Simon’s Cat Crunch Time – Tips and Strategies to Get More Treats for Your Kitties

Simon’s Cat Crunch Time is made for lazy Sunday afternoons. Amazing artwork, lovely kitty animation, adorable cats and a simple, yet addicting gameplay will go very well with casual gamers, especially those who like relaxing puzzle games. Your goal is to feed your kitties by linking three or more treats of the same color. And because you will be connecting food items instead of swapping them, there will be no fixed matching pattern required in this game. There’s only one requirement – treats should be “linkable”, i.e. placed in a way that you can drag your finger to connect them. This unique link-to-match feature will definitely appeal to match-3 puzzle fans.

When matching colorful food items, focus on a cat’s food needs. Kitties on the top of the game board will have a speech bubble above them. Each speech bubble will show what type of food a kitty wants. So if a cat wants a heart-shaped item, then you will have to connect all heart-shaped treats to feed her. Along with feeding the right food type, you will also have to collect a certain number of items to fully satisfy a kitty’s hunger. Once all foods are collected, the cute little animated cat gorges on food, which is probably the most gratifying sight on Earth.

If you have just started playing Simon’s Cat: Crunch Time, then these quick tips and strategies will help you feed all kitties. You will also learn how to make the most of special treats to collect food items faster.

1. Keep Calm and Match Treats

Feeding cats is super easy. You just have to create a chain of items by dragging your finger over cat food. However, as you progress, levels will throw various challenges towards you.

Simon's Cat Crunch Time

Game board layouts will be designed in such a way that it will force you to jog your brain cells before creating a chain of treats. Thankfully, there are no timers, so you can take your time hunting for a bigger chain for your hungry kitties. Patience is the key to complete all puzzles, so think before creating a chain.

2. How to Make Special Treats

Special treats will help you clear more number of objects on the game board. To make a special item appear on the game board, you will have to create a long chain. You will have to link at least 6 treats of the same color to create a line blaster. The longer the chain, the more number of special treats you can create all at once. So if you link 10 or 11 items of the same color, you will be able to create two line blasters.

In Simon’s Cat Crunch Time, there’s only one type of special treat – line blaster. You can create a horizontal and a vertical line blaster. When a special treat line blaster is linked with two or more common treats of the same color, it clears a row or column of items depending on the line drawn on it. A horizontal line on a special treat suggests that it will clear a row of objects, whereas a vertical line indicates that it will clear a column of objects.

3. Match a Special Treat Carefully

Yes that’s right. A special treat can help you collect the much-needed food type for your kitty. Simple speaking, you can take advantage of it to collect those foods that you need. Here how you can do this:
Once a special treat is created, you can activate it by linking it with two or more common treats of the same color. When you drag your finger to link them, keep in mind that a special treat clears the last line you touch.

Example: There’s a special treat on row 3, another on row 4 and the last one on row 5 and all three of them can be linked diagonally. When you drag your finger from row 3 to row 5, the fifth row will be cleared as the last treat was placed on the fifth row. If you want to clear row three (which may have more number of treats for one of your cats), just link all three, but you will need to drag your finger from row five to row three.
Along with the placement of the last treat, check the line drawn on your special treat and then make your move. The line suggests whether your special treat will clear a row or column (explained in Tip No. 2)

4. Don’t Run Out of Moves: Look for a Long Chain of Treats

While there are no time limits, there certainly is a move limit. You will have to feed all cats before running out of moves. The move counter is displayed at the upper-left corner of the screen. If you want to finish a level with a few moves still remaining, then the best way to do this is create a long chain or treats. So if cat no. 1 wants 8 fish-shaped food, then try to create a long chain of at least 4-5 fish treats in one move. This way, you can feed him in two moves. Also focus more on creating special treats as they will help you clear an entire row or column in one move. Remember: The longer the chain, the faster you can finish a level before the move counter hits zero.

7 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat Crunch Time – Tips and Strategies to Get More Treats for Your Kitties

  1. I can’t get past the screen where the “wizard” says “the cats are hungry.” I tap the three treats highlighted and nothing advances. Any tips for getting past this part?

  2. Love this game but I don’t understand how the points /scoring works. I have played many boards over and over but just can’t seem to get enough points to earn the third star. Are different colored treats worth different points? Do you score more points after you break the flower pots?

    • You earn a total of 150 points when you match 3 treats of the same color. A single treat carries 50 points. However, when you create a long chain, you get a +20 points increase after every 3 matched treats. Example: If you create a long chain of 9 blue treats, then the first 3 blue treats will carry 50 points each, followed by 70 points each for the subsequent treats and finally 90 points for the last 3 treats.

      To score more points make sure you have several moves remaining at the end of a completed Simon’s Cat level. These remaining moves will be used to make more matches and you will receive bonus points, which will be added to your final score.

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