Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016 Walkthrough and Answers for Questions 1-50

Tricky Test 2’s Halloween update makes all puzzles deviously challenging. The update gives a spooky facelift and adds several new questions. Its intro scene is an example of how tricky questions could be. The rules are simple: You will have to avoid getting tricked by cleverly worded questions and imagery. Some are fairly easy whereas others will make you scream “This is cheating!”

The game provides 450 IQ points and 1 IQ point is deducted from your score, every time you are tricked. But with this walkthrough, you won’t lose IQ points. The answers are for questions 1-50. Some of the questions will require you to use tilt/turn or flip your smartphone. Here are the solutions for Tricky Test 2 Halloween 2016:

Answers/Walkthrough for Questions 1 to 50

1. Press the button 3 times.

2. 3 Holes in an underwear (top, left, right)

3. Press and pull the word “Me” from the sentence into the center of the box.

4. This is kind of a memory test. The game will show a set of numbers and you will have to tap each number in the order shown on the top of the game screen. The numbers will disappear soon after you tap the first number. You don’t have to memorize the order of numbers. Here’s the sequence: 20, 14, 9, 43, 45, 10.

5. The furthest away from the word “us” is Cloud. Easy peasy!

6. Scratch the card to get some coins. Use coins to get clues and answers for tough puzzles. You can also use them to revive.

7. There are six holes, including the front and back holes of the t-shirt.

8. The answer is Chicago

9. To stop a cat and dog from fighting, pinch outwards to separate them from each other.

10. “B”

11. Press 5 mice, but the tricky part of this question is that you will have to tap only those that run towards the left.

12. Don’t tap on those letters. You just have to press the word “Elephant” with your finger to solve this question.

13. Switch to landscape orientation.

14. Keep pressing the yellow button until the speech cloud shows “-1”

15. Tap the “3rd” in the question.

16. Light the middle candle of the 3 candles and tilt your device to the left side.

17. Drag the word “elephant” and not the huge (and cute) elephant into the refrigerator.

18. It does not matter if it’s white or brown egg. The harder one cracks. You will have to pull the white and brown egg together and the white will crack.

19. Quickly shake the device to open the ketchup bottle.

20. Press and drag owls out of each owl and you will have 9 owls in the end.

21. The answer is B

22. The answer is $0.05

23. To find the owl on your right, you will have to tilt your smartphone to the left side and then press the owl.

24. You will have to take bulb out to turn off the lamp.

25. The third statement is true

26. You will have to push both yellow button as well as the word “buttons” ten times. Push the yellow button
10 times first and then press the word “buttons” ten times. Remember that the word in the question is “buttons” and not button. Hence you had to tap both of them 10 times each.

27. Make the sad heart happy by shaking your smartphone. Shake it until it changes color. 

28. Tap the ace card as well as the word “ace”. You have successfully hidden ace.

29. Another tricky question. The answer lies in the question itself. You will have to hide two elephants. The word “elephant” and the cartoonish elephant. The trick word here is the plural “elephants”. Drag the elephant and the word away from the screen.

30. Hold your smartphone upside down

31. On your keyboard, find the letters “QAZSEDC”. They reveal an “H” shape, H stands for Hana and so Hana is the killer.

32. Don’t tap on the word “apples”. Not this time. You just need to shake your smartphone to make all apples fall. Now count apples fallen on the ground and tap the plus sign 7 times.

33. The answer is 50

34. Drag the “!” from “complete the sentence” and place it next to “here”.

35. Put your smartphone face down on a table to solve this question.

36. Place two fingers on the doll and pinch out upwards to pull it apart. Another doll will be revealed. The answer is 2.

37. The answer is 0. Tap “0” and then tap “enter”

38. Press the green button 3 times. Then press the yellow button 4 times. The trick here is that when you press the yellow button the 4th time, it turns white. You will then have to press the word “yellow” to make it 5.

39. Answer is 6

40. Press and drag the half orange to reveal another half and then tap both.

41. Tilt your smartphone to your left hand side and then swipe up to turn off lamp.

42. Hold your device and slap it on your forehead.

43. Since 1 = 5, the answer for this question is 1.

44. You will have to turn your smartphone upside down. The answer is A.

45. Tap the tiny “x” icon just beside the maximum icon.

46. Press and drag the word “smile” into the camera’s lens. Place two fingers on “smile”, pinch out to make it wide, until it becomes big enough to cover lens.

47. Tilt your smartphone towards you. The key is hidden in the middle door.

48. Put both fingers on the curtains and pinch out to pull them apart.

49. All 3 numbers and divide it by 2 to get the answer.

50. Drag the word “phone” to the right to create two words “micro” and “phone”. The phone will turn smaller. Well, there’s your “micro (extremely small) phone”.

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