7 Of The Best Escape Room Games – Android – April 2024

Charles Judd

If you love anything thriller and mystery, the escape room genre may not sound new to you. There are so many mobile games centered around the concept right now, but not all of them can satisfy every puzzle-hungry mind. Here are seven of the best escape room games for Android that surely won’t disappoint you.

Photo: Glitch Games

1. The Room

    Fireproof Games introduced a classic when they released The Room with its old-school mystery vibes and innovative ways to solve problems. Don’t forget the striking graphics that can easily get anyone hooked.

    The game usually makes you analyze and unlock sophisticated contraptions to proceed to the next room or level. This formula helped the franchise become an entire series that’s overall very successful.

    Photo: Fireproof Games

    2. The House of Da Vinci

    As the title suggests, this game from Blue Brain Games takes you to the abode of the peculiar Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s filled with his crafty inventions, artworks, plans, easter eggs, and more.

    Photo: Blue Brain Games

    It has similarities to The Room, but instead of just focusing on deciphering one item per level, you explore a whole room to find obscure stuff that would let you discover whatever is hidden in The House of Da Vinci.

    3. Cube Escape Collection

    Currently, there are about ten games in the Cube Escape series. All of them are amazing, but if you don’t know which one to pick, download the Cube Escape Collection.

    Photo: Rusty Lake

    This addition to the Rusty Lake universe features nine Cube Escape games that are all known for their surrealistic horror stylization. They all have simple point-and-click controls, but the gameplay is satisfying for detective minds.

    4. Faraway 4

    Snapbreak is a studio that focuses on pumping out escape games, and one of, if not the best product, they put out is Faraway 4: Ancient Escape.

    It stands out on this list because it doesn’t technically put you in an escape room. Still, the other boxes are checked. The puzzles are also relatively accessible, so it’s great if you can’t spend too much time playing.

    Photo: Snapbreak

    5. The Birdcage

    Speaking of non-traditional escape room games, you shouldn’t sleep on The Birdcage from MobiGrow. Instead of a room, you have to escape from, you guessed it, a birdcage.

    However, these aren’t ordinary birdcages. They are filled with head-scratchers that you must figure out to find a key and set birds free.

    Photo: MobiGrow

    6. Escape From the Shadows

    Darkdome has recently been making waves in the mystery game category with highly acclaimed works like Haunted Laia, Nowhere House, Another Shadow, and more.

    Set in the same universe, Escape From the Shadows is one game you won’t regret playing. It has a solid 5-star average rating on the Play Store, so that should speak for itself.

    Photo: Darkdome

    7. Tiny Room Stories

    Tiny Room Stories from Kiary Games lets you play as a private investigator in a small town that’s completely empty. Your job is to find out what happened.

    You travel to different locations or rooms in the area to uncover the truth while sharpening your analytical abilities. The game has unique 3D navigation, so make sure you use that fully.

    Photo: Kiary Games


    The escape room games above are very effective in helping you exercise problem-solving skills. Choose one that piques your interest, and see if your brain can handle it.

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