5 Beginner Tips – Merge County

Nikola Stevanovic

Merge County is a city-themed merge game developed by a Chinese company named Microfun, a studio known for many of their other merge titles. As is the case with most merge games, the main objective of Merge County is to merge multiple instances of the same object to create new objects and rebuild the city one building at a time. In order to help you with this task, here are five beginner tips.

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1. Always Try to Merge as Many Items as You Can

The main gameplay mechanic of Merge County is merging three or more similar items in order to create a new item of a higher tier until you reach the final item. However, you can merge more than three similar items at the same time, and the more items you merge, the more higher tier items you will receive. This is why you should always aim to merge as many items at once as possible.

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2. Organize Similar Items

With so many items available and you constantly mining for more, things can get pretty hectic and your map can become buried in items quite quickly. This is why it is a good idea to sort through and organize your items into groups based on their similarity. That way, you will always have an idea of what you need and what you can already merge, and if things get too chaotic, you always have the option of deleting items with a shovel. 

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3. Click On The Flying Leaves

While you are playing the game, you will notice green leaves flying over your city. Try and catch as many of these leaves by taping on them. This will reward you with raw ingredients that you will require to produce food items.

Photo: Microfun

4. Always Schedule Your Orders

The characters that come to your town are capable of producing food by utilizing various ingredients that you collect as you play so try and complete as many food orders as you can. Completing food orders will provide you with Pinwheels which you will need to remove the fog from the map and expand your city.

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5. Maintain Your Energy Supply

In order to gain more resources and items to merge, you will be required to send your workers to mine for them from various sources. Each worker that you send out will cost you a small amount of Energy. All players will begin their game with a maximum supply of 85 energy, however, this supply will increase as players progress through the game. 

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Since all mining operations require you to spend energy, maintaining a steady supply is essential in order to keep your merging operations running smoothly. This is why it is extremely important to get as much energy as you can. There are a few ways to go about this so let’s take a look at them. 

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Claim Free Energy Gifts – Every four hours, the game will provide you with a free Energy gift. Simply click on the “+” located next to the Energy bar and choose “Bonus Energy”. Upon doing so, you will receive a random amount of Energy.

Watch Ads – If you have already claimed your free energy gift, you can click on the “+” again and watch an Ad to receive additional 30 Energy.

Purchase Energy – Gold coins that you collect can be exchanged for Energy within the game and each transaction will cost you 350 gold and earn you 75 Energy.

Photo: Microfun


With this last entry, we have completed our list of five Merge County beginner tips. We hope that you found this article useful and wish you the best of luck on your merging adventures and great success with rebuilding your city. 

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