Reflection: 4 Must-Know Tips and Tricks to Score More Points

Reflection is a minimalist platformer released by Zplay for the iOS and Android platform. In this game, you will have to jump over obstacles. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But the game’s pretty tough to beat. You will have a hard time jumping over objects of various shapes and sizes and have to find the right rhythm to jump over different types of obstacles such as spikes, cubes, slabs, L-shaped objects etc. But the challenge does not stop here. Along with jumping over obstacles, you will also have to jump over their reflections, which keep appearing from time to time. Moving past reflections is the most difficult part of this game, and you will need lots of practice before you can beat your previous high score.

Reflection has a soothing background score. The music changes with the difficulty level, so pay attention to the fast-paced music, the change in the background score and the beats while playing. Here are a few tips and tricks that you may find useful:

1. Double-Taps for Bigger Obstacles

You will come across various objects of different sizes. For smaller obstacles, single taps work just fine, but for bigger objects you will have to tap twice quickly if you want to jump over them successfully.

Make sure you are pretty close to bigger objects before you double-tap the screen. If you tap early, then your block will fall on the object and you will lose that round.

2. You Don’t Have to Jump Over L-Shaped Obstacles

The game cleverly drops certain objects that can be easily passed without jumping over them. The upturned L-shaped object is one such obstacle. You don’t have to tap the screen when you spot one. The square block that you are controlling will just slide through the gap.

3. Neither Too Early, Nor Too Late

Finding the right rhythm and proper timing will help you score more points. Tapping the screen too early will throw you off the rhythm and chances of dashing or dropping on obstacles are more if you do so.

Tapping the screen late will give enough time to the block to dash into an obstacle. You will have to tap/double-tap the screen at the right time to jump over obstacles.

4. Turn-Off Background Music If It Hampers Your Rhythm

Let me first tell you that Reflection’s background score is amazing, but for some players, the change in music from time to time might unsettle them instead of helping them get into a rhythm. I scored more points with the music turned off, and you should try this before doing anything else. If you find the music appealing, is helping you score more points or you just don’t care, keep it turned on.

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