourself having trouble beating a specific boss fight, PVP opponent, or AFK Stage, just remember to try changing the positions of your heroes before trying again.

After all, positioning is one of the biggest factors in combat for auto-battlers like AFK Journey, and moving your heroes just a few tiles around may help you easily win battles you previously seemed to struggle with.

This is because positioning affects enemy aggro, your heroes’ targeting, and even your heroes’ Ultimate Skill range for fights that strictly use Auto Skill—all of which should be optimized if you want to win increasingly harder battles, especially in the late game.

When In Doubt, Use The Growth Path Quests As A To-Do List

Growth Path quests - AFK Journey

If you have no clue what to do first as a beginner, feel free to visit our Beginner’s Guide for AFK Journey. It shows you every task that all new players should prioritize and gives you more general knowledge and tips about the game!

But if you want a simple, short-term guideline to follow, then looking up your Growth Path missions and clearing them should point you in the right direction.

It’s also one of the very few sources of Epic Invite Letters for beginners, so go ahead and use this feature to your advantage!

Give Your Heroes Gifts For Free Items

Affinity icon (highlighted) - AFK Journey

One feature that most beginners may overlook is the Affinity System, which rewards you with valuable items and hero background entries whenever you increase your affinity with a specific hero.

You can do this by clicking the “Affinity” button at the upper-right side of a hero’s character page—as shown in the image above.

Cecia's Affinity page - AFK Journey

From here, you can give a variety of Affinity-boosting items to increase your chosen hero’s Affinity. You can buy Affinity-boosting items from the Friendship Store in exchange for Pal-stones, so remember to add plenty of active friends to farm them!

We recommend getting as many heroes as you can to 1,300 Affinity, which gives you 1 Invite Letter and 100 Diamonds for every hero. This should help you get plenty of hero recruits!


And that’s about it! Use everything that you’ve learned here to play AFK Journey more efficiently and avoid pitfalls that can stall your account’s growth as a beginner. 

Now, if you want to see more beginner-friendly info about AFK Journey, go ahead and read How to Reroll in AFK Journey (AFK2) and How to Get Stronger Fast – AFK Journey (AFK2)!

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