Bounty Stars Tips, Hints and Space Battle Strategies

DeNA’s Bounty Stars is an action-packed space RPG. It revolves around the adventures of bounty hunters. You will command a rag tag group of mercenaries as they are assigned missions to catch the most notorious intergalactic criminals.

Your team will have to engage enemies in both turn-based tactical land battles and space battles. The game also has a text-based RPG-like branching dialogue system that can get you in a tight spot if you don’t make correct decisions. Many times you may have to bribe someone to get hints about a criminal’s whereabouts or use a character’s skill such as Smarts, Flair, Guts or Cool to rescue your team from a tricky situation. 

Turn-based tactical RPG fans will love every bit of Bounty Stars. The game has some awesomely witty and hilarious dialogues exchanged between your team members or between a character and NPC. However, there are some elements like training and space battles that can be confusing to players, especially to a newbie. These beginner-level tips, hints and ship battle strategies will help you win missions easily:

1. Train Your Character Using Materials that Belong to the Same Class

When a face-to-face battle starts, you will need the best characters to show mercenaries their place. A trained crew member can take care of baddies, as his attack and health stats get a boost every time he/she is leveled up. Here’s how can train your character faster using an XP material of the same class:

Every time you successfully put an intergalactic criminal behind bars, your crew members gains XP. Some level up when their XP bar is full. Leveling up a character increases his/her ATK and HP. You can level up a character faster by “Training” him/her. You will need to sacrifice items and/or characters to train them.

Before training a character at the “Crew Quarters”, check the background color of each character’s icon. The color indicates the class of character. A character belonging to the Gunner class will have a reddish background color and a character belonging to the Pilot class will have a dark blue background color.

Now to train a character, you will need XP materials. To train a character and reach higher levels faster, you can use an item whose portrait’s background color matches with a character portrait’s background color. Same-color background suggests that both the character and the item belong to the same class.

For example:

If the character’s icon has a blue background color, and luckily you have collected an item whose background color is also blue, then you can use that item to gain more XP for that character. A color match suggests both belong to the Pilot Class. You will gain more XP when you use an item that belongs to the same class as of the character. Also do note that higher the rarity of an item, the more XP you the character will gain and reach higher levels faster.


Each character’s class can be seen in the “Crew XP” screen which appears at the end of each successful mission.

XP Items or materials can be dropped by enemies defeated in face-to-face battles or can be collected as rewards from the “Launch Stamp Book” (Daily Rewards).  You may also buy them with in-game credits in exploration mode. Go to nodes that have a “C” mark on them. Such nodes usually contain traders who can provide healing items for your ships and characters or XP items.

2. Upgrade Your Character’s Ability Using Characters that Belong to the Same Class

Each character has a unique ability, which can inflict more damage to enemies in face-to-face battles. Some abilities require a few extra turns to get activated, whereas other abilities can be used instantly to deal massive damage to enemies. 

Along with items, you can also use unwanted or duplicate characters to train your character. However, sacrificing characters has one more benefit. A same-class character can be used not only to gain more XP but also upgrade one of the abilities of the base character, but under one condition – both characters’ abilities should be the same. Let me explain with an example with screenshots:

Go to Crew Quarters and select a character that you want to train. In this example, I have chosen “Opix Strata”.

Tap “Training”, now drag a character whose background color is the same as Opix’s background color.

Here “Everett Vargas’” (bearded guy) background color matches with Opix’s background color, indicating that both characters belong to the same class.

When dragged Everett’s icon to the empty slot, you will notice Opix’s first ability upgraded. A tiny green dot can be seen underneath his first ability icon – “Head Shot V1” – under “Abilities”, showing that sacrificing Everett will improve it.

You may wonder why using Everett upgraded Opix’s ability. This is because both their first abilities were “Head Shot V1“ability. Characters belonging to the same class may have identical abilities and when one is “sacrificed” to train the other, their identical abilities are fused, resulting into a more improved ability of the trained character.

3. Space Battle Strategies You Should Know

Along with excellent turn-based tactical battles, the game also offers a unique quasi real-time space battle. When you start a campaign, you not only have to select characters for your team, but also select spaceships for each character.

In your search for the most-wanted criminal, you will encounter various enemies that may try to hijack your fleet for loot. You may also have to engage in a ship-to-ship battle with the most-wanted criminal and his cronies before the usual turn-based battle begins. Space battles are as important as turn-based land battles and require proper planning and strategy to destroy enemy fleet:

1. You may have noticed a tiny dot or node in front of your spaceship. Tap on each dot and drag it to set the ship’s direction. If you drag it to the left, the ship will move left. If you drag it right, the ship will move right. When you tap and drag a ship’s node, it also displays a cone. Now this cone is the range or field of view (FoV) of your ship. Your ship will attack an enemy ship if it is in its FoV. Try to set the trajectory in a way that the cone is facing towards the enemy ship. 

2. When battle starts, check the position of enemy ships. The red arrows shown ahead of each enemy ship shows the direction the fleet will move. Pinch to zoom to get a complete picture of a ship’s position. If the arrows are facing towards your fleet, then they are looking to take your fleet head-on. The best way to tackle them is to attack right away without waiting for the ships to come closer. Start dragging each ship’s node towards the enemy fleet. Drag each ship’s node as far as you can and make sure the cone or the ship’s range is facing towards them. Press the Go button. When the enemy ships come within your fleet’s cone or range, your ships will attack automatically.

3. Sometimes you may come across enemy ships trying to escape or move away from your fleet. Escaping ships are easier to attack as they will take some time to turn around to attack your ships. By the time a ship turns around to attack, it will already take max damage from your ships.

4. Your ships can attack and move up to a certain distance. They can’t make a complete turn and will attack when enemy ship’s come in their limited range. To increase a ship’s range or to make a 270 degree-turn in the opposite direction when attacked, you can use “Boost” (white arrow). Tap on a ship and then tap Boost to extend a ship’s range. You can also use Boost to make a sharp turn away from the enemy fleet to avoid enemy fire. Ship boost gets activated once you tap the Go button. You will then have to wait for a few turns before you can activate boost again.

Your mothership also has Boost, but it lets you perform an instant turn. So when you tap it, your mother-ship will make a 180-degree turn instantly.

5. Each ship has a special skill or ability which is displayed right next to the pilot’s icon. For example: Your mothership has “Evasive Maneuver” which can dodge all incoming attacks. A special skill once activated can’t be used immediately and you will need to wait for a few turns before you can use them again. You should know when to use a special skill and try not to use it at the start of battle.

For example:

Your mothership’s Evasive Maneuver ability should be activated when it is being surrounded by the enemy fleet. The mothership needs to be protected at any cost, and if it is destroyed mid-battle, the enemies will escape and you will lose the battle. So try to use its ability when you need it the most. A ship’s “Reroute Power” should be switched on when its health is full and the target enemy ship is close by. The Reroute power sacrifices a part of your ship’s health for a 200% damage and accuracy. So it depends on the situation. Before starting a campaign, note down each ship’s special skill and plan ahead.

6. Upgrade your ships. You will need to collect a ship’s schematics to upgrade it. The game helps you a bit by allowing you to buy at least one or two schematics using gold credits. The rest can be collected one by one by completing space battles. You get ship schematics mostly from space battles.

4. How to Get Novas

Novas can be used to recruit better characters. With 100 Novas, you get a guaranteed 3-star character. Here’s how to get them for free:

Log in daily to check the “Launch Stamp Book”. It’s nothing but a board that shows daily rewards for playing the game every day. You will get different types of rewards, including Novas. For example: My Launch Stamp Book shows that I will get 50 Novas on Day 4, 40 on Day 7, 50 on Day 10, 80 Novas on day 13, 100 on Day 19 and 200 on Day 22.

Tap the Missions button to check what objectives to complete to get rewards. Novas are one of the mission rewards, so complete objectives to get them. Missions could range from defeating 15 enemies in turn-based battles, training one of your pilots etc.

The Gift crate may contain Novas, but it can also contain a random character. Check the “Gifts” section every day for a surprise reward.

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