How to Play Miitomo: Tips and Hints

It’s an app…it’s a game…it’s Miitomo. It’s a unique social networking mobile app that lets you create a 3D avatar, answer various questions asked by your avatar or “Mii” and share them with your friends. But the fun does not stop here.

There are several fun activities and mini-games such as “Drops” that offer a Pinball-like platform where you just need to drop your Mii to collect special prizes. You can also purchase clothing with coins and dress up your avatar. This will increase your style level and you will receive a prize.

Participating in events or completing My Nintendo missions will also earn you points which can be exchanged for rare clothing and accessories. Answering questions and logging in daily can earn you coins and game tickets coins, but adding friends is the sure-shot way to get them. This Miitomo guide will help you make the most of the app, earn rewards and create the best Mii:

Getting Started

When you open the app, you will have two options: Create a Nintendo Account and Start without linking an account. You can always create a Nintendo account later by going to Menu > Account Management. After linking, you will get 2500 coins. You can then start earning points by completing My Nintendo missions. The points collected by completing missions can be exchanged for game tickets and exclusive clothing items that are not available in the shop. These clothing items will be available for a limited period of time, so try to complete missions faster and earn points to grab them. You can find My Nintendo missions under “Menu”. There you will find a list of available missions and the rewards you will get after completing them.

For now we will start without linking an account. After entering your date of birth, you can start creating your 3D avatar or “Mii”. There are 2 main ways of creating a Mii – Using your device’s camera and creating your avatar from scratch.

Using your device’s camera is a fun way to create an avatar. Your cartoon avatar is roughly based on your facial structure, eyes, nose, lips etc. But you will have to select a hairstyle because the AI won’t be able to replicate it when you point the camera at your face. There are several hairstyles and one of them may match yours. Just keep swiping left to see various hairdos.

After selecting a hairstyle, press Okay. Point your device’s camera at your face and app will keep capturing multiple cartoon avatars of it. Make sure there’s ample light when pointing your device’s front-facing camera at your face. While the app won’t be able capture an accurate cartoonish version of your face, the results will be better if you face towards light. When I tried to use this feature on dim light, the app created some of the weirdest avatars of mine, (But they were quite funny nonetheless):

Next, tap “View Results” to select the one that closely resembles your face. Next, select your gender. If you don’t like the cartoon version of your face, then there’s always a way to tweak it. The app will take you to the avatar creation option where you can fine tune your newly created avatar’s facial structure, eyes, eyebrows, nose, hair color, height etc. The same options appear when you choose “Create Mii from Scratch”.

After fine-tuning your face and body, you will be taken to your profile page where you can choose a nick name and its pronunciation. Your Mii will read your name aloud. You can then choose a voice from 6 presets or the “?” symbol if you want to choose a random voice. Scroll down a bit and you will discover voice tweaking options. Here you can change your selected voice’s pitch, depth, speed, energy and accent. Just drag the dots up/down to change your voice. There are also 4 presents under “Delivery”, but I would recommend tweaking to get better version of your voice.

Under Personality, you can create your Mii’s personality based on your temperament or you can just change the way you want it to be. The Personality section is divided into Movement, Manners, Attitude, Expression and Individuality. Moving the blue dot in movement will let you make you change your character’s movement speed. Under Individuality, you can change your Mii’s character, which ranges from super normal to super quirky. Drag the blue dot down in “Attitude” to get a have a “Pretty Relaxed” Mii. In Manners you can set your character’s behavior, which ranges from Polite to Super Direct.

Once you are done tweaking your character’s voice and personality, tap “Next”. The app will give a brief description about your personality. The description that you see is based on the settings you have selected under personality. Press OK. You are now ready to start Miitomo.

Think Twice Before Answering Your Mii’s Questions

Your Mii will ask you questions from time to time. When a speech bubble appears above your Mii, tap it.

Tapping on thought bubbles lets you answer questions asked by your avatar. Your answer is then shared by your Mii with other Miis that you are friends with. Your friends will share their answers with your Mii and this way both you and your friends will know each other’s likes/dislikes, secrets, opinions about food, clothing, the world and everything under the sun. You can listen to their answers by tapping on “My answers” to check questions already answered by you.

Be careful with your answers. Most questions won’t be too personal in nature and will be shared only with your Miitomo friends, but they would definitely reflect your personality. You can skip questions and answer them later. Answering questions will earn you coins as a bonus. What’s more, listening to your friends’ answers will also earn you coins. So there’s some double bonus for you!

How to Make Miitomo Friends

There are two ways to add friends: Face-to-Face and Social network accounts (Facebook and Twitter).

With Face-to-Face, you will be able to add a random person as your friend. You can become best buddies with other users in the same room. This option requires your location data, so make sure you turn on “Location” on your device and the app will search for users who live in the same area. But matching does not end here. You will have to play a mini-game where both users will have to tap one symbol out of 4 symbols shown on the screen. You will have to tap a symbol and the app will search for friends who have tapped the same symbol at the same time. Say if you have tapped the Heart symbol, the app will search for friends who have also tapped the Heart symbol at the same time. Once matched, you can add them as your friend.

If you are not comfortable with this option, then there’s always the good old social network. You can become friends with your Facebook buddies or mutual twitter followers. Just tap on the social network icon and log in to a social network to search for friends/mutual followers who use this app.

Adding friends has several benefits. One of them is coins/game tickets. You will earn coins based on the number of friends you have. The screenshot below shows the amount of coins you will receive for adding friends:

Login Every Day to Get Daily Bonus

You get a bonus each day you use the app. Bonuses range from coins to game tickets to candies. You receive great rewards day 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. So keep playing and interacting with your friends’ Mii characters to earn some great bonuses.

Don’t forget to check your gift box for rewards. Go to Menu > Gift Box and claim your rewards before they expire, though not all rewards expire.

Participate in Events

If you participate in special events, such as “Everybody Answers”, you will receive platinum points for My Nintendo. Events run for a few days until they expire, so keep an eye on your Mii to check for colored bubbles and complete tasks. For example, in the Everybody Answers special event, a blue speech bubble might appear soon after the event begins. Tap on the speech bubble and answer the question to get platinum points.

Play Drop Mini-Game to Earn Prizes

The coins that you earn can be used to purchase clothing and accessories at the Shop or can be used to play Miitomo Drop.

In Drop, you will need to drop your Mii onto fun Pinball-like platforms to win prizes, such as candies, clothing and coins. There are several types of “Drops” and each offer unique prizes to players. The Drop game is available at Shop.

You can spend 500 coins or use a game ticket to play. Next, use the arrows to move the UFO like structure left and right and once you find the correct position, just press “Drop” to drop your Mii onto the platform.

Be a Style Icon. Earn Rewards

You can win rewards for being fashionable. Changing clothes will increase your style level. The more you switch to a more fashionable clothing and accessory, the higher the style level you will reach.

Clothes and accessories that you purchase from shop and those that you receive from Drops will be stored in your “Closet” under “Menu”. Go change to some snazzy new costumes, increase your style level and reach a new level to get rewards ranging from game tickets to coins or, maybe a surprise gift!

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