My Little Pony: Puzzle Party – Tips, Hints and Strategies to Solve Levels

My Little Pony: Puzzle Party is for those who adore MLP. The game takes fans to the enchanting world of Equestria, where they can solve hundreds of challenging puzzles. Instead of swapping objects to match 3 or more objects of the same color, players need to tap on 2 or more same-colored cubes placed beside each other. Objectives vary from one level to another and some of them can be quite difficult to complete. You will need the help of MLP characters to get yourself out of a tough situation. Yes, there are several characters you can collect and each character offers some unique power that can lend a hoof to help you solve puzzles.

Puzzle Party has bright colorful graphics, and the special combo effects are truly amazing. My Little Pony fans will love everything about this game, but may find several levels difficult to complete once they travel to different magical world. This beginner-level guide provides tips and hints that will help players know how to make super combos and what combos/strategies they should use for each new objective:

1. Know Your Combos and Super Combos

Whether you want to collect cubes, bring down objects or clear clouds, you should create combos to complete such objectives. However, pulling off a super combo will ensure that your puzzle objectives will be completed much faster than you can imagine. But before we reveal the effects of a super combo, let’s see how to get a combo:

1. Tapping 5 adjacent cubes of the same color creates a lightening jar. Just tap a jar and a row or column will be cleared. Look at the lightning’s direction inside the jar. If the lightening symbol is pointing up/down, then a column will be cleared. If it is pointing to the left/right, then a row will be cleared.

2. Tapping 7 adjacent cubes of the same color creates an Explosive Cauldron. When you tap the cauldron, it will blow up surrounding cubes.

3. Tapping 9 adjacent cubes of the same color will create a parasprite. Tap the parasprite and swarm of parasprites will feast on all cubes of its color. Note the color of a parasprite. If it’s green, then the swarm will devour only green cubes. If it’s orange, then only orange cubes will be removed from the game board.

Now that you know how to create combos, let’s find out what happens when two combos are placed beside each other. The results will be mind-blowing:

1. Tapping two adjacent Lightning Jars will trigger a cross-shaped blast that will remove a column and a row of cubes at the same time.

2. If a lightning jar is placed beside an explosive cauldron, then tapping on any one combo will create a BIG cross-shaped explosion that will remove two columns and two rows of cubes simultaneously.

3. Tapping one of the two adjacent cauldrons will increase the radius of the explosive cauldron blast.

4. If a lightening jar is placed beside a parasprite, then tapping on any one combo will create a swarm that will change all cubes of their color into lightening jars. So if the parasprite color is orange, then all orange cubes will be converted into lightening jars. Now all lightening jars will automatically explode clearing several rows/columns at the same time.

5. If an explosive cauldron is placed beside a parasprite, then tapping on any one combo will create a swarm of parasprites that will change all cubes of their color into explosive cauldrons. Example: If the parasprite is violet in color, then all violet cubes will be turned into cauldrons and they will explode automatically clearing a large number of cubes instantly.

6. Tapping two adjacent parasprites will trigger a huge swarm of parasprites and the entire game board will be cleared.

As you progress, levels won’t be easy, but you should keep trying and create super combos to complete your objectives faster. 

2. How to Place Two Combos beside Each Other to Create a Super Combo

Now you know how to create a super combo, you should know how to place two combos side-by-side. The game is not the usual object-swapping puzzler, so you will have to think twice before tapping a cube. Follow this simple tip if you want two combos placed side-by-side:

Don’t forget to tap on that cube that’s placed beside a combo to ensure that both combos are placed side-by-side. The screenshot below shows that tapping the cauldron cube just above the parasprite combo could have created an explosive cauldron at the same place.

Now had I tapped the green cauldron cube above the blue color cube, the explosive cauldron wouldn’t have been placed above the parasprite combo. Instead it would be created above the blue color cube and I would have missed the opportunity to pull off a super combo.

3. Basic Tips to Complete Objectives

For objectives that require you to collect cubes, your priority should be to match only those cubes that are shown at the top of the game screen. In such levels, you can create lightning jars as they can be made early in the game and require only 5 same-colored cubes. Also, try to create the explosive cauldron to clear surrounding cubes.

Your goal should be to clear as many cubes as possible in every move. This will help you come closer to your objective and you may be able to finish it before you run out of moves. If you manage to do that, then all remaining moves will turn into combos and you may earn more points and stars.

In levels where you will have to bring down objects to the bottom of the game board, always clear cubes in a column. This will bring those objects down faster. A lightning pointing up/down inside the jar in the same column where the object has appeared can be a boon and can instantly bring the object down.

Keep an eye on symbols in every cube. Symbols change based on the position of the cubes. So if there are 5 cubes placed side-by-side, then all 5 cubes will have a lightning jar symbol. If there are 7 same-colored cubes beside each other, then all cubes will have a cauldron symbol on them, suggesting that a combo can be created.

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