5 Android Games Like Dragonheir – Silent Gods

Nikola Stevanovic
games like dragonheir

Dragonheir – Silent Gods is a fantasy roleplaying game that has the player lead a party of heroes across a huge open world.

The game features many standard RPG mechanics combined with tabletop elements such as dice rolling and creates a unique combat experience which when combined with its other aspects makes Dragonheir – Silent Gods a very popular game among players.

Still, some players don’t click with certain elements of the game but are craving a similar experience so here are five games like Dragonheir – Silent Gods.

All of these games mentioned below are available to download for Android from the Play Store.

Games Like Dragonheir:

games like Dragonheir - Silent Gods
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Torchlight Infinite

    Torchlight Infinite is an action RPG set in its own fantasy world. The player assumes control of their own character and heads out to explore the wide world of Torchlight.

    As they create their own adventure, players will be able to delve into dungeons and fight powerful creatures, complete various quests, and obtain new items, weapons, and armor.

    As the game progresses, the player will grow in power and learn new skills and abilities that are sure to come in handy against the powerful villains of Torchlight. 

    Torchlight Infinite
    Photo: XD


      Armello is a game that combines different elements from other games including tabletop games, card games, board games, and modern RPGs. Set it a fairytale word, the player is put in the shoes of a hero belonging to one of the four animal clans.

      Each of the clans comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, skills and abilities that greatly affect your play style.

      The main goal of the game is for the player to save the world of Armello by battling the evil forces known as Rot that have infected the kingdom and caused it to become corrupted.

      On your adventure, you will fight monsters, learn new spells and abilities, explore the rich world, and do everything in your power to save the kingdom. 

      Photo: League of Geeks


        Onmyoji is a turn-based strategy game in which the player plays as a mighty Onmyoji which are essentially wizards that control magic and supernatural powers.

        The game is set in ancient Japan and tasks the player with creating an army of Shikigami and battling against the forces of evil. I

        In Onmyoji, players can defeat powerful enemies, learn new spells and abilities, increase the power of their Shikigami, complete quests, and a lot more. 

        Photo: NetEase Games

        Planescape – Torment: Enhanced Edition

          Planescape – Torment: Enhanced Edition is an RPG set in a gloomy fantasy world. The player plays as the Nameless One, an immortal creature that walks between planes of existence.

          During your adventure, you will visit various iconic locations, interact with different characters, fight all kinds of monsters, and face choices that will affect your story in different ways.

          The game also features a turn-based combat system that requires intricate planning and strategy in order to master. One of the reasons this game made the list for games like Dragonheir.

          Planescape - Torment
          Photo: Beamdog

          Tower of Fantasy 

            Tower of Fantasy is an open-world action game in which the player portrays an adventurer who sets off on a journey to explore the Tower of Fantasy.

            As you go through the tower itself, you will battle all kinds of creatures, collect mysterious artifacts that will increase your power, solve puzzles, and discover the secrets of the Tower.

            Tower of Fantasy allows players to customize their character and choose all kinds of armor, weapons, and magical spells which will definitely be required to progress through the treacherous tower.

            Tower Of Fantasy
            Photo: Hotta Studio


            This concludes our list of 5 games like Dragonheir – Silent Gods that you can play right now. We hope this article has helped provide you with an experience similar to Dragonheir – Silent Gods.

            If you enjoyed this article, and you are searching for more games like Dragonheir, then check out our website for more.

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