50 Tiny Room Escape Guide and Walkthrough

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50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

50 Tiny Room Escape – A puzzle game in which you will find yourself in rooms without knowing what is going on or how you got there, and you will find out the answers as you move through the levels.

You’ll face a variety of puzzles, code locks, questions, and tasks that you’ll need to solve to crack open each door.

To open doors you will need things that will be hidden in the most odd places, or locked in boxes with a password.

The levels are made in 3D style, which can and should be turned to study them from a different angle.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

The 50 Tiny Room Escape world looks like tiny displays . Your main goal is to get out of the room any way you can.

If you are stuck and can not pass any of the levels, you can use the tips, or watch the guide of the game 50 Tiny Room Escape.

50 Tiny Room Escape – Walkthrough

The walkthrough for 50 Tiny Room Escape serves as a thorough guide to help players beat obstacles and move through the game.

It offers step-by-step answers and descriptions for 5 levels, ensuring that players can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable 50 Tiny Room Escape experience.

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Level 1: Perception

Peter is trapped in the first room, and will remain stuck in the next ten rooms, then Camille will take over.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

Rotate the room and switch on the light above the bed for better visibility and to locate clues.

There are two secret cards hidden in this room. Refer to the photo below for their locations.

To escape, click on the armchair, remove the pillow, and find a key hidden in the closet.

Use the key to unlock the safe behind the clothes in the closet, and retrieve the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which contains the first part of the door code.

Find a telescope in the first drawer under the shelves and use it to see stars in the required pattern to light the candles on the shelves.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

This reveals a hidden compartment with a glass bottle containing the second part of the code. Enter code 1953 at the door to escape. Many more rooms await.

Level 2: Youth

Retrieve the hidden cards and the cassette player from the depicted locations.

The player needs fixing. Firstly, get the screwdriver from the shelf above the bed to open it.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

Insert two missing batteries found in the alarm clock and the left desk drawer. Then, locate the tape in the trash can.

Play the tape for dance pad instructions beneath the bed. Input the sequence: left, right, up, up, down, left.

Retrieve one key half; the other is in a locked box in the right bottom desk drawer.

Solve the Rubik’s cube for the box pattern. Combine the key halves to unlock the door and escape.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

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Level 3: The Call

The key to escaping lies beneath the third couch cushion, but you need a passcode.

The wallpaper on the phone reveals figurines on the mantlepiece, each with a number underneath. Arrange these numbers as shown in the photo: 5341.

Unlock the phone, access the smart home app, and send the robot cleaner to its base.

Atop the cleaner is the TV remote. Turn on the TV to find static. Count the stripes on the window blinds: 243.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

Input this number using the remote to reveal a phone number on the TV. Call it to exit the room.

Level 4: Gambling

Discover the hidden card locations above. Now, locate the five-star pieces on the card table to proceed.

Refer to the image below for their positions. Assemble them into the star shape to acquire a door handle from the grandfather clock.

Set the clock to the lucky time indicated and retrieve a gem. Insert it into the owl on the shelves behind the table.

Observe the owl’s eye movements to determine the book pressing order: left, up, right, down, up, right.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

Once done, a painting will lift, revealing a safe. The passcode is derived from the picked cards: 7, 10, K, A (Poker ranks), thus the code is 8, 4, 3, 6.

Retrieve the key from the safe to unlock the door.

Level 5: Heat it up

Rooms in 50 Tiny Room Escape are becoming more complex and dangerous now, with a fire hindering your escape.

Before tackling the fire, it’s essential to locate the secret cards.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

Unlock the gate padlock by matching four numbers to geometrical shapes: triangle, circle, square, circle, giving the code 3154.

Use a hammer to open the sewer hatch and shut off the gas leak to extinguish the fire.

Once the fire is out, cool off the chair with water from a bucket.

Retrieve a glow stick from under the vent by placing the chair beneath it.

Toss the glow stick into the sewer drain to find a pipe piece, which helps open the door for your escape.

50 Tiny Room Escape
Photo: Kiary Games ltd

Final Thoughts

50 Tiny Room Escape offers exciting tasks, from reading codes to solving complex puzzles.

With realistic 3D levels and secret things, each room presents a unique escape task.

Whether depending on tips or walkthroughs, players can travel through 50 Tiny Room Escape difficulties for a thrilling experience. Escape if you can!

Get ready for a journey on both Android and iOS with 50 Tiny Room Escape!

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