Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits – 6 Attack & Defense Strategies and Tips

Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits brings back fond memories of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. The game is designed for the smartphone user, which is why several features of the original game may be missing. But that does not take away anything from this brilliant puzzler.

The game lets you match objects known as “spirits” by tapping on an object that’s placed next to an object of the same color. Every match converts into a kick or a punch from your fighter. But that’s not enough. You will have to enter combo mode, chain combos and launch skills to drain your opponent’s HP before he defeats your fighter. This guide provides tips and strategies that will let you choose the right skills, get more combos defend your fighter better against opponent’s hits:

1. Look Before You Tap Spirits in Combo Mode

Your goal is to enter combo mode as frequently as you can. When the combo mode begins, you will need to keep tapping two or more same-colored spirits placed next to each other in the shining area. Remember that you will have to tap on a spirit that’s inside the shining area to chain combos. So if there are two red spirits placed next to each other and only one of them is inside the shining area, you will have to tap that spirit and not the one that’s outside the shining area.

One big advantage of chaining combos is that the number of turns you see above the opponent’s head remains the same. So basically, you get to kick and punch your opponent without spending a single move. If you have chained several combos before the timer runs out, your hero will keep hitting and kicking based on the number of matches you have achieved. So if you have achieved 3 back to back spirit matches, your hero will attack 3 times.

Every time you tap to match spirits, the time gauge keeps increasing a bit. Keep an eye on the time gauge and try to match spirits to stop the gauge from decreasing.

2. Scan for Big Color Matches when the Combo Mode Begins

The combo mode is time-based, which is why it is very important to chain combos as fast you can. When the combo mode starts, all normal tiles turn into golden tiles. You will need to be quick to spot a big color match in order to have more shining tiles.

Smaller spirit matches will reduce the game board to smaller shining tiles. Example: If you tap to match only three spirits of the same color in combo mode, then all shining tiles will be reduced to 3, making it very hard for you to find a match in those three shining tiles. Tap on spirits that are placed next to several spirits of the same color to increase the chances of chaining more combos. The bigger the match, the better your chances are in finding a good match in the next move. Look for a minimum of 4 spirit matches when the combo mode starts.

3. Try This Defense Strategy to Receive Less Damage from Enemy

In most levels, an enemy’s HP is more than your fighter’s HP. Therefore, you will have to ensure your fighter takes less damage when enemy attacks. Here’s a step-by-step guide (with examples) that will help you defend enemy’s attacks before his turn arrives:

(This guide is for illustrative purpose only and shows Red, Green and Blue skills as examples. You may apply this to your defense strategy. )

1. Before battle begins, select skills that belong to all 3 colors in your skill box. This will give you more choices and will help you switch between colors according to your opponent’s aura color. To add skills to your character’s deck, tap “Fighter” at the bottom of the screen and then tap “Organize Skill Cards”. Under this menu, you can create more than one deck of skills. Make sure the skill box is full and contains those skills that require fewer spirits to activate. Besides the leader skill, you can choose 4 extra skills. Skills can be earned during fight levels or via “Skill Drawing”.

2. When battle starts, check the aura color of both fighters. The aura is the ring around a fighter. The number of moves shown just above your opponent’s head also has a color in the background. If the color is Green, it means that the enemy’s aura color will turn green when his/her turn arrives. The number above the enemy is actually the move count and shows the number of moves before the enemy changes color and attacks.

3. If your fighter’s aura color is Blue, it means your fighter will take more damage when the enemy’s turn arrives as Green is stronger than Blue. You will need to quickly activate a red skill to change your fighter’s aura color to red. Because Red is Stronger than Green, you will receive less damage from your opponent when he/she attacks, plus your fighter will also deal extra damage to him as his Green aura color remains the same until the next turn. So make sure you have selected a red skill on the “Fighter” menu before battle starts. Have skills of all 3 colors as then enemy’s aura color switch can be random.

4. Start matching red spirits to quickly fill a skill that has a red background color. Each time you match red spirits, a skill or skills having red background will fill up little by little. The more spirits you match in a move, the faster they will fill up.

5. Some skills require fewer spirits to refill than the others. For example: The Red Torus Kick costs only 20 spirits, whereas the Red Seikenzuki skill costs 30 spirits. You can check a skill’s Spirits Cost by going to Fighter > Skill Cards List. “Spirits Cost” means the number of spirits you will need to collect to fill a skill. Try to have those skills that require fewer spirits to fill up as you will need to refill a skill quickly before the enemy attacks. 

6. Try to match red spirits to fill the red skill, but you should try to refill a skill before the enemy attacks. Matching two or more upgraded spirits or level 2 spirits will fill the skill faster. An upgraded spirit is created when two or more normal same-color spirits are matched.

The best and the quickest way to charge skills in Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits is to create and match rainbow spirits.  Matching two or more rainbow spirits placed next to each other unlocks combo mode and in this mode, most skills are charged up. If you have unlocked combo mode, then just focus on chaining combos first. Once the combo mode ends, don’t tap on the red skill, tap on other skills and finally tap on the red skill so that the fighter’s aura color turns red in the end. Note that when launching skills, you don’t spend any moves. Now when the enemy’s turn arrives, his aura color will change to Green and he will attack, but your fighter will receive less damage as his aura color has now changed to red.

4. Attack Tips You Should Know

When fight starts, check the enemy’s current aura color. If his aura color is weaker than yours, then match only those spirits of a color that’s stronger than the enemy’s current aura color. If the enemy’s aura color is stronger than your fighter’s color, then follow tips on the “Defense Strategy” section of this guide.

When the combo mode ends, quickly tap on the charged skills to inflict extra damage to opponent. Keep in mind that tapping on a skill does not cost a move. When combo mode starts, you will notice that most skills are charged.

Choose those skills whose spirit requirement is less. The fewer the spirit requirement, the quicker a skill charges up. You can then tap skills to launch them.

Boost a fighter using scrolls, which can be created by sacrificing skill cards at the “Generate Boost Scroll” section in the Fighter menu. Chances of getting a boost scroll are more if the skill card’s rarity is higher.

Upgraded skill cards can also increase the chances of getting a boost scroll. Check the success rate while dragging skill cards onto the empty slots in the “Materials section of the Generate Boost Scroll menu. Once a boost scroll is generated, go to “Fighter Boost” and tap on an empty slot to add the newly-generated scroll. Boost scrolls can significantly increase a fighter’s stats. You will, however, also require plenty of gold to boost a fighter.

5. Choose the Best Player Companion before Heading out to Battle

When you start a battle, the game will allow you to choose a companion player whose skill can be used while fighting an enemy. Just like other skills, your companion’s leader skill will also require you to match and collect spirits of that color. Once charged, you can launch friend skill, which can deal more damage than your chosen skill. Make sure you choose a high-ranked high-ATK friend from the list.

6. Add More Friends to Earn Bonus Friend Points

When you take a random player to battle, you get 5 friend points. You also receive 5 friend points if a player chooses your fighter before starting a fight. Friend points can be used to buy skills at the “Skill Drawing” menu. Buying a single skill will cost 100 points and 5 skills will cost 500 points.

You should collect more friend points and the best way to get them is by sending friend request to each battle companion after winning a fight. Also, accept friend requests sent by random players. When you are friends with other players, you receive 10 points – that’s 5 points more – if you take him/her to a fight instead of a random player. When you have added friends, look for the friend icon at the top of each added friend’s portrait pic in the companion list. Gray icon indicates new players, whereas colorful friend icon suggests you both are friends.

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