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13 Most Frightening Korean and Japanese Horror Games for Android

Japanese and Korean horror movies are far scarier than Hollywood horror movies. I am sure most of you will agree with me. Even the games are pretty creepy. I would recommend playing a few great PS2 titles like Fatal Frame, Forbidden Siren and Haunting Ground. There are also some excellent J-horror computer games such as Ib and Ao Oni, and creepy K-horror titles like The Coma and White Day that need your attention.For the Android platform, one can find several short, but scary Korean and Japanese horror games, but unfortunately most of them are not in English. In times like this, we wish we could know how to read Kanji and Hangul. Some of these games are hard to find, but don’t worry I have done the hard work and selected the scariest 13 Asian horror games for Android. Most of them are easy to play and you don’t need to learn both languages.

1. The Jusou

The Jusou’s disturbing visuals will surely make you feel sad, frightened and a bit depressed. In this point-and-click J-horror game, you will be exploring a haunted house soon after realizing that someone’s inside. As you explore each room, you will have to solve puzzles to know the reason behind the disappearance of all members of a family. There are several jump scare moments and they get triggered once you solve puzzles in each room. There’s also a phone mode where you can attend a call of a ghost. The voice of the ghost is very terrifying, and you may even have to put down your headphones because the weird noises and screams can become pretty unbearable. The game’s visuals and story is inspired by Japanese horror movies like One Missed Call, Ringu and Ju-On The Grudge.

Puzzles are easy to solve and there’s a hint system that lets you solve one, but for that you will have to spend coins. Coins are scattered everywhere and hidden in every nook and corner of house. And if you are too lazy to explore the house for coins, then there’s always the watch advert option that lets you see a 30-sec video to earn a coin. The game’s unique graphics combine black-and-white static graphics with colored object. The red shoes room spooked me out, so did the child’s room. The game has a pretty scary ending. Certainly not for the faint-hearted.

2. Curse of the Exorcist

Curse of the Exorcist takes you to a decaying room of a very creepy abandoned building. Armed with a flashlight and holy water, you are tasked to exorcise cursed souls. The ghosts are downright frightening and appear out of everywhere, including drawers, a garbage bag and a cupboard. When you spot one, tap the screen rapidly to sprinkle holy water on a ghost before it attacks you.

For every ghost you exorcise, you will get points and they can be earned by swiping its remains stuck on the screen. A new ghost appears once you reach a score target. Tap the button at the bottom of the screen after reaching a score target if you have the galls to face a new ghost.

Things become extremely difficult once you unlock more than five ghosts. They keep appearing randomly and you will have to be very quick to get rid of them.

Ghosts come in different shapes and sizes, and most of them are inspired by popular urban legends and J-horror movies. There are baby ghosts, creepy school girls, a spooky entity in a rabbit costume and many more. All look very
scary and you never know when they will appear and spook you out. A ghost encyclopedia displays a list of ghosts that you have unlocked so far. Tap a ghost icon to know more about it. The info screen shows the points you will earn after exorcising that ghost and the amount of holy water required to exorcise it.

At first the game does well in scaring players, but things may get frustratingly boring when unlocked ghosts keep appearing one after the other, making it very hard to exorcise them. All in all, Curse of the Exorcist is a good game and should be played after dark.

3. Yamishibai

If Neko Atsume is all about collecting adorable cats, Yamishibai is about slaying them into two pieces. Horrifying isn’t it? Well, slicing and dicing these cats has its perks. It raises the ghost meter. Once the meter fills completely, the atmosphere gets creepier and more ghost cats starts appearing. Keep tapping to slay them until you enter black and white mode where the screen changes to monochrome display. This is where you will have to switch places via the map to search for an apparition.

The apparition has no form, it appears as a red or gray blob and tapping rapidly on this blob will make the black-and-white mode go away. Once it disappears, you will unlock an extremely disturbing picture – a scene from the Yamishibai series, a popular animated series in Japan that had a unique animated picture-story style of showing strange tales and urban legends.

If you spot a red ghost, you unlock a new picture. If the ghost is gray in color, then you unlock more picture cards of the same scary card. The game has plenty of new locations and each location has several hidden rooms or places where you can find cats. If you are in search of something weird, then go for Yamishibai.

4. 1994 Escape from the School

Escape from the School scared the bejesus outta me. Guess what? I played it at daytime and it still gave me the chills. I can’t imagine how scared I would have been had I played this game after dark, with the lights off and headphones on. The game is at its scariest best when you put on your earphones. It’s the spooky ambience and the sound effects that play an important role in making this game super scary.

1994 Escape from the School is a room escape type of a game. The 3D game’s haunted school setting is very reminiscent of high school J-horror movie. The infirmary, girls and boys toilets, music room and class room models are eerily similar to an abandoned Japanese school as seen in movies. There are puzzles and clues scattered all around the haunted school and you will have to solve them to escape it.

The game has no story, but there’s a warning scribbled on the green board which says to keep a safe distance from a teddy bear. There’s also a mysterious girl who keeps appearing in some locations. 1994 is one of the best room escape games I have played and there’s also a sequel called Re: 1994 Escape Again. Do check out that game for more jump scare moments, but after you finish playing the first game.

5. Found!

Found! is a creepy hide-and-seek game where hiding from an Onryo is almost impossible. In this game, you will have to tap and hold the face of a trembling girl wrapped in sheets to wrap herself completely from a wandering ghost. When you tap, she will pull the blanket over her head. You will have to do this before the ghost appears on the screen.

The objective of this game is to hide the girl in a blanket for a long time without being spotted by a wandering ghost. The timer at the top-left corner of the screen is actually your score. The longer you avoid being spotted by the scary Onryo, the better the score will be and the higher you will rank at the online leaderboard. Plus there are some souvenirs you can earn at the end. However, the girl can hide herself for a few seconds and will show her face once the meter to your right goes down. And if the ghost appears the moment she shows her face, its game over.

You will have to decide when is the right time to hide or bring her out of her blanket. What you can do is lift your finger up immediately after the ghost leaves the room to recharge the meter so that you can allow her to hide for few more seconds after the ghost reappears. The vengeful ghost is clever and will find different ways to enter the room. She will peek from a hidden trapdoor, appear inside a pendulum clock, hang from the ceiling and glide from one corner of the room to another. She has various tricks up her sleeve and you will have to be vigilant to not let her succeed in finding the girl.

The game’s fun and the Onryo, and its various forms, is extremely frightening. Download Found! if you love hide-and-seek type of horror games.

6. Hide and Seek: Story of Dorothy

Hide and Seek: Story of Dorothy is a Korean horror RPG game from TabomSoft. Possibly created using RPG Maker, Story of Dorothy revolves around a young girl who dozed off in a closet while playing hide and seek with her friends. When she woke up, she couldn’t find anyone and began exploring the mansion. You will have to help her explore each room, solve puzzles and discover clues to know what’s happening in the haunted mansion.

There are also numerous traps and puzzles galore, including a spiky room trap, a chess puzzle, a logic-based monkey puzzle, a strange room with plenty of scary toys and many more. The spiky room trap is right there in the first room at the start of play. So think twice before opening something or examining an item and do save the game regularly as you will die several times in the game. There are several inventory-based puzzles. You will need to use the items that you have collected while exploring the mansion

The game has a very intriguing storyline and three endings, including a good ending and bad ending. The third ending is the toughest to unlock. The 2D visuals are reminiscent of old school Japanese role-playing games. The ominous background music maintains the suspense and creates a scary atmosphere. Hide and Seek: Story of Dorothy is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

7. Hide and Seek: Stranger

The sequel to The Story of Dorothy is more frightening and the puzzles are harder than the first game. At first you will play the story of Gwyn and later you will be able to unlock two more story modes, each as challenging and intriguing as the other. The story takes place in Dorothy’s haunted mansion, where there’s a hidden treasure, but the protagonist is as much interested about his ancestors as the treasure.

The game has multiple endings, and this time the developers have added in-app purchases that will help you solve puzzles quickly and reach the game’s true ending. You will also have to craft keys and for that you will have to search for materials to create them.

There are some devious traps scattered all around the mansion so I would suggest saving the game as soon as possible. There are spooky statues where you can save the game and later continue from where you left by loading save states. The game is available in Korean and English. (Psst… There’s another horror game in the works. Stay tuned.)

8. Fear! Escape from the Abandoned Hospital

Fear! Escape from the Abandoned Hospital is a Japanese point-and-tap room escape horror game. You are in search for a friend of yours who goes missing in a haunted hospital. To find your friend, you will have to enter the hospital premises, search for clues and use items to solve challenging puzzles.

Fear Escape from the Abandoned Hospital

Fear! is not for the timid at heart, and even the most die-hard horror fans will squirm with fear and disgust at the gory visuals at the abandoned hospital. The game has more than one ending and there are several ways to escape the doomed hospital. The grainy black-and-white graphics, along with sound effects in the background contribute to the creepiness of this game.

Escape from the Abandoned Hospital offers a unique way to explore the hospital and interact with objects. You can swipe the screen to get a 360 degree view of each hospital ward and interact with objects. Tap an object to collect them and use them on other objects to solve puzzles. There are some secret documents to collect, and many may hold clues to the strange disappearances and the hospital, but unfortunately all are in Japanese.

There’s also a map that lets you move from one room to the other. J-horror fans will love the scary parts of this game. Fear’s unique 360 degree, grainy visuals, excellent sound effects and some disturbing scenes will make any horror lover a big fan of this game.

9. Hanging Apartments

Must say Japanese developers are very good at making room escape puzzlers, and Hanging Apartments is one of them. The game’s story revolves around 6 college-going friends who are keen to explore an abandoned building. Little do they know that this building has a frightening past. Now it’s a mystery whether the building houses a serial killer or a vengeful ghost and you will get the answer once you reach the final stages of the game, but you will have to be pretty smart in getting to the bottom of the mystery.

You will have to explore each floor by solving logical puzzles. The main objective is to reach a new floor either by the elevator or using stairs, but then the elevator won’t work and the door that leads to the stairs will be locked. You will have to jog your gray cells to find a way to the next floor. Every time you reach a new floor, one of the friends will meet a gruesome death. Each death sequence will make you squirm in disgust. Puzzles can be quite tricky once you reach the 5th floor and you will have a hard time finding the required items. There’s also a scenario in one floor where you will be killed if you don’t spot the killer and tap him.

The game has excellent hand-drawn graphics and the shadow that keeps appearing while moving from one room to another is downright creepy. Hanging Apartments has multiple endings and some floors have hidden puzzles, so make sure you replay those. You can get a list of saved floors by tapping a button to the left of the start button and look for such hidden puzzles.

10. Owl Head

Another excellent J-horror RPG, Owl Head has an eerie haunted mansion setting. You will follow the adventure of a teenager and his friends who decide to explore an abandoned mansion. Taking it as a challenge, the protagonist and his friends enter the dilapidated building.

The game starts when they get inside the mansion and all kids, except the main character mysteriously disappear without leaving a trace. Your objective is to search for them and explore the mansion for clues and secrets. As soon as you start exploring, a weird-looking Owl mask-wearing guy will start stalking your character. You will have to run away from him and hide your character inside tables or in a closet in one of the multiple rooms or find a way to get rid of the “Owl Head”.

The mansion has plenty of rooms and some of them contain clues. Owl Head may appear randomly on any of the rooms or when the protagonist finds some clue in one the rooms. Your character can die anytime, so make sure you keep saving the game at regular intervals. Tap the back button on your Android device at the bottom of the screen to open a menu. This menu contains a section where you save your progress.

Owl Head is another RPG-Maker game and has lovely 2D visuals. If you loved Playing Hide and Seek: Dorothy and Stranger, then you should download this game.

11. Evolution Japan Doll of Grudge

In this weird little game you will have to raise a cute looking cursed doll. But the adorable doll won’t remain cute for long. What appears to be a harmless looking inanimate object will soon turn into something grotesque as you keep evolving it.

As you keep tapping snakes, giant rats and centipedes, the doll starts attacking them. You earn points for every creature squished by the doll. Once the score meter fills completely, the doll changes form. Every time your doll evolves, she appears more hideous than her previous avatar. Her attack style also changes. In one scary form, she crushed creatures with her hair. Creatures will keep appearing over time, and you will have to wait for a few seconds before you can start tapping to earn points and soft drink caps. Collect and trade these caps for a perk, which you can get by tapping the first button on your left hand side.

Evolution Japan Doll of Grudge has nice hand-drawn graphics. The doll looks extremely frightening in its various forms. It’s a virtual pet type of a game, but with a scary twist.

12. Can You See It?

Ghost photography is quite popular in Japan. You may have seen ghosts photo-bombing normal pics in movies and manga. Even on YouTube, you will find videos showing such pics. Can You See It also has a series of such weird pics. But in this game, your objective is to search for apparitions in those pics and tap on them before the timer runs out. The status bar is can be seen at the top of the ghost photo. You will have to point out the location of the ghost before the bar at the top of each photo hits zero.

The game shows real photos. I don’t know whether these pics are real or photoshopped, but they surely are spooky. Before solving each ghost photo, make sure you have adjusted the screen brightness to get a better view. Some of the photographs are so dark that it will be difficult to find ghosts in them. It is a fun brain training game. You should play “Can You See It” if you are interested in ghost photography, and love hunting ghosts in photographs.

13. Dark Corridors 2

Dark Corridors 2 is a horror endless runner. The game has a creepy story which unlocks page-by-page as you keep completing mission objectives. You control a school student as she runs along a dark corridor, possibly escaping from a scary long-haired apparition. The ghost follows her and gets right behind her when she trips over an obstacle. She also appears when you swipe the screen to move her instead of tilting. You should swipe the screen left or right only when you spot a corner. Don’t swipe unnecessarily or else the ghost will keep following her for a few minutes before she vanishes.

There are various obstacles that will force you to jump, slide or just tilt your device to avoid dashing into them. The game switches from the school corridors to a scarier location, such as a dilapidated bridge. Once you complete a set of mission objectives, a part of the full story unlocks. You can read it by tapping the “Read Stories” button on the home screen. There are 3 unlockable characters. Each character has a different story to tell, which you can unlock by completing their story missions. If you really want to enjoy Dark Corridors 2, then you should put on your headphones and play it.

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