Politicats: 7 Must-Know Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

One day cats will rule the world, and R2 Games has prophesied the inevitable. In the world of Politicats, cute cuddly cats are running for president and humans are managing their campaigns. But they are not alone. Other creatures won’t let their dreams come true and it’s up to you to help your feline friend win elections and become the most powerful creature on Earth. You will have to keep your fingers busy selecting the best supporters and campaign managers for them, garnering more votes and funds and helping them win elections by a large margin. With these quick tips, hints and strategies, you can help them achieve political power:

1. Use Both Thumbs to Get Votes Faster and Receive More Funds

When you tap using both thumbs, you fill the vote meter and receive funds faster. Place both thumbs on the left and right side of the screen and tap away. Don’t forget to tap on those dollars that appear above people. You will get extra funds.

Rapid tapping using both thumbs can not only help you fill the vote meter faster and collect more funds in a short duration of time, but also can help you win elections. Your taps, plus the extra votes per second from your staff will help you win them. You can’t solely rely on those automatic extra votes per second to win as it will take some effort to get above 50 percent votes and a combination of power-ups, rapid taping and automatic votes/sec via staff will make it possible.

2. Level-Up Staff to Get Extra Perks Besides Increased Votes/Sec

Your team does their best to help you get more votes. So along with tapping, you can rely on your staff’s efforts to receive extra votes. The bonus votes that you receive via Staff’s help are generated automatically. To increase votes per second from each staff member, just tap the staff tab (second button) and press the violet button beside a staff member.

Leveling up staff members not only lets you increase the number of automatic votes per second, but also gets you perks that will help you earn more funds and votes. All you have to do is earn stars to get additional perks.

Noticed the stars below each staff member’s name? Well, tap to level up each staff member to unlock stars to get a decrease in cooldown time or a percentage increase of votes. You get a star when the level meter beside stars fills up. 

3. Use Power-Ups at Election Time

Power-ups help you get more votes and cash, but it would be wiser to use them when election starts as it will help you win an election against a tougher opponent comfortably. To unlock a power-up, you will need to upgrade “Tap Power” to a certain level.

Power-ups can be accessed by tapping the first button (Cat icon) at the bottom of the screen. The first power-up unlocks at level 50 and the last power unlocks at level 250.

Different types of power-ups will help you get votes and funds automatically. Here are some noteworthy powers you can use during election time:

Running Mate:

Tap this power up to enable automatic tapping. Lasts for 30 seconds. Unlock it by leveling up Tap Power to 50. You can upgrade this power-up to increase the number of automatic taps per second. Running mate can assist you in getting more votes per tap, but for a short period of time.

Campaign Manager:

All recruited staff members work 40 percent faster. Unlocks at Level 100. Upgrade to increase staff speed. The votes/per second aided by your staff plays an important role during elections. With this power-up turned on, you can get automatic votes per seconds much faster than before, and it will help you tilt the vote meter in favor of you.


Instant cash donations with +2000 percent boost. Upgrade to increase boost percentage. Unlocks at level 150.

Wave of Support:

As the name suggests, you get huge number of votes per second. When unlocked, you receive a burst of +25000% votes per second once it gets activated. Use it when you are facing a tough candidate. Unlocks at level 200. Upgrade this power-up to increase vote surge percentage.

Invisible Hand:

Boosts Tap Power by 500 percent. Upgrade to increase tap power boost. Can be unlocked once “Tap Power” reaches level 250.

4. Complete Achievements to Get Permanent Boosts

Tap the tiny trophy icon at the top-right corner of the screen to open the Achievements window. There, you will see several tasks, such as “Tap an X number of times” or Earn an X number of voters”.

Look for tasks that provide rewards in the form of a percentage increase of votes per tap or per second. Complete such tasks to get big permanent boosts.

5. How to Receive Free Gems

Gems can be used to purchase Super Powers like “Major Fundraiser”, “Permanent Supporter Boost”. Here’s how you can get gems for free:

Like the game’s official Facebook page to get 25 gems and follow their Twitter account to get 25 more gems. You will find such offers at the green “Shop” button. You will find another offer below the Twitter offer button. Tap it and you will be taken to a list of offers. You will have to complete certain tasks such as downloading apps to get free gems.

Complete achievements to get more gems. Finishing tasks such as “Open 100 Balloons” or “Win 25 Elections” will get you free gems.

6. How to Win Elections

To win elections, just make sure that the percentage of votes you are receiving should be above 50. You don’t have to get 100 percent to defeat your opponent. You will still win an election if the gauge shows 51 percent votes in your favor before the timer hits zero. However, getting votes will be tougher if the vote meter shows below 45. You will have to use power-ups at the start of elections and upgrade your staff so that you get more votes/seconds faster.

7. Get Bonus Votes from Friends

You can connect with your friends via Facebook or add them with Friend codes to get extra votes per second. To add friends with code, tap the cat badge button located to the right side of the game screen.

Tap the aqua color “Friend Code” button and enter another player’s alphanumeric code to invite him/her to be your friend. If they accept your request, then you both can send +5 percent votes/sec for 24 hours. The more friends you connect to with codes, the more bonus votes you can receive from each friend. You can receive up to 50 percent votes/second from all connected friends every day.

You can find Politicats friend codes at FCSwap. You can also enter your code at the box below “Post/Bump Your Code…” so that your code appears on this site. Once it appears, other players may add you as their friend and if you accept their request, both you and your friend can boost each other’s votes/sec.

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