5 Beginner Tips For Master of Knights- Tactics RPG

Muhib Nadeem

Becoming a god, and defeating god-level trials isn’t as easy as one might think, especially in Master of Knights. Developed by NEOWIZ games, this tactical RPG is everything a fan can hope for!

We’ve got quality graphics, a compelling storyline, jaw-dropping artworks, and multiple challenges to overcome. However, this attention to detail can also add a level of complexity.

So, in this article, we will be counting 5 best beginner tips for you to find your edge!

1. Do As Many Quests As Possible

Master of Knights

Quests are a quick way of earning rewards. The more you complete, the more resources you will be able to accumulate.

The story quests can feel increasingly difficult with each passing stage. Therefore, to keep up with the difficulty levels, Quests will be able to provide you with that alternate resource inflow needed to stay afloat!

2. Always Manually Form Your Deck

Master of Knights  Gacha

Yes, auto formation has its benefits. It relieves you from the stress of considering every nitty-gritty. However, the result is not always optimal, and for you to be able to win your battles, it’s important for you to have a well-positioned comp.

But, since it’s just the beginning, you don’t need to think too hard about it. Just getting familiar with the concept is plenty, the goal is to get you out of your comfort zone, and think of your characters on a much deeper level!

3. Aim for Synergies

Master of Knights Battle

This is a similar concept to positioning. Yes, having a star-filled roster can overpower your enemies, but since this is a rerolling-based game, you’re bound to hit your limits, and once your progress to the later stages, the game will feel complex.

Instead, get your gameplay straight from day 1. Always remember, the goal is to eliminate weaknesses, not add more firepower. Yes, it’s nice, but you can only do so much if the enemy you’re facing is immune to it. Think player, think!

4. Secure Advantageous Footholds

Master of Knights Battle

One of the most underrated aspects of Master of Knights – Tactics RPG is its foothold mechanic. Most players don’t even bother moving unless they have to. It’s tricky, complex, and more often times than not – can bite you in the back.

However, if used correctly, it also allows you to get those free hits in without taking anything in return. You want to be able to hit the enemy, your enemy shouldn’t be able to hit you back.

If you click at your opponents, you will notice they have a fixed range of movement as well!

5. Roll Gacha Frequently

First Time Gacha Master of Knights

This is the lifeline of any gacha game. Master of Knights remembers your gacha rolls. Therefore, you don’t necessarily want to save up and only start using those resources later on. Instead, your path of progression should feel linear.

There are lots of strong characters in the gacha! Make sure to grab as many as you can. For all we know lady luck might just be ready to smile on you!


In essence, you need to focus on adapting a few good habits like forming your team, and being aware of your positioning to excel in Master of Knights. Sure, this journey isn’t very smooth, but with a stroke of luck, no one will be able to stop you!

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