Zootopia Crime Files: Tips, Hints and Strategies to Solve Crime Scenes

Zootopia Crime Files combines classic hidden object with a mystery adventure theme. Fans of Disney’s 3D animated movie will have a jolly good time assisting officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde dig deep into each mystery case-by-case and catch suspects. Players will have to enter crime scenes, uncover clues, scan evidence and analyze any suspicious object found at the scene to get closer to the mystery. The game also lets you interrogate suspects, examine their profiles, check whether the traits of the criminal matches with their profile and finally press the accuse button to nab the culprit.

This hidden object game is a perfect tribute to Zootopia as it matches with the movie’s mystery adventure theme. Crime Files has bonus levels, which unlock once you have earned a certain number of stars in a hidden object scene. Developers have included several new features, including a zoom-in option and previews of objects hidden in plain sight, making it somewhat easier for players to solve scenes. However, solving cases will require analyzing and scanning of clues and scoring more points in each hidden object scene can be a challenge. With the help of these tips, hints and strategies, you will be able to earn more bonus points, get stars faster, and take advantage of the game’s unique features to easily solve crime scenes:

Here’s How to Keep the Points Multiplier Meter Higher and Earn More Points

Your total score is divided into three parts:

Score: The points you have earned by finding objects is added to your “Score”.

Time Bonus: Extra points are earned if you find all objects faster. The digital clock at the upper left corner of the screen shows the time you are taking to solve a scene. The more time you take to complete a scene, the fewer bonus points you earn.

Hints Bonus: You receive bonus points if you don’t use any hint while solving a scene.

A big part of your total score goes to your “Score”. This is because the points you earned are also determined by the multiplier meter located at the top of the screen. To increase the points multiplier, you will have to find objects in quick succession. Here’s how the multiplier works:

If you find a guitar, the points multiplier reaches x2, but will decrease until you find another one, say a flower vase. If you find the flower vase quickly, the multiplier hits the “x2” mark and you earn double points for the vase. Your first objective is to keep the multiplier meter as high as possible to reach a higher score. This step-by-step guide shows you how to find the first four objects quickly and increase the multiplier up to 3X-5X:

Step 1: When the crime scene investigation starts, have a look at the object list shown at the bottom of the screen. You will have to find four objects shown on the list in quick succession to increase the points multiplier. Mentally note down the locations of all 4 objects on the crime scene. When you are ready, tap all 4 objects quickly to increase the multiplier and your score.

Step 2: When searching for the first four objects in the list, make the most of the object preview hint in case finding them is harder. For an object you can’t locate, just tap and hold its name to identify its shape. A tiny preview of it will pop up on the screen. The good thing is that the preview also shows the direction in which it’s placed on the crime scene, making it easier for players to identify the object immediately. So if there’s an upturned pair of gloves hidden somewhere on the crime scene, the preview will also show the same upturned gloves when you tap and hold its name.

Tip: When you press an object to catch a glimpse of how it looks like, the entire preview will be shown, but you will have to wait for a few seconds. Until then you can only see the shadow of the object. Don’t wait for the full color preview. You can easily identify the shape of the object in its shadowy form. Tap and hold for a full preview only for those objects that are difficult to recognize on the hidden object scene.

Step 4: You can pinch out to zoom in to the crime scene if you want to have a closer look at a particular area. Zooming in will help you identify objects faster. When you zoom in to a scene, the names of the objects not in the scene will be grayed out. So now you will only have to find that object(s) which is not being grayed out in that particular zoomed-in area.

Step 5: Keep an eye on the scene to spot glowing objects. By highlighting random objects in a scene, the game has made it easier for players to spot one or more than one object without using any hint.

Keep in mind that accuracy is the key in getting a higher multiplier. If you tap a wrong object, the multiplier meter will jump back to 1x, draining all your hard work you have put into increasing the multiplier upto 2x or 4x or 5x.

2. Take Advantage of the Game’s Hint System to Earn More Points

You can take a cop as “backup” before you start investigating a scene. A “backup” is nothing but a set you hints you can use while solving a scene. You will get 5 hints if you take Chief Bogo with you. If you can’t find objects, just tap Chief Bogo at the bottom right corner of the screen to spend one hint and a random object will flash on the screen.

The fewer hints you use while solving a scene, the more bonus points you earn. Each unused hint will add 2000 points to “Hints Bonus”. So if you take Chief Bogo with you and don’t use all 5 hints, you will receive a total of 10000 points (5×2000 points) as bonus after completing a scene.

What you can do is take a backup officer who provides the maximum hints. Here, Chief Bogo will grant the maximum hints. Try not to spend them. In fact, don’t spend all 5 of them and get 10000 bonus points!

Next, you can take Fangmeyer with you. He has 4 hints. You can’t take Chief Bogo’s help for the next scene as he has other duties and won’t be available for the next 7-8 hours. Again, try not to use all four of them and search objects all by yourself. When you complete the scene, you will get 8000 points for all 4 unused hints. In this way you can use Zootopia : Crime Files’ hint system to your advantage.

For your reference, here’s a list of officers, the number of hints they provide and the bonus points you will earn if you don’t use them:

  • Chief Bogo – 5 Hints (10000 Bonus points if you don’t use all hints in a game)
  • Fangmeyer – 4 Hints (8000 Bonus points)
  • Rhinowitz 3 Hints (6000 Bonus points)
  • Grizzoli 2 Hints (4000 Bonus points)
  • Clawhauser 1 Hint (2000 Bonus points)

Of all officers, Clawhauser is always available and you can take him every time you want to investigate a scene. Don’t use his hint and you will get 2000 bonus points in every game. 

3. Tips to Make the Most of Boosters in a Crime Scene

Along with taking “backup”, you can also take a booster with you to solve crime scenes faster. Boosters require coins, which you can earn every time you complete a hidden object puzzle. You will also get plenty of coins after solving a case. Keep an eye on the case gauge. Once it’s full, you will earn the rewards shown below it. Boosters get activated automatically when you begin solving a hidden object scene.
Here’s the list of boosters and how to make the most of them:

Sloth Slowdown:

With this booster turned on, the points multiplier gauge will slowly drain, giving you ample time to search objects in quick succession. With this booster, the multiplier will be increased at a certain level if you are quick enough to find objects.

Tiger Tracker:

Using Tiger Tracker, 5 hints will be made available, so make sure you take the regular guy Clawhauser with you. You will get 5 hints instead of one. Don’t use other officers, especially Chief Bogo as he already has 5 hints available. If you use him, Tiger Tracker will be wasted, plus Bogo won’t be available for the next 7 hours.

Cheetah’s Charge:

With this booster turned on, your points multiplier starts full, at x6. This is the costliest of all boosters and should be used sparingly. However, you will earn lots of points as you will begin the game with x6 multiplier.

You can get a free booster by watching an advert. The free booster offer appears at the “Choose Backup” screen. Tapping it and watching a 30 sec ad will get you a random booster.

4. How to Get More Stars in a Scene

Stars are not just for decorative purpose. They can help you examine evidence that you find in a crime scene. A star can also be used to interrogate suspects to find who the real culprit is. To examine a piece of evidence or interrogate a suspect, you will need to spend stars. The total points you receive after completing a scene will go towards filling the star meter. You will get one when a star fills up completely. Here’s how you can earn more of them:

Use the Tiger Tracker booster to drain the multiplier slowly. This way, you will get more time to tap objects in quick succession to keep the multiplier gauge higher and increase your score.

Replay previous scenes. You can find objects quicker as their positions won’t be swapped or changed. If you have a good memory, you will easily solve such scenes faster, thereby increasing the multiplier. You will also get to solve them quicker than other scenes, which means more Time Bonus points! 

Additional Tips and Hints

You will receive energy for examining an object, so keep solving missions to earn stars and start examining items found while investigating a crime scene to get extra energy.

Completing hidden object scenes in Zootropolis Crime Files will get you XP. Fill the XP meter at the top-right corner of the screen to get more energy. Don’t worry if the energy bar is full. Extra energy will be added to it. So if the max energy is 55, and you get 15 extra energy the bar will read 65/55.

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