7 Best Games Like Match Masters

Anurag Ghosh
Games like Match Masters
Best games like Match Masters

There are tons of match-3 puzzle games on the Google Play Store. Most of them are downright boring and repetitive. I mean if you are stuck at level 783 in a candy-matching game and are trying your best to beat it, then I doff my hat to your perseverance.

Unending levels can really get on your nerves! Fortunately, not all match-3 games are monotonous. There are quite a few games that try something different, offering new challenges, combining puzzles with city-building and RPG genres and incorporating boss battles to puzzles.

Multiplayer match-3 puzzlers are quite a rage nowadays, thanks to Match Masters! Developer Candivore created a fast-paced game that lets you battle online players to win trophies and cool rewards. They have actually managed to turn a simple tile matching puzzle game into an intense PvP game that features multiplayer battles in real-time.

There are a few good games like Match Masters that offer real-time PvP battles. Some of these games take puzzle battles to a whole new level. Check them out:

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