5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO

John Alem Ramos
5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO

Hey there, fellow property tycoons! Welcome to the dazzling universe of MONOPOLY GO by Scopely – where the classic board game transforms into a mobile sensation, captivating millions of players worldwide!

Get ready for a global gaming fiesta with MONOPOLY GO’s live-service-oriented gameplay modes. Connect and play with friends from every corner of the globe, all while indulging in a truly capitalist experience.

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Intro
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Build, rent, conquer – become the ultimate net worth guru, and all of this magic happens right on your trusty mobile device.

Now, buckle up because, in this MONOPOLY GO article, we’re about to drop some game-changing tips and tricks. Follow these strategies, and you’ll be rolling in more free dice and a fatter wallet in no time.

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Intro 2
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Remember, MONOPOLY GO is a marathon, not a one-time sprint. So, grab your virtual top hat, and let’s dive into these tips!

MONOPOLY GO Tip #1: Activate Shields Promptly

For new players, Shields might seem like the cool accessories of the game, but truth be told, they’re your knights in shining armor against rival players eyeing your empire. If someone dares to land on a Shut Down spot where your buildings stand tall, it’s Shield-up time, my friend!

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Shields
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You can hoard up to 3 Shields, but they won’t magically refill on their own. You’ve got to land on those Shield tiles scattered on the board to stock up. There are a maximum of 2 Shields on the board at any given time, so keep your eyes peeled and grab ’em when you can!

When the arrows of attack start flying, your Shields kick in automatically, covering all your precious buildings. With a Shield in action, the damage you take drops by a solid 50%, and to add insult to injury, you slash the attacker’s earnings by half. It’s like having a fortress around your hard-earned empire!

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Shields 2
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So, don’t be a Shield hoarder – activate them promptly and let your empire stand tall. Your virtual kingdom thanks you!

MONOPOLY GO Tip #2: Use Auto-Rolls Wisely

MONOPOLY GO spoils you with the nifty option to auto-roll the dice – just hold that button down, and watch the dice work their magic.

It’s like a virtual spectacle, triggering different events in one smooth move. And guess what? You’re the director – you can stop the show whenever you fancy!

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Auto Roll
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Now, here’s the insider scoop – don’t go all-in on auto-rolling. Yes, it’s a time-saver, especially for the newbies diving into the game. But, and it’s a big but, use it wisely. Why, you ask? Because you might find yourself behind bars (and not the fun, monopoly money kind).

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Auto Roll 2
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Keep those eagle eyes on the board, especially when you’re tiptoeing toward the Jail corner. Opt for manual rolls at those crucial crossroads to avoid unexpected detours. It’s all about strategic rolling in the electrifying world of MONOPOLY GO! 

MONOPOLY GO Tip #3: Build & Upgrade Landmarks

MONOPOLY GO is like a turbo-charged real estate game where the big bucks roll in with every building and landmark you own. It’s the secret sauce – the more you invest, the more cash rains down on you over time.

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Landmark
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So, channel your inner tycoon vibes and splash that hard-earned cash into building and upgrading those fabulous landmarks. Every city and location is a gold mine of landmarks waiting for a strategic player like you to claim them.

Sure, the entry fee might make your virtual wallet break a sweat, but trust me, the returns are as sweet as winning a virtual lottery. And here’s the cherry on top – shield your investments with those trusty Shields we chatted about earlier.

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Landmark 2
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Watch in awe as your net worth skyrockets, all thanks to your growing portfolio of buildings and landmarks.

And guess what? A plumper net worth means more dice rolls and unlocks new features. It’s a wealth-building extravaganza – and who’s the star of the show? You, my friend, are the VIP guest of honor! 

MONOPOLY GO Tip #4: Dive into Mini-Games

Don’t let the word “mini” fool you – these games are like hidden treasure chests, overflowing with extra moolah! So, whenever you’ve got a breather or need a little break from the main hustle, dip your toes into these mini-games. 

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Mini Game
Photo: Scopely

Consider them the casual side gig of MONOPOLY GO, and guess what? They come with the golden opportunity to score jackpots, giving your overall earnings a delightful boost.

The best part? Most of these mini-games are a breeze, offering sweet rewards just for joining the party. It’s like getting a treat for having a blast – who can say no to that?

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Mini Game 2
Photo: Scopely

Now, here’s the real magic – the money you rake in from these mini-games isn’t just for show. Nope! Use those extra earnings to power up your empire, investing in the heavy hitters – buying and upgrading more buildings. It’s a win-win strategy to skyrocket your virtual empire to new heights!

MONOPOLY GO Tip #5: Home Sweet Income

Those cozy properties scattered across the board are more than just eye candy – they’re a goldmine for your virtual finances. Each time you land on one of these homes, they generously cough up a significant chunk of cash. 

5 Tips To Master MONOPOLY GO: Home
Photo: Scopely

Now, here’s the secret sauce – it’s simple math: the more properties you own, the fatter your rental income and net worth become.

So, slip on your virtual real estate mogul hat, play your cards right, invest wisely, and witness those homes transform into your secret sauce for financial success! Your virtual bank account will thank you!


And there you have it, fellow tycoons – the final word on MONOPOLY GO, where classic Monopoly meets the thrill of mobile gameplay in a harmonious blend.

As you set forth on your quest to claim the title of ultimate tycoon in this virtual realm, keep those wits sharp, outsmart your opponents with strategic brilliance, and absorb the wisdom bestowed upon you by these MONOPOLY GO tips before you let those dice roll.

Feeling up for the challenge? Well, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of financial conquest and grab MONOPOLY GO from the Play Store now!

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