5 New Mobile Games Coming in February 2024

Migo Harrison
Upcoming Mobile Games in January 2024 - Featured Image

January and Q1 of every year are typically barren when it comes to upcoming mobile game releases. Despite this, we’ve gone ahead and compiled 5 new mobile games slated for release in January or early 2024!

Read ahead to see a list of new mobile games that have been announced for January, as well as some games that we’ve speculated have release dates right around the corner!

List of Upcoming New Mobile Games for January 2024

1. Ugly

Upcoming Mobile Games in January 2024 -  Ugly
Photo: Team Ugly

Released back in September 2023, Ugly is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer developed by Grafitti Games and makes our list of new mobile games.

In Ugly, players must set forth into the forsaken corners of a tormented nobleman’s psyche as they try to uncover clues about their traumatic past.

Confront colossal adversaries and employ a seamless mirror mechanic to solve puzzles in this weird and wonderful game.

2. Arclands

Upcoming Mobile Games in January 2024 - Arclands
Photo: Jon Keller

Arclands is a game about nurturing a small unassuming village until it becomes a thriving capital while simultaneously becoming a wizard powerful enough to defend your new home.

As you grow your village, you will begin to attract more and more characters that you can recruit to your cause.

Beware though, as new recruits aren’t the only thing that your settlement will eventually attract. Venture forth and collect artifacts and learn mighty spells on your path to becoming both a powerful wizard and a wise leader!

3. One Punch Man: World

Upcoming Mobile Games in January 2024 - One Punch Man World
Photo: Crunchyroll Games

One Punch Man World is an action RPG set in the action-packed and humor-filled world of the One Punch Man anime.

In this game, players are set to experience the story of One Punch Man with the added twist of being able to select and play as their own favorite OPM character!

One can only hope that we’ll also get the chance to play as the titular One Punch Man, Saitama. But the game wouldn’t be much fun if we could win all of our battles with just one punch, would it?

4. Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice

Upcoming New Mobile Games in January 2024 - Frostpunk Mobile
Photo: NetEase

At the time of writing, Frostpunk Mobile has had no official release dates as of yet. However, with an original release date slated for mid-2023, one can be hopeful for an early 2024 release!

In Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice, players will need to manage settlers and resources in order to survive the harsh winter environments of this post-apocalyptic setting.

With pandemics, famine, and the ever-increasing cold constantly threatening to end your playthrough, players will need to rely on quick decisions and

5. Hades

Upcoming Mobile Games in January 2024 - Hades
Photo: Supergiant Games

Hades is one of the new mobile games, a roguelike action RPG with a unique art style and a sassy protagonist. Heavily inspired by Greek mythology, players will need to navigate Zagreus through the labyrinthine levels of the Underworld in an attempt to reach Olympus.

While there has been no official release date for the mobile version of Hades, the game itself has been out on multiple platforms for a few years at this point.

With the only remaining task for Supergiant Games being a mobile release, we feel that players won’t need to hold out for much longer before getting their hands on this gem of a game.


While January is typically known in the gaming sphere as a pretty dry month in terms of new mobile games, there’s still plenty to be excited about!

So buckle up, and get ready for a thrilling ride into the mobile gaming ecosphere of 2024!

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