5 Tips To Complete Escape From The Shadows

Nivenka Stanton
Escape From The Shadows

Escape From The Shadows in one of Dark Dome’s dark mystery puzzle games, one that will have you playing until the very end!

This thrilling game is available to download from the Play Store and goes hand-in-hand with Another Shadow, Haunted Laia, The Ghost Case, Nowhere House, Unwanted Experiment, and The Girl In The Window.

In this guide, we will give you tips on how to complete Escape From The Shadows successfully.

Escape From The Shadows
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Tips For Gameplay In Escape From The Shadows

In Escape From The Shadows, You are able to interact with objects by touching them. In order to move around, tap on the arrows located on the left and right-hand side of your screen.

Tap on the stairs to ascend or descend. Select items from your inventory, and tap the place on your screen where you would like to use the item.

Escape From The Shadows
Photo: Dark Dome

Some items can be combined in your inventory, combine them by selecting the object in your inventory, and placing the item on top of the other item in your inventory.

A premium version is available, in which you are able to embark on an additional adventure. You will have the opportunity to play Escape From The Shadows without having to watch a single ad.

Bastian’s Childhood Home

The first place you will have to start searching for clues in Escape From The Shadows will be in Bastian’s childhood home, which is abandoned.

Using every available clue, you will need to pay special attention to every single item in each of the rooms. Tapping on various items or objects does not give you penalties as so many other games do.

The best tip we can give is that you start off in one room, taking note of each of the clues, and then moving on to the next room.

The very first clue can be found behind the first photograph in the first room. You will obtain a rusty key when you tap on the photograph until it rotates.

Note that you will have to tap on the blue table first before you will be shown the screen with the photographs as a closeup. This applies to most clues in Escape From The Shadows.

Escape From The Shadows
Photo: Dark Dome

When you have completed this whole scene, Detective Larson will proceed to his station where you will have to complete the map to find the cabin.

Once you have solved the map, you will be taken to Bastian and Laia, who are both trapped in a dungeon.

The Dungeons

The dungeons can be very confusing, as there is a lot going on at once and plenty of rooms and items to interact with. Proceed to the left twice where you will find a room with a blue door.

When inside, tap on the shadow hands and enter the sequence below. This should get you started in the right direction:

Escape From The Shadows
Photo: Dark Dome


Laia finds herself deep underground where she will need help to get out. Your very first major clue in this place is the sugar cube on the table. Using it to feed the ant-eater, the ant-eater will hand you the next clue.

The Cabin

Detective Larson finds the cabin and your first major clue will be the puzzle board on the second lower floor, in the room to the left. Solve this one to obtain a red key and knife.

Escape From The Shadows
Photo: Dark Dome

Old Chapel

Your very first clue here would be the knife, matchbox, and pile of straw. Using these clues will enable you to complete the Chapel successfully.

When it comes to defeating the main shadow, you will need to be quick using the artifact, although it does give you a second chance if you’re not on time.

Escape From The Shadows
Photo: Dark Dome


Escape From The Shadows is one of the best mystery puzzle games to date. I would highly recommend it to gamers with a passion for mystery. Remember, if you’re still struggling, you can always click on the hint icon for more clues after watching an ad.

Cannot wait to see what Dark Dome comes up with next!

Happy Gaming!

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