Metanoia Review: Absorbing Text Adventure Game on a Messenger

Indie Developer Everbyte Studio’s Metanoia is a gripping post-apocalyptic text adventure game. The game’s story unfolds on a messenger app. On opening the app, you will receive a message from a stranger known as “Sam”. Messages exchanged between you and Sam only reveals that he is in an evacuated zone, surrounded by “monsters” and needs help.

Sam’s first few messages will leave you dazed and confused. At first, you might not believe his story, but he will try his best to convince you and describe the situation he is in. This is where the game begins. After a few messages, Sam will request help every now and then, seeking your advice and updating you about his situation, all using a phone that he found in a dead man’s pocket. You will have to make the right choices to help him stay safe. The choices you make will play a decisive role in the course of the entire story.

Metanoia’s in-game messenger works exactly like a messenger app. Sam will go offline and send a message anytime during the day or at night. If you don’t reply, he will send another message just to check whether you are online or not. I love how the app mimics the real messenger in every way it can, making text adventuring more realistic. Push notifications will appear on your device’s lock screen or notification area every time Sam sends a message.

The game also lets you enable sound and vibration so that you get notified instantly in case you are carrying your phone in your pocket. When you advise Sam to do something, he will go offline and take a few minutes, sometimes hours, to perform that action – just like someone would do in real life. When he says he will be back in 5 minutes, you will have to wait for 5 long minutes before getting another message. Everything about Metanoia is so real, that sometimes you might feel you are in conversation with real human being.

Is Sam really surrounded by “monsters”? Or is it all a cooked up story? How did he get the phone number and who is he? Well, you will have to find that out all by yourself. Play Metanoia to know the truth.  

The game is available at the Google Play Store and iTunes.

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