Things to Do in Club Penguin Island: Tips and Hints for Beginners

Disney’s Club Penguin Island takes you to lively 3D world full of fun and games. You can make new friends, participate in fun activities, adventure, explore the island in search for secrets and rewards, shop your heart out, chat with fellow penguins and express yourself with adorable emojis. You can craft new costumes and customize outfits for your character. And if you are bored, complete adventures to earn some cool rewards. There are lots of things to do, and these tips and hints will tell you exactly where to go, how to have fun and meet new friends:

1. Shake a Leg or Jump on the Trampoline at the Dance Floor

The Dance Floor in Beacon Boardwalk (BB) lets you show off your moves, kick beach balls or jump on the trampoline. It’s also the best place to meet other players and make friends as it is always more crowded than other activity areas. There might also be some helpful people providing info about the island:

You can participate in three fun activities at the Dance Floor: dancing, jumping on the trampoline and kicking beach balls. When music and dance begins, the action buttons on the lower right corner of the screen changes, you can tap on those buttons to show some cool dance moves.

When beach balls appear, you will have to go near a ball and the orange button lights up. Tap it to kick the beach ball. In the trampoline phase, you don’t have to do anything. Just move to it and your character will jump up.

The Boardwalk has a cool-down time of 3 minutes soon after an activity ends. You can check how many minutes are left by looking at the digital clock, which is located just above the Welcome Shop (see the above screenshot).

The digital clock section also lets you know what activity is coming up next. So if the next activity is kicking beach balls, then the clock will show a beach ball icon.

Tip: To send a friendship request, tap a penguin. A new window will open. Tap the “Add Friend” button. The Friendship window will show key facts about him or her, such as their current level and their name. To “Unfriend”, tap the icon underneath the chat window at the bottom of the screen. Now, go to “My Friends”, tap a friend and then press the blue three-dot button. You will find the “Unfriend” button just below the “report” button.

To report someone, you will again have to tap him and then press the three-dot button located next to “Add Friend”. Next, tap “Report”.

2. Buy Costumes of Your Favorite Characters at the Disney Shop

Did you notice the Mickey Mouse logo just beside the Digital clock. Well, that’s the Disney Shop where you can buy costumes of Frozen, Finding Dory, Monsters Inc. and Toy Story characters. A costume or an accessory can be purchased in exchange of coins. You will have to be a member of Club Penguin Island to unlock Disney costumes. The shop is located in BB.

3. Jump into a Cannon

In BB, look for the red-grey cannon. It’s located outside the island, close to the sea. Move your character close to it until the orange action button lights up. Now tap it to make him jump into the cannon and watch him shoot up in the air and dive into the water. 

4. Get Some Eatables at the Food Trekker

BB has a nice little shop that sells your favorite foodstuffs. Called the Food Trekker, this tiny shop is located close to the pirate ship. In several occasions, the “Daily Challenges” section will offer a food challenge. For example: The Cheesy Dance Moves challenge rewards 25 coins and 20 stars when you eat 3 pizza slices on the dance floor.

To complete this challenge, you will need to purchase pizza slice from the Food Trekker with coins and eat them at the dance floor. If you are looking for party blasters, then go to the “Welcome Shop” which is located near the Dance floor. The digital clock is above the Welcome shop.

P.S. – Shops that sell supplies usually have a big cutout of a penguin wearing a party hat above them.

5. Trade Items for Coins

So you have got lots of confetti flowers, sea shells or crystals? Why not trade them for coins? Head straight to the trade shop located just behind aunt arctic in BB. Tap the orange button and then tap the big pink “Trade-in Items” to exchange items for coins.

6. Buy Goodies like the Squid Stick at the SS Convenience

The SS Convenience is located in Coconut Cove. You can find it next to campfire. It’s an ice cream trolley with a colorful umbrella above it. You can buy party supplies, such as squid sticks and squid stick tray, fireworks, piñata and many more. Members can spend coins to purchase them.

7. Gather at the Campfire

Coconut Cove’s campfire is the best place to chit-chat with other players. You can also find some good friends there. Do take a look at those beautiful cave drawings by the campfire.

8. Find Lots of Crystals and a Treasure Chest at the Glow Grotto

The Sea Caves hold several secrets, treasure chests and activities to keep you busy for hours. Glow Grotto contains plenty of crystals and several treasure chests. Here’s how to reach this spot:

Once you enter the Sea Caves, dive straight into the water, then swim left until you find a structure with happy and sad monkey faces. Now swim down and stop at the oyster. Turn left and keep moving down until you find a treasure chest. Move closer to the chest and collect coins.

Now keep moving down until you spot a crab. Turn right and stop at the Glow Grotto signboard. Keep moving down and don’t forget to collect lots of crystals on your way down. Once you hit the bottom of the sea, you will find a large oyster and the “Deep Sea Shop”, where you can purchase colorful glow sticks, including the Rainglow stick and glow stick packs. There will also be a treasure chest that will contain lots of coins. There are, in fact, 3 treasure chests on your way to the Glow Grotto. You can trade crystals for coins at the Trade-In Items in Beacon Boardwalk.

9. Visit the Crab Den for a Surprise

Just above the “Glow Grotto” signboard is the Crab Den signboard to the left. You will notice an animated crab near the signboard. Ignore him and don’t go near him or you will be pushed away. Move past the Crab Den arrow signboard and swim down. Don’t touch those pesky crabs as it can harm your bubble. There will be lots of crabs clinging to the rocks. You just need to keep moving and avoid contact with them. Also, keep an eye on undersea volcanic eruptions and move your character away from crevices.

There’s only one way to the crab den and the rocks on either side will be your guide. Keep swimming until you reach the end of the den, where you will find a huge cache of colorful crystals and coins. You will also find a treasure chest. Now there’s a cool little shortcut just below the cache – It’s a small opening that takes you back to the Crab Den signboard. Just swim down further and you will automatically move to crab den’s entry point.

10. Go Fishing!

Fishing is probably one of the best activities in CP. Fans will remember how rewarding fishing used to be in the old version. Well, the Island also lets you do the same and offers great rewards for prized catches. The Fishing spot can be found in Beacon Boardwalk. It’s located near the pirate ship and has a wooden fish signboard.

Move your character close to a fishing rod and then tap the orange button to start the fishing game. There’s a limit to the number of times you can fish and it’s set at 10. Catching rare fish will earn you more coins. Try to catch Saber tooth Fluffy, Trapper and Antique Anchor to get more coins. Fishes swim near the bobber and you can tap it to attract new fishes, but the ones moving around the bobber will move away.

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