3 New Android Games Released This Week

new android games
(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)

Are you ready to get your gaming skills on? Developers have been hard at work trying to create new games that will tailor to different gamers’ wants and needs.

In this article, we will dive into some of the features of 3 new Android games released this week: Defense Derby, Legend Legion: Merge Idle TD, and My Cat Club: Collect Kittens.

1. Defense Derby

One of these new Android games is Defense Derby. For gamers that enjoy action-packed games, this game is for you. Developed by KRAFTON, Inc, this PVP tower defense game is available to download from the Play Store.

Defense Derby

Battle it out against enemies by choosing your team to help with the defense, and protect the tower at all costs!


  • 4 Player PVP mode: Battle against enemies that approach in waves, and be the last out of 5 to gain the winner’s title.
  • Unit Scouting System: Choose your units wisely, recruit units that would work to your advantage, and defend the tower!
  • Guardians Journey: Play to reach the top ranks, work your way up on the global chart, and receive better rewards as you progress, such as castle skins and various in-game currencies.
  • PVE Modes: Play with friends in friendly mode, explore the dungeons, and look out for those monsters!

Defense Derby is a fun-to-play game, you can expect plenty of action!

2. Legend Legion: Merge Idle TD

On our list of new Android games is Legend Legion, a merge Idle game that is fun to play and is available to download from the Play Store.

Developed by Firephoenix Studios, the goal of the game is to merge sets of 3 or more heroes, making them stronger each time they merge. Battle enemies that will try to attack your castle.

Legend Legion: Merge Idle TD
Photo: Firephoenix Studios


  • Merge Heroes: Match 3 heroes that look the same in order to get a stronger version and battle the enemies with newfound strength.
  • Choose your setup: Move your heroes on the tiles in order to find the best strategy to defeat the invaders.
  • Protect your castle: defend your castle at all costs, use the cards given to increase your buffs, and battle the big boss in style.

Defend your castle by all means necessary! For gamers that enjoy a bit of strategy and merge techniques, this is the game for you!

Legend Legion: Merge Idle TD
Photo: Firephoenix Studios

3. My Cat Club: Collect Kittens

The final game on our list of new Android games is My Cat Club, an adorable game where you are able to collect kittens and cherish memories by taking screenshots.

My Cat Club: Collect Kittens

This game was developed by PIKPOK, and is available to download from the Play Store.


  • Adopt: Adopt various kittens and use the in-game camera to take pictures of them in various poses.
  • Competitions: Win prizes by taking part in competitions.
  • Build your home: Collect furniture and have fun placing your furry babies on them, in different positions.
  • Friends: Help neighbors with their tasks and become friends.
  • Breed: Breed kitties to come up with new cat breeds.
My Cat Club: Collect Kittens

My Cat Club is one of those new Android games that enables you to sit back and relax all the way.


Although there are many more newly released games available, these 3 new Android games are ensured to keep you occupied for a good period of time! Well done to the developers for keeping us gamers entertained!

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Happy Gaming!

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