Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians: Tips, Hints and Strategies for Card Battlers

Deckstorm’s “blitz” card battles will keep you glued to the screen. The game has simplified several known features, such as deck selection, battles, card management etc. And the best thing about this game is that it lets you pre-charge your spells so that you can launch them right in the first battle. This beginner-level guide will help you know enemy strengths and weaknesses, research rewards faster, have more pre-charged cards and throw a strong defense when the enemy attacks first:

How to Create a Powerful Deck

Keep a checklist about your enemy before battle starts. A campaign’s stage info screen will fetch a lot of information about your opponent’s card types, elements, waves and the total enemy power. Based on this information, you can create a formidable deck. Yes you can go back to create a stronger deck if the enemy info screen hints at a stronger enemy. Just tap the arrow button at the top-left corner of the screen once and then tap the “Deck” button. The following hints will help you create a stronger deck:

1. Check “Enemy Power”. If the power of enemy’s deck is lower than yours, then the winning chances are higher.

2. Waves: Shows the number of waves of enemies. However, this won’t give a clear idea of the number of cards you will be fighting in each wave. To know how many cards will be drawn in each wave tap the question mark icon at the top upper corner of the “Fight” screen and check the “Enemy Info” screen.

For example:

In Garden of Life’s Stage 2-1, the wave count is 2, and the enemy cards are only 6 (3 cards in each wave), but in Stage 2-2, the wave count is 3, but the total enemy cards are 11 i.e. 3 in first wave, 5 in second wave and 3 in cards in the final wave.

3. To get a list of enemy cards, tap the question mark icon in the “Fight” screen. There you will get the complete stage info, including the rewards that you will receive and the cards you will be fighting against.

The “Enemy Info” screen will be of immense help as it will assist you in choosing the right elemental cards. The example below shows how you can make the most of it:


If the enemy info screen shows more number of Water element cards in every wave, then go back to ”Deck” and try to include more Earth element cards in your deck, because Earth > Water. You can let the AI decide on the best “Earth” cards by tapping “Auto Deck” and choosing “Earth”. However, the empty slots will be filled by other element cards in case there’s a shortage of Earth cards.

When battle starts after tapping the “Fight” button, examine the enemy’s starting hand and your starting hand and tap on those cards that you want to discard.

If your starting hand contains few Earth element cards and more Fire cards, then tap on fire cards to discard them. Tap the “Confirm” button to redraw. Do note that redrawing may not necessarily draw a card of your choice as the card selection is random. However, if you already have a good number of Earth cards in your deck, then chances of drawing an Earth card will be higher. Also, keep in mind that in every new wave, you will get to discard/redraw cards.

Assign High-Power/Rarity Guardians to Perform Faster Research

Research rooms are the best way to gain extra rewards like Gold, Stamina Runes, Essences and Soulgems. You will need to assign a card to research and earn rewards. Go to World and tap “Spire”. There are different types of research rooms, and most of them are reserved for a particular class. This means that only Warrior cards can research in Warrior Rooms, Mage Class can research in Mage room and so on. Start with the General room as you can choose any card class to research.

To ensure faster research, assign those cards that have higher rarity than others. Tap an unlocked reward and then tap on the “Research” button to select a card. Stars determine a card’s rarity. The first card will have more stars and the last card will have the one star if you select “Rarity” in the “Sort” option. Selecting a card with more stars can reduce research time of a reward, whereas lower star cards will take some more time to research.

Try This Simple Strategy if the Enemy Attacks First

Many times, your enemy will attack first because his speed is higher than yours. To receive less damage during battle, make sure you tap to deploy a high DEF card in the Shield slots of the battlefield and a high attack card on the attack slot. Choose the card with the highest ATK/DEF from your hand. This way, you will minimize damage received from enemy cards.

In case you don’t want to attack second, then try to increase your hand’s total speed by discarding cards that have lower speeds. The AI will replace those cards with others from your chosen deck and maybe you rack up a higher speed score.

Pre-Charging Card Spells: How to Get More Pre-charged Cards

A card’s spell charges after a certain number of turns. Once charged, the spell icon can be seen underneath the card. To make the spell work, tap it to equip it to the card and then deploy that card to the battlefield. For example: Gozo card’s “Earth Strike” spell requires 3 turns to charge. Once fully charged, you can arm it with the spell and deploy to inflict more damage to enemy.

Deckstorm offers a unique way to “pre-charge” your cards. A pre-charged spell can be used immediately for a drawn card without waiting for a set number of turns to charge it. To pre-charge cards in your deck, go to “Deck” and tap the “Spell Prep” button. You can then assign spell points to each card’s spell. Here are some quick tips:

1. Before pre-charging a card’s spell, keep in mind that there are spells that require fewer turns, so you may try to assign points to those cards with spells that charge in 2-3 turns. This way, more cards will be pre-charged. You can automatically assign spell points to such spells by tapping “Auto-Sp” and selecting “Fill Short First”. When I did this for my starter deck, I got 5 pre-charged card spells – Frightening Earth, Earth Strike, Water Spout, Holy Earth and Earth Roar.

2. Choosing “Fill Long First” will fill only those cards that require more turns to charge their spells. Spells that require longer turns are more powerful and some of them offer extra benefits. However, you will get very few such pre-charged cards. Try not to choose Auto “Distribute Evenly” as you may end up with very few or zero pre-charged spells.

Get an “Upper Hand” in Battle

You get an Upper Hand when all 3 cards from your hand beat the elemental affinities of enemy cards. You can easily get an upper hand if all 3 enemy cards’ elements are weaker than your cards’ elements. When a wave starts and you spot an triple elemental advantage, you can discard all unwanted cards to see if you get more cards belonging to the stronger element.

If you get an Upper hand, all 3 cards of yours will attack first, ignoring who attacks first. So if the enemy is chosen for the first strike as his total speed is higher than yours, you will still get to attack his cards because you have the upper hand in battle. In fact, all 3 cards will attack all enemy cards.

Know Your Rewards

So you have earned gold, essence or a soul gem but do you know how to use them and what are their benefits? Check out this reward guide:


can be used to recharge stamina, but the most useful feature is that it can be used to open card packs. You can earn soulgems from Research and Quests.

You can also earn plenty of soulgems if you invite friends via the “Friend Invitation” button at the “Spire”. Invite 1 friend and you will get 200 gems.


You can fuse an essence into the card’s essence slot to permanently boost its stats. Research to earn essence. Each room will provide a class- and element-specific essence, so select the appropriate card.


Gold can be used to train your cards to level them up and reach maximum level. A leveled-up card has better stats. Cards deployed in battle also earn XP and may level up after each battle, but for quicker upgrades you can use gold. You can earn gold as login bonus, from researching and after winning a battle.
Runes: Runes can improve a card’s stats (ATK, DEF etc.). Research or complete quests to get runes.

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